Teen-Programmed AI Spits Rhymes Like Kanye West

The AI was built with 6,000 Kanye West rap lyrics......»»

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This nature-inspired wind turbine is shaped like a tree

NewWind has designed a generator with 63 micro wind turbines that look like leaves on a tree. The company wants to encourage sustainable living in urban environments with its quiet, aesthetically pleasing product. Read more...More about Standalone Fe.....»»

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People can"t get over this photo of Republican dudes who want to cut maternity care

Republicans like to insist the war on women is nothing more than hysterical liberal outrage.  Sure, the left uses the phrase to occasionally score political points, but sometimes Republicans make it so easy. Like when they appear to be casting a.....»»

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A bunch of 5-star reviews of WhatsApp"s Snapchat update sure look fake

Just like everything else owned by Facebook, WhatsApp is becoming more like Snapchat.  Whether that's a good or bad thing depends on your own preferences and loyalty to the actual Snapchat. But it looked like a lot of people were thrilled by the.....»»

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Trump"s latest poll: Do you like Trump? Yes or yes?

Hey friends, it's time for another riveting poll from President Trump's campaign. Woo hoo! On Thursday, Trump Headquarters sent out another one of its middle school-esque email polls, but rather than solely throwing shade at the media, this poll simp.....»»

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Well, what do you know: "Power Rangers" is surprisingly OK

We're all a little tapped out on '90s nostalgia for a moment, so much so that Lionsgate's Power Rangers reboot sneak attacked us with its spring release. The movie looks like guiltless Transformers visuals meets formative teen movie (you'll hear.....»»

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Electric trucks powered by trolley wires are making their way to Los Angeles

By stringing electrical cables over the road, Siemens has developed a hybrid truck that draws power from the cables like a trolley. What started in Sweden is making its way to a part of the 710 and 405 highways in Los Angeles. The post Electric truck.....»»

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Bloody, meatless Impossible Burger will soon be easier to find

The so-called Impossible Burger debuted last year, but it's still pretty difficult to get you hands on one. Although it looks, smells and even bleeds like the real thing, the burger's patty contains no beef, but rather "meat" that&.....»»

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11 Ways Your Beloved Pet May Make You Sick

Just like other members of your family, pets can also give you their germs......»»

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Teen makes a terrible, terrible mistake in letting friend choose her first tattoo

Friends don't let friends make tattoo decisions. Elle Mills, a YouTuber and student, wanted to make a series of "first time" videos for her channel. Her friend, Tavian Palacios, had recently gotten a tattoo and suggested Mills get one for the first v.....»»

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Likes arrive for Facebook Messenger — along with a few new reactions

Facebook's News Feed reactions are debuting in Messenger. The app now allows users to like or use an emoji to react to messages, while mentions also make a new appearance for group chats. The post Likes arrive for Facebook Messenger — along wit.....»»

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Give your useless DVDs new life with this new digital conversion app

When was the last time you actually watched a movie on DVD? Maybe like, 2014?  You probably still have a dusty stack of plastic boxes sitting on a shelf somewhere, though, doing little more than taking up space as you flip through multiple strea.....»»

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Deadpool butts in where he doesn"t belong in this NSFW "Beauty and the Beast" parody

We didn't see this parody coming, but now that it's here it seems like a very obvious mashup that needed to happen. Of course, we could easily see Deadpool being the star of his own musical. And of course, the song "Gaston" from Beauty and the Be.....»»

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Instagram Begins Blurring Sensitive Content, Makes 2-Factor Authentication Available to All

Instagram, like Twitter, is all about fostering a kinder, safer community. That means new tools or tweaks to the photo sharing service that will allow for better protection for your account and also the eyes of those not wanting to see something offe.....»»

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"New" Clouds Earn Atlas Recognition

Twelve "new" types of cloud -- including the rare, wave-like asperitas cloud -- have been recognized for the first time by the International Cloud Atlas. From a report: The atlas, which dates back to the 19th Century, is the global reference book for.....»»

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Facebook makes Messenger more like iMessage with emoji reactions

Facebook has incorporated new features into its Messenger app, and they may seem familiar to iMessage users.Facebook Messenger now lets users add emoji reactions to individual messages, just how Facebook users can “react” to posts in their New.....»»

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Apple explores using an iPhone or iPad to power a laptop

The notion of using a phone to power a computer isn't new -- we've seen companies like HP and Motorola try, and ultimately fail, to make it a reality for years. But that's not stopping Apple from considering the idea. The USPT.....»»

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Google and Howard University partner for more diversity in tech

Diversity (or the lack thereof) at Silicon Valley companies like Google has been a hot topic in the tech industry of late -- just about every major tech company out there now is publishing diversity numbers and pledging to make their workfor.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy J7 release: Everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy J7 V has finally been released, boasting decent specs, like a Snapdragon 625 and 2GB of RAM, at a relatively low price. Here's how to get the new phone for yourself. The post Samsung Galaxy J7 release: Everything you need to know a.....»»

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Thai Sales Erupt From Slump With 19.9% February Gain

The February result left the 2-month total up 15.4% from like-2016 at 125,689 units. Car sales were up 37.2% at 46,930 units and CVs were ahead 5.4% at 78,759. read more.....»»

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Facebook introduces a new ad format — product-focused ‘collection’

 Facebook is introducing a new ad format that should help retailers showcase their products. The last big addition to Facebook’s ad lineup came last year, with the launch of Canvas, a fast-loading, rich media ad. Like Canvas, a collection.....»»

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