The Mekong River by Satellite

Berlin-Hanoi partnership builds new ways to track rapid development in Vietnam’s ancient delta Berlin-Hanoi partnership builds new ways to track rapid development in Vietnam’s ancient delta.....»»

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Here"s what that huge fire in Alaska looks like from a NASA satellite

Here's a false-color image from the Landsat 8 satellite of the not-at-all funny Funny River Fire in Alaska, captured on May 20, 2014--just one day after it began. And below, an un-enhanced natural color image. Read the rest.....»»

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Satellite launch debris found in Brazillian Amazon

A fisher on northern Brazil's remote Uriandeua river stumbled on a huge chunk of detritus dropped from a UK Space Agency satellite launch. "It is the launch vehicle payload shroud from the Alphasat launch last year," a UK Space Agency spokesperson told th.....»»

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Sec. of State John Kerry Returns to Vietnam"s Mekong Delta, Raises Environmental Concerns

By Lesley WroughtonTAN AN TAY VILLAGE, Vietnam (Reuters) - As John Kerry's boat winds its way along the turbid waters of the Cai Nuoc river in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, the U.S. [More].....»»

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Russia"s Extreme Floods Visible from Space

Satellite images show how record floods have swollen the Amur river in Russia , where more than 5 million people there and in China are being affected by rising waters. Continue reading →.....»»

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The wild rivers above California

Atmospheric rivers are meteorological phenomenon that we humans only discovered in 1998 and which supply about 30-to-50 percent of California's annual precipitation. In the NOAA satellite image above, the atmospheric river is visible as a thin yellow arm,.....»»

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Centre nod for use of satellite phones in Himalayas on September 27

To boost adventure tourism, the government is going to give the much-awaited permission for use of satellite phones by adventurers in the Himalayas on September 27, World Tourism Day......»»

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Google’s Skybox Satellites Shoot GIFs Of Burning Man Being Built

 Google bought Skybox Imaging for $500 million, and the micro-satellite company’s most recent mission was…to take photos of Burning Man. Skybox repeatedly flew its satellites over Burning Man to create GIFs of how the 70,000 person make-.....»»

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Google Satellite Exec Jumps Ship for Facebook

Google and Facebook are both racing to bring Internet access to developing countries around the world and the two tech titans aren’t pulling any punches. Earlier this year Google bought a drone company Facebook was reportedly in the process of... G.....»»

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Wild Chinese Sturgeon on the Brink of Extinction

State media reports that none of the rare fish were detected reproducing naturally in the polluted and crowded Yangtze river last year......»»

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Google testing drones that could provide Internet access to remote lands

Google plans tests in New Mexico using solar-powered unmanned aircraft. A model of the Solara 50, Titan Aerospace's commercial "atmospheric satellite," hangs above the company's booth at the AUVSI Unmanned Systems conference in 2013. .....»»

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Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro P35W-B3226

The Toshiba Satellite Click 2 Pro P35W-B3226 hybrid detachable tablet has all the ingredients to be superb, but the recipe doesn't quite come together......»»

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DARPA Wants Orbital Satellite-Repairing Robots

The United States military's high-technology branch is hoping to test out on-orbit satellite servicing in orbit in the next five years......»»

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Google launches "crisis map" to help people in flood-hit Kashmir

Google has created a crisis map with updated satellite imagery to facilitate rescue operations in flood-ravaged Jammu and Kashmir......»»

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HBO "seriously considering" offering HBO Go as a direct-to-consumer option

Cord-cutters, rejoice! Time Warner Cable has dropped some hints that in the future it could shift from selling HBO Go, the streaming service that gives access to HBO's vast catalog of movies as well as new and old shows, through cable and satellite co.....»»

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Big Solar Storm Headed For Earth

We're going to get hit with a blast of solar radiation. The Space Weather Prediction Center has issued a strong geomagnetic storm watch for September 12, which could affect power systems, satellite operations and radio frequencies. It could also lea.....»»

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2002 Larsen B ice shelf collapse likely due to rising temps

Examination of the seafloor reveals details of the ice's history. Satellite view of the remains of the Larsen B ice shelf on March 7, 2002. NASA/Earth Observatory A number of noteworthy studies have recently hig.....»»

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Icequake before and after snapped by NASA scouts

NASA scientists practising for a future satellite mission chanced across a magnitude 6 earthquake rearranging Arctic terrain.....»»

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Sun unleashed X1.6-class flare towards Earth; GPS, Satellite and Power grid may shutdown

A solar eruption could arrive to Earth today and tomorrow, scientists say. The US Space Weather Prediction Center notes that there are two shootouts from the sun’s surface that are poised to hit Earth. The magnet shot through earth with ... Read More.....»»

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MaxLinear Wins Design With German Customer

Carslbad-based MaxLinear reported a customer yesterday in Germany, saying that satellite receiver developer Digital Devices GmbH has selected one of its chips as part of its product line. According to MaxLinear, Digital Devices GmbH is using its MxL584 Fu.....»»

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4 Futuristic Designs for DC"s Very Own High Line

Not to be outdone by New York City's beloved High Line (the final, most unwieldy phase of which opens this fall), Washington DC is planning its own elevated park , which will sail over the Anacostia River on a former freeway bridge. Four visions for the p.....»»

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