Sahara Reveals Remains of Ancient River

Using a satellite-born sensor system that can penetrate through several feet of dry surface sediments, researchers found the dry remains of an ancient river system winding for hundreds of miles below... -- Read more on»»

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Beneath the Saharan sands, a river valley

Satellite map reveals river that flowed in wetter times. (credit: Evgeni Zotov) If someone traveling the Sahara Desert with you said, “I bet there used to be a huge river right about… here,” you would probably think it's time to .....»»

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Ray of hope for critically endangered Mekong dolphin but mega-dams threaten its chances of survival

Years of effective conservation work has slowed the rapid rate of decline of the critically endangered Mekong River Irrawaddy dolphin, providing a glimmer of hope for its future – according to the latest data......»»

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Satellite-based flood monitoring central to relief agencies" disaster response

In January 2015, the Shire River in Malawi, and Zambezi River in Mozambique were under tight scrutiny. Weeks of torrential rains led these and other rivers to burst their banks displacing 390,000 people across the region. In southern Malawi 220,000 acres .....»»

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River Cottage HQ / Satellite Architects

River Cottage HQ acts as a home for the numerous River Cottage activities such as ‘Catch and Cook’ and ‘Pig in ta Day’......»»

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Vietnam-Era Boat Returns to Duty

Decades after patrolling the Mekong Delta, the Gamewardens are back on the river......»»

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Satellite Architects adds a new cookery school to the River Cottage headquarters

A cookery school is housed behind the glazed facade of this contemporary shed, recently completed by Satellite Architects at the headquarters of British TV programme River Cottage (+ slideshow). (more…) .....»»

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[In Depth] Alarm over a sinking delta

Vietnam's Mekong River delta—the world's third largest delta—is sinking, putting some 20 million people and vast swaths of fertile farmland at risk. Recent research has found that the delta, which covers some 55,000 square kilometers and sits about 2 .....»»

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NASA IMERG data Hurricane Sandra"s heavy rainfall

Hurricane Sandra fizzled in the southern Gulf of California before moving ashore but on its journey north it was close enough to drop more than 2 feet of rainfall along part of the coast of western Mexico. Data from NASA's Integrated Multi-satellitE Retri.....»»

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Radiologists investigate woman who died in Egypt more than 3,000 years ago

Thousands of years ago lived a woman in the Egyptian city of Asyut, on the west side of the Nile River Valley, 375 miles south of the Mediterranean city of Alexandria. Her true name is unknown, but today some call her Hatason......»»

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High Stakes in Broadband Satellites Race

Building a satellite network and associated ground-based facilities and user terminals to provide Internet access to even the remotest and poorest parts of the world will be a huge technical, regulatory and business challenge. Just as well then that some .....»»

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Senegalese villages swallowed by the sea

Behind the remains of washed-away fences, crumbling houses dot an expanse of the northern Senegalese coastline where a swollen river and an advancing sea are swallowing villages whole......»»

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Doctor Who Christmas Special Poster Revealed

BBC America has provided a sneak peek at what's in store for the Doctor this Christmas. A new poster for Doctor Who's upcoming Christmas special has been revealed, teasing the return of River Song. BBC America shared the new promo art in a post on T.....»»

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USGS projects large loss of Alaska permafrost by 2100

Using statistically modeled maps drawn from satellite data and other sources, U.S. Geological Survey scientists have projected that the near-surface permafrost that presently underlies 38 percent of boreal and arctic Alaska would be reduced by 16 to 24 pe.....»»

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NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Tuni becomes extra-tropical

NASA's GPM core satellite and NOAA's GOES-West satellite saw the Southern Pacific Ocean's Tropical Storm Tuni was being battered by wind shear and had lost its tropical characteristics......»»

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Chinese satellite to shine a light on mysterious dark matter

Shadowy hints of dark matter's true nature are set to be boosted by a new particle and gamma-ray detector being launched into orbit.....»»

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Homeland: "The Litvinov Ruse" Review

Homeland kicked things into gear last night, working the series’ classic sticky trap of satellite surveillance and bugged cell phones. Warning: Full spoilers below. Homeland kicked things into gear with "The Litvinov Ruse" after a couple of weeks .....»»

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Conran and Partners completes huge development on Tokyo"s Tama River

Terence Conran's architecture firm has completed its redevelopment of Tokyo's Futako-Tamagawa area, the city's largest building project of the last decade. (more…) Terence Conran's architecture firm ha.....»»

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NASA sees Tropical Storm Sandra being shredded by wind shear

A NASA animation of satellite imagery from NOAA's GOES-West satellite showed Tropical Storm Sandra has become decoupled by strong wind shear as it was approaching landfall in western Mexico on the morning of Nov. 28......»»

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The James Webb Space Telescope"s First Mirror Has Been Installed!

NASA has announced that they’ve installed the first of the James Webb Space Telescope’s mirrors. The part is one of eighteen that will eventually be bolted to the satellite, which is set to launch in 2018. Read more........»»

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