The 5 Most Popular Heroes in Dota 2

From cannibal butchers to pompous mages, these are the most played heroes in all of Dota 2. Flavor of the month heroes come and go in Dota 2, but no matter the patch, you can almost always find the same handful of heroes at the top of the most picke.....»»

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30 Most Expensive Music Videos of All-Time

Image via: Buzzfeed Going through the list of the 30 most expensive videos ever will teach you a few things, …Image via: BuzzfeedGoing through the list of the 30 most expensive videos ever will teach you a few things, among them is that Michael.....»»

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Most remaining smokers in US have low socioeconomic status

After decades of declining US smoking rates overall, most remaining smokers have low income, no college education, no health insurance or a disability. About 15 percent of US adults -- more than 36 million -- continue to smoke cigarettes. Half to thr.....»»

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HyperX Cloud Revolver S Gaming Headset Review

Looks like the HyperX team is at it again and has come out with a new improved version of the HyperX Cloud Revolver S Headset. This is their flagship highest end headset and is made purely for the gamer in all of us. As most of you probably.....»»

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Most dengue infections transmitted in and around home

Transmission of the mosquito-borne dengue virus appears to be largely driven by infections centered in and around the home, with the majority of cases related to one another occurring in people who live less than 200 meters apart, new research sugges.....»»

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Badass German Kids Show Performs Intro in Klingon

Hey kids, gather around, we’re going to have some fun today! Or, as we’d like to say this week, “Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!” A popular German kids show is bringing young ensigns into the Star Trek family, introducing its latest episode entirely.....»»

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Blizzard to launch "StarCraft: Remastered" this summer

Rumors surfaced last summer that Blizzard was working on an HD remaster of StarCraft, the popular real-time strategy (RTS) game from 1998. Over the weekend, Blizzard confirmed the rumblings as legitimate......»»

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"Power Rangers" fans are hyped about that credits scene—here"s why

Like most geek-friendly blockbusters coming out of Hollywood these days, Lionsgate's Power Rangers reboot sets up the sequel with a "stinger" — a scene inserted into the end credits. That's what I'm here to fill you in on. Needless to say, spoi.....»»

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Effective one-shot vaccination of newborns moves closer to reality

Newborns are highly vulnerable to infections and don't respond optimally to most vaccines because their young immune systems typically mount weak antibody responses. Now, researchers report achieving strong vaccine responses in newborn animals, inclu.....»»

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A river of rubbish: the ugly secret threatening China’s most beautiful city

An ‘international tourism destination of peerless beauty’ say the slogans hanging in the streets of Guilin, but one of the scenic city’s rivers has recently ... The post A river of rubbish: the ugly secret threatening China’s most beautif.....»»

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Snapchat is the top searched app on iOS App Store

According to a report in Forbes magazine, Snapchat led all competitors in App Store search volume and as a result, Snapchat was also the app people were looking for most frequently. The post Snapchat is the top searched app on iOS App Store appeared.....»»

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Mandy Moore Shuts Down "Morbid" Frozen and Tangled Fan Theory

Tangled star Mandy Moore has killed off a popular fan theory that Frozen, Tangled, and The Little Mermaid are connected through one couple’s painful, terrible death. While the theory was already debunked by super fans, it was worth it to see the ho.....»»

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Score up to 48 percent off these popular Lenovo laptops for a limited time

For a limited time Amazon is offering the Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 11E Touchscreen Convertible Ultrabook for 48 percent off (only $300) and the Lenovo ThinkPad 13 Chromebook for 30 percent off (209). The post Score up to 48 percent off these popular Leno.....»»

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Sex and Gor and open source

 A few weeks ago, Dries Buytaert, founder of the popular open-source CMS Drupal, asked Larry Garfield, a prominent Drupal contributor and long-time member of the Drupal community, “to leave the Drupal project.” Why did he do this? He.....»»

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Most common cells in the brain help us anticipate rewards

Anticipating and evaluating rewards requires specialized neurons. A rodent. (credit: Carlos de Paz) Cerebellar granule cells, which make up the cerebellum, are the smallest and most abundant of all neuron types in the brain. These cells are kn.....»»

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Land Rover"s Discovery is no poseur off-road

The new Land Rover Discovery is one of the most important launches for Jaguar Land Rover since the brands split from Ford in 2008......»»

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Eligible founder Katelyn Gleason’s plan to upend the billion dollar medical billing industry

 Medical billing is a largely untapped and lucrative industry, potentially pulling in $55 billion globally by 2020. But it’s inner workings are still very murky — most of the time it’s not clear how much something will cost a.....»»

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Enjoy ample sleeping and storage space in REI’s newest Quarter Dome tent

REI is now selling the fourth and most recent version of its popular Quarter Dome tent. The updated model adds 28 percent more living space without increasing the weight, a feature REI calls “lightweight livability.” The post Enjoy ample sleeping.....»»

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AMD Ryzen 7 1800X 3.6 GHz

Arguably the most important product launch for AMD as a processor company, Ryzen 7 1800X is an attempt to get back into the big league with Intel Core i7 series, in what is a textbook David vs. Goliath battle.... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Enterprise Storage

Today we have some news regarding the first product that Intel will ship leveraging 3D Xpoint memory technology, the new Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X. The SSD DC P4800X resembles some of Intel’s previous enterprise storage products, but most.....»»

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15% off Dragon Quest Heroes II for PC, $15 off Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn

It's a weekend of discounts including a price break on the PC port of Dragon Quest Heroes II plus coupons for Nioh & Horizon Zero Dawn. Read 15% off Dragon Quest Heroes II for PC, $15 off Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn on Siliconera!.....»»

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