River Cottage HQ / Satellite Architects

River Cottage HQ acts as a home for the numerous River Cottage activities such as ‘Catch and Cook’ and ‘Pig in ta Day’......»»

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Vietnam-Era Boat Returns to Duty

Decades after patrolling the Mekong Delta, the Gamewardens are back on the river......»»

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Satellite Architects adds a new cookery school to the River Cottage headquarters

A cookery school is housed behind the glazed facade of this contemporary shed, recently completed by Satellite Architects at the headquarters of British TV programme River Cottage (+ slideshow). (more…) .....»»

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[In Depth] Alarm over a sinking delta

Vietnam's Mekong River delta—the world's third largest delta—is sinking, putting some 20 million people and vast swaths of fertile farmland at risk. Recent research has found that the delta, which covers some 55,000 square kilometers and sits about 2 .....»»

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Warm winters, summer rain help wildfire recovery

Using more than a decade's worth of daily satellite images, researchers have determined ecosystems of South Africa's Cape Floristic Region bounce back from wildfires much more quickly in warmer winter weather......»»

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Rings and loops in the stars—Planck"s stunning new images

A ring of dust 200 light years across and a loop covering a third of the sky: two of the results in a new map from the Planck satellite. Dr Mike Peel and Dr Paddy Leahy of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (JCBA) presented the images today at the N.....»»

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Researchers seek water test for invasive species detection

Detecting invasive lake and river species using just a water sample would be a dream come true for wildlife managers and regulators in the state. And University of Maine researchers may soon make this an inexpensive reality......»»

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Beachfront facilities building by Link Architectes nestles into a slope near Saint-Étienne

This beachside cafe and toilet block by French studio Link Architectes is built into a grassy bank by the Loire River near Saint-Étienne, France (+ slideshow). (more…) This beachside cafe and toilet.....»»

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Beachfront facilities building by Link Architectes nestles against a hillside near Saint-Étienne

This beachside cafe and toilet block on the banks of the Loire River near Saint-Étienne, France, was designed by French studio Link Architectes to look like it emerges from a hillside (+ slideshow). (more…) .....»»

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Satellite sees smoky skies over World Cup soccer

Soccer fever gripped the U.S. at the same time as the smoke from Canadian wildfires gripped the skies over Vancouver, British Columbia. This was the site of the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup Finals on July 05, 2015......»»

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Astronomers spot five ‘supermassive’ black holes; say millions more could exist

In a discovery that puts the count of hidden ‘supermassive’ black holes in the universe to millions, astronomers using NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) satellite observatory have found five[...] The post Astronomers spot.....»»

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Next Ariane 5 launch reset for July 15

An Ariane 5 rocket launch with a Brazilian television broadcasting satellite and a European weather observatory has been rescheduled for July 15 after technicians double-checked one of the spacecraft for oil contamination. The Star One C4 communicatio.....»»

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Company Aims to Offer On-Demand Meteor Showers

Japanese scientists say they have a shooting-star secret formula that they hope to eject from a satellite to create on-demand meteor showers......»»

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NASA sees Tropical Storm Linfa exiting northern Philippines

Tropical Storm Linfa moved over Luzon in the northern Philippines over July 4 and by early July 5, NASA's Aqua satellite saw the storm moving into the South China Sea......»»

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NASA"s infrared look at strengthening Typhoon Chan-Hom

During the early morning hours on July 6, Chan-Hom was a strong tropical storm. Infrared data from NASA's Aqua satellite showed very powerful thunderstorms that hinted at intensification, and later in the day, Chan-Hom became a typhoon......»»

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NASA sees Nangka become a typhoon

Tropical Storm Nangka strengthened to a typhoon in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean just after NASA's Aqua satellite passed overhead on July 6. Infrared data from the AIRS instrument showed very cold cloud top temperatures indicating strong thunderstorms wi.....»»

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Next GPS satellite moves closer to launch date

Joining the payload with its ride to space, United Launch Alliance crews today placed the next Global Positioning System satellite atop an Atlas 5 rocket for blastoff July 15. File photo of GPS hoisting atop Atlas. Credit: ULA CAPE CANAVERAL — J.....»»

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EPFL plans satellite that gobbles space junk like Pac-Man handles ghosts

Swiss space agency EPFL has revealed its plans to help clean up space debris like old satellites with a new Pac-Man-like solution called "CleanSpace One." The mission will involve a new satellite that will capture small pieces of orbiting junk through the.....»»

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A giant Pac-Man to gobble up space debris

The Clean Space One Project has passed a milestone. The space cleanup satellite will deploy a conical net to capture the small SwissCube satellite before destroying it in the atmosphere. It's one of the solutions being tested for eliminating dangerous deb.....»»

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Last week on the colony: Monday, July 6

Last Week on the Colony is a new, regular Monday item here on Offworld, a special satellite transmission designed to highlight our favorite Offworld stories, wonderful trends, and the stories from elsewhere in the galaxy that got us talking Read the rest.....»»

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