Terri Miller departs from the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility after nearly 20 years

LIVONIA, Mich., April 14, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- The Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF) today announced that Terri A. Miller, CPCU, its Executive Director, will depart after nearly 20 years in that role on Friday, April 14. Karyn.....»»

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X-Men Gold #2 Review

Marvel's flagship X-men comic continues as Kitty Pryde's team confronts the new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Given the generally sorry state of the X-Men franchise over the last two years, there's a lot to be said for a book that simply tries t.....»»

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Nerve Gas Attack: New Treatment Cleared, But More Drugs Are Needed

After a deadly nerve agent attack in Syria earlier this month, the U.S. government has approved a new type of injector for a drug that treats these lethal chemicals......»»

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Google Makes It Easy to Save Parking Location in Maps

Google Maps is now not only your parking advisor, it’ll help you locate your car after a night or day on the town in a mysterious city. Thanks to a new update, saving your parking location with notes and a meter timer is now easier than ever. O.....»»

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Uber highlights your rating to make you a better passenger

It's no secret that Uber assigns star ratings to passengers as well as drivers, but finding your passenger rating has practically required a small mining expedition. After today, though, you'll hardly have to lift a finger to unde.....»»

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How "Puyo Puyo Tetris" tricked me into liking puzzle games

When Larry Kasanoff said he was turning the world's most iconic puzzle game into a trilogy of science fiction movies, I was speechless. After a disaster like Pixels, how could anybody look at Tetris and think there was a narrative to te.....»»

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US Marines Airlifted 1,100 Tortoises to New Desert Homes

The two-week-long relocation effort was four years in the making......»»

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Someone is enlisting the public to help find an old iPod filled with 10 years worth of terrible music

iPods have gone out of fashion, but there are still people who hold those portable media players as sacred — like this now musically deprived person who posted a sign for a missing iPod in Airdrie, Scotland. SEE ALSO: The small corner of Reddit.....»»

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Hacker Jailed for 2 Years After Xbox Live, Minecraft Attacks

The cyber world is now a safer place, but only by a little bit. Adam Mudd, a teenager who set up a business which sold hacking software to various criminals, has been jailed for two years. According to The Guardian, Mudd created the Titanium St.....»»

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A Visual History of Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War 3

Taking a look back at Warhammer 40,000 — specifically Dawn of War — throughout the years. Taglines don’t get much more bleak than the one for Warhammer 40,000: “In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war.” In addition t.....»»

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Celebrating AnandTech’s 20th Anniversary: 1997 - 2017

This morning we’re celebrating a rather special occasion over here at AnandTech: our 20th anniversary. Though in a lot of ways it seems like the years have gone by in a flash, the calendar doesn’t lie: it means we’ve now been doing.....»»

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Instagram’s growth speeds up as it hits 700 million users

 Instagram has doubled its user base to 700 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by Stories, web signup, and better onboarding on low-end Android phones. Instagram’s growth rate is actually speeding up. It took just four month to a.....»»

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Paktor, a major rival to Tinder in Asia, moves into live-streaming via merger deal

 Dating app Paktor, often dubbed ‘The Tinder of Southeast Asia,’ just sealed up its move into live-streaming and media content after it announced a merger deal with Taiwanese startup 17 Media. Under the deal, a new company called M1.....»»

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Startup Hippo Insurance launches in California with a tech-enabled home insurance

 Offering a more complete home insurance package for less money than traditional insurance sellers, startup insurance broker Hippo Insurance launched its first service this week in California. According to chief executive Assaf Wand, the company.....»»

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One day, the night sky will be full of these dazzling light-up spherical drones

Drone entertainment is about to get rather interesting after Docomo unveiled what it claims is the "world's first spherical drone display." Just imagine a choreographed flying display using hundreds of these things! The post One day, the night sky wi.....»»

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Five Years Later, Legal Megaupload Data Is Still Trapped On Dead Servers

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: It's been more than five years since the government accused Megaupload and its founder Kim Dotcom of criminal copyright infringement. While Dotcom himself was arrested in New Zealand, U.S. govern.....»»

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Xiaomi Smartphones Might Be Introduced to The US by 2019

In a statement to Cnet, Xiaomi’s VP in a statement mentioned that the company plans to launch their devices in the US within the next two years if not sooner......»»

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Instagram hits 700 million users, accelerating from 600M in December

 Instagram has doubled its user base to 700 million monthly actives in two years, fueled by Stories, web signup, and better onboarding on low-end Android phones. Instagram’s growth rate is actually speeding up. It took just four month to a.....»»

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UberEats food deliveries come to Edinburgh

After launching in London last summer, Uber's food delivery service UberEats has expanded to Manchester, Birmingham, and recently, it added the useful option of scheduling post-pub burger drop-offs ahead of time. Tomorrow, UberEats is h.....»»

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Nomiku Sous Chef essentially offers TV dinners for foodies

Nomiku debuted nearly five years ago with a pretty innovative idea: affordable sous vide cooking in your own home. Back then, machines that did sous vide -- a way of cooking vacuum-packed foods in a temperature-controlled water bath -- was s.....»»

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Amazon Prime membership estimated to have doubled in the last two years

Amazon Prime is believed to have 80 million customers in the U.S. alone, with the user base doubling in the last two years. In addition, members appear to be spending almost double the amount of nonmembers. The post Amazon Prime membership estimated.....»»

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