Teen-Programmed AI Spits Rhymes Like Kanye West

The AI was built with 6,000 Kanye West rap lyrics......»»

Category: scienceSource:  livescienceMar 20th, 2017

Securing Docker, One Patch at a Time

The open-source Docker container project integrates many different security approaches, but like every other software project, it still has to deal with reported software vulnerabilities......»»

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Got camera? Facebook adds more Snapchat-like features

NEW YORK - Facebook is adding more Snapchat-like features to its app. The company says it wants to let people's cameras "do the talking" as more people are posting photos and videos instead of blocks of text. With the update coming to users starting.....»»

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Encrypted Chat Took Over. Let’s Encrypt Calls, Too

By Lily Hay Newman for WIRED. As end-to-end encrypted messaging apps have exploded in popularity, several well-known services have added encrypted calls as well. Why not, right? If it works for text-based chat, voice seems like a natural extension......»»

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Pakistan-based group allegedly hack websites of educational institutions like DU, AMU and IIT-Delhi

Websites of DU, AMU, IIT -Delhi and some other educational and training institutions were hacked allegedly by some Pakistan-based groups on Tuesday. The post Pakistan-based group allegedly hack websites of educational institutions like DU, AMU and II.....»»

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Unique womb-like device could reduce mortality and disability for extremely premature babies

A unique womb-like environment designed by pediatric researchers could transform care for extremely premature babies, by mimicking the prenatal fluid-filled environment to give the tiniest newborns a precious few weeks to develop their lungs and othe.....»»

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Better dosing of meds: "Cyclops" algorithm spots daily rhythms in cells

Humans, like virtually all other complex organisms on Earth, have adapted to their planet's 24-hour cycle of sunlight and darkness. That circadian rhythm is reflected in human behavior, of course, but also in the molecular workings of our cells. Now.....»»

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Resident Evil 7 Not A Hero screenshots emerge following release date delay

Take a gander at these new Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero screenshots from the upcoming DLC. Looks like we'll have to wait a while though following the release date delay......»»

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Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Review - PS4

Get your head down, get into position and snipe away like a pro. Find out more in the Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 review......»»

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Lyrebird can clone anyone"s voice in 60 seconds

Yesterday an artificial intelligence firm in Canada called Lyrebird announced that it had developed algorithms that can mimic anyone’s voice using only 60 seconds of audio. They are not the only company that is working on human-like voice synth.....»»

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7 Futuristic Gadgets You Can Get Now On Amazon

Ever get bored of everyday ordinary life? Wanting to escape into the future? Wondering what the future looks like? Well, …Ever get bored of everyday ordinary life? Wanting to escape into the future? Wondering what the future looks like? Well, w.....»»

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Please enjoy this super excited dog accidentally somersaulting onto a beach

Man, do we love dogs. Especially when they pull off acrobatic stunts, like super-excited Rosie, who went chasing after a ball that hopped over a fence, in a video uploaded to 9 News' Facebook page. SEE ALSO: Dogs, ranked We doubt the ensuing somersau.....»»

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Article: Most CBS All Access Users Watch Current Content

CBS All Access, the subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) service of CBS television network, launched in 2014 with 6,500 available episodes of existing shows and has since added an array of content like just-aired episodes, original shows and live spor.....»»

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With Startups And Sizzlers, North Hall Continues To Evolve

This year much of the radio crowd, along with registration, occupies the west end.....»»

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An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep -- and Humans Could Be Next

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: Inside what look like oversized ziplock bags strewn with tubes of blood and fluid, eight fetal lambs continued to develop -- much like they would have inside their mothers. Over four weeks, their lu.....»»

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Coachella, we need to break up

Dear Coachella,  We need to break up. We've been working on our relationship for four years now, but I feel like I'm the only one trying to salvage what we had. And I can't do it on my own any more. Sure, it hasn't been all bad. Since we've been.....»»

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Watch this 101-year-old woman casually win gold in a 100 metre dash

Haven't run a competitive race since high school? It's never too late to start again.  Like 101-year-old Man Kaur from Punjab, India, who won the women's 100-metre dash at the 2017 World Masters Games in New Zealand on Monday.  SEE ALSO: O.....»»

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Google’s Sergey Brin said to be working on a zeppelin-like airship

 Google co-founder Sergey Brin has been known to enjoy ambitious flights of technological fancy, but this may be his flightiest: Bloomberg reports the enigmatic billionaire, who favors dark attire and once leapt out of an airplane wearing Google.....»»

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This "impossible" puzzle box is a real head-scratcher

The impossible box gets its name because, at a glance, it looks like an impossible creation. With a dove tail joint attaching two pieces of wood on each side, the box seemingly shouldn't even exist. Thankfully, YouTuber Mr. Puzzle shows us the in.....»»

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TiVo Roamio OTA review: It feels like going back in time

If you want to ditch cable without losing the cable DVR experience—warts and all—the TiVo Roamio OTA is your answer.TiVo’s $400 DVR for over-the-air channels has all the creature comforts of a cable box, from the traditional channel grid and.....»»

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Forget scissors and combs—get your hair cut by an ax, if you"re brave enough

Scissors and combs are fine if you want a normal, non-anxiety-inducing haircut.  But if you're looking to add a little excitement to your hair maintenance routine, try a shear that's a bit more dangerous with like, I don't know, an ax, perhaps?.....»»

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