The Mekong River by Satellite

Berlin-Hanoi partnership builds new ways to track rapid development in Vietnam’s ancient delta Berlin-Hanoi partnership builds new ways to track rapid development in Vietnam’s ancient delta.....»»

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Here"s what that huge fire in Alaska looks like from a NASA satellite

Here's a false-color image from the Landsat 8 satellite of the not-at-all funny Funny River Fire in Alaska, captured on May 20, 2014--just one day after it began. And below, an un-enhanced natural color image. Read the rest.....»»

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Satellite launch debris found in Brazillian Amazon

A fisher on northern Brazil's remote Uriandeua river stumbled on a huge chunk of detritus dropped from a UK Space Agency satellite launch. "It is the launch vehicle payload shroud from the Alphasat launch last year," a UK Space Agency spokesperson told th.....»»

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Sec. of State John Kerry Returns to Vietnam"s Mekong Delta, Raises Environmental Concerns

By Lesley WroughtonTAN AN TAY VILLAGE, Vietnam (Reuters) - As John Kerry's boat winds its way along the turbid waters of the Cai Nuoc river in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, the U.S. [More].....»»

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Russia"s Extreme Floods Visible from Space

Satellite images show how record floods have swollen the Amur river in Russia , where more than 5 million people there and in China are being affected by rising waters. Continue reading →.....»»

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The wild rivers above California

Atmospheric rivers are meteorological phenomenon that we humans only discovered in 1998 and which supply about 30-to-50 percent of California's annual precipitation. In the NOAA satellite image above, the atmospheric river is visible as a thin yellow arm,.....»»

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Briefly: Lian Li PC-Q26 chassis, Toshiba ships Satellite Radius 11

Lian Li announced a new chassis aimed at consumers looking for custom built network-attached storage (NAS) options and system integrators. The new PC-Q26 brushed aluminum chassis grants ample room for storage options, while promoting the use of smaller co.....»»

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DNA Shows Humans First Mated With Neanderthals 60,000 Years Ago

A bone found by chance on the banks of a Siberian river has yielded the oldest modern human genome yet recovered, according to a new study that sheds light on when people left Africa and first interbred with Neanderthals living in Europe and Asia. The man.....»»

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High winds blow waterfall back up

The River Kinder, in England's peak district, meets such high winds the flow is blasted back into the plateau. On better days, the Kinder Downfall drops 80 ft. Read the rest.....»»

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Buildings as a font

Art director Yousuke Ozawa created "Satellite Fonts" sourced from Google Earth images of letter-shaped buildings. (more…).....»»

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Good night, Chicago

I like Chicago. The city is clean, the architecture is nice, Wrigley Field is fun, a river cuts through it and the lake is right there. I wanted to make fun of the Bean but it drew me in like a mosquito about to be zapped. And hey, I realized that I don't.....»»

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National Weather Service Satellite Data Goes Dark, Forecasts May Suffer

The National Weather Service has stopped receiving a full complement of important weather data from the network of weather satellites orbiting the planet for at least a day, which may make the agency's forecasts less accurate with time This is the latest .....»»

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Simpsons World premieres with every episode ever, and some playback bugs

Simpsons World, and all its 550 plus episodes of Simpsons glory, has arrived on the Web, and tucked inside the FX Now app. However, you'll need a cable or satellite subscription to authenticate, and the site/app is also having some initial playback quirks.....»»

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Toshiba’s low-cost Radius 11 convertible bends over backwards to please

Convertible Windows 8.1 laptops don't necessarily have to be expensive, and Toshiba's new Satellite Radius 11 looks like one of the most solid low-cost options out there. The post Toshiba’s low-cost Radius 11 convertible bends over backwards to plea.....»»

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U.S. Needs to Invest in Arctic Ships, Technology to Prepare for Climate Change

By Andrea Shalal and Ayesha Rascoe WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States needs billions of dollars of new equipment including ice-breaking ships, better satellite service and fiber-optic networks... -- Read more on»»

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Scientists Resurrect Treasure Trove of Satellite Data From the 1960s

A group of climate scientists has brought satellite imagery from the 1960s back from the dead, not only extending the record of Arctic and Antarctic sea ice by at least another decade compared to what researchers had previously known, but also providing n.....»»

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The Cool Accidental Typography Of Satellite Imagery

Now on Kickstarter, Aerial Bold is a font made up of all the accidental letterforms found in satellite imagery.Most typefaces are purposefully designed. Not this one. Now on Kickstarter, Aerial Bold is a typeface of topography, made up entirely of the acc.....»»

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Review: Toshiba Satellite Click 2

Introduction, design and specificationToshiba is one of those companies that dares to experiment with the shape of laptops. Just looking at the the company's small portfolio of convertible laptops alone we've have the Satellite U920T with a screen that sl.....»»

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Toshiba Satellite Radius 11: converting the low end

To the naked eye, the Toshiba Satellite Radius 11 might look like any other new converting notebook/tablet device here in the age of touchscreen-friendly Windows 8.1. At $329.99 MSRP, though, there’s something to be said about Toshiba’s ability to kee.....»»

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Toshiba launches its ‘flip-and-fold’ convertible Satellite Radius 11 laptop

Windows 8.1 convertible laptop-tablets are now available at prices starting at $330. Above: Toshiba Satellite Radius 11Image Credit: ToshibaToshiba is launching a new 2-in-1 convertible, or a laptop that can be converted into a tablet by swiveling it.....»»

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Toshiba Radius 11: A Neat Convertible With Bags of Storage on the Cheap

This is Toshiba's new Satellite Radius 11, a convertible PC-cum-tablet. Yes, it looks a lot like a Lenovo Yoga—but if you're on a budget and need a (quite literally) flexible computer, it might be for you. Read more........»»

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