Satellite-based flood monitoring central to relief agencies" disaster response

In January 2015, the Shire River in Malawi, and Zambezi River in Mozambique were under tight scrutiny. Weeks of torrential rains led these and other rivers to burst their banks displacing 390,000 people across the region. In southern Malawi 220,000 acres .....»»

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River Cottage HQ / Satellite Architects

River Cottage HQ acts as a home for the numerous River Cottage activities such as ‘Catch and Cook’ and ‘Pig in ta Day’......»»

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Vietnam-Era Boat Returns to Duty

Decades after patrolling the Mekong Delta, the Gamewardens are back on the river......»»

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Satellite Architects adds a new cookery school to the River Cottage headquarters

A cookery school is housed behind the glazed facade of this contemporary shed, recently completed by Satellite Architects at the headquarters of British TV programme River Cottage (+ slideshow). (more…) .....»»

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[In Depth] Alarm over a sinking delta

Vietnam's Mekong River delta—the world's third largest delta—is sinking, putting some 20 million people and vast swaths of fertile farmland at risk. Recent research has found that the delta, which covers some 55,000 square kilometers and sits about 2 .....»»

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Toshiba Satellite Radius P55 (2015) Review

The Toshiba Satellite Radius P55 combines a beautiful 4K display with a bendable, convertible chassis, creating a powerful tool for creative professionals......»»

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NASA sees shapeless Tropical Depression 14E

Tropical Depression 14E can't get its act together and still appears as a shapeless, asymmetric mass of clouds and thunderstorms on infrared imagery from NASA's Aqua satellite......»»

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NASA sees a weaker Tropical Storm Ignacio north of Hawaiian Islands

When NASA's Terra satellite passed over Tropical Storm Ignacio on Sept. 1 it gathered cloud and wind data on the weakening storm......»»

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Typhoon Kilo moving through northwestern Pacific Ocean

NOAA's GOES-West satellite spotted the eye in a strong Typhoon Kilo moving through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean......»»

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Earth Has 3 Trillion Trees Per New Count

A new approach combined ground-based surveys with satellite imaging and yeilded a higher density than anticipated -- Read more on»»

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Mysterious dead creature found near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

A woman in Sosnovy Bor, Russia found this mysterious, tiny, deteriorated creature on a river bank. She named it Kesha. Read the rest.....»»

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Doctor Who Christmas Special brings back River Song

The 9th season of Doctor Who will air on 19th September and it comes with interesting news about this year’s Christmas Special. For the first time, River Song played by Alex Kingston will act together with the latest Doctor played by Peter Capaldi. .....»»

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Ancient river dolphin species brought to light by Smithsonian scientists

Careful examination of fossils found on the Caribbean coast near the town of Piña, Panama have led to the discovery of a new species of river dolphins which has been extinct for millions of years. Discovered by Smithsonian researchers, the new species ha.....»»

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NASA sees Tropical Storm Fred losing its punch

Tropical Storm Fred is losing its punch. Satellite imagery shows that there are no strong thunderstorms developing in the tropical storm indicating that the storm is weakening......»»

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New Species of Ancient "River" Dolphin Lived in the Ocean

The fossils are at least 5.8 million years old and could shed light on the evolutionary history of the freshwater mammals......»»

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GPM sees Hurricane Jimena"s intense eyewall

NASA's Global Precipitation Measurement or GPM core satellite passed over Hurricane Jimena and saw an intense eyewall with heaviest rainfall occurring in the northern and eastern sides of the storm......»»

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Toshiba unveils the world’s first 12.5-inch 4K convertible laptop

At IFA in Berlin, Toshiba has unveiled the Satellite Radius 12, the first 12.5-inch convertible laptop with a 4K screen......»»

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Tropical forests in trouble in SE Asia, west Africa: analysts

New satellite data reveals a rapid loss of tropical forests in Cambodia, parts of west Africa and Madagascar, and the Gran Chaco region of South America, analysts said Wednesday......»»

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Photos: Predawn launch of Atlas 5

A collection of pad photos from the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket flight to deploy the Navy's Mobile User Objective System communications satellite No. 4. A collection of pad photos from the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket flight to depl.....»»

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Recap story: Atlas 5 completes heavy-duty launch assignment

In a breath-taking display at daybreak Wednesday, an Atlas rocket powered an enormous U.S. Navy satellite into space to close the last remaining gap and give global reach to the military's new mobile communications system. Photo: ULA CAPE CANAVERAL &#.....»»

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