Seagate"s 4TB hard drive fits in your hand, stores 800 DVDs

Just days after its subsidiary launched a 4TB external hard disk drive that is powered by USB, Seagate unveiled its own.Samsung HDD was the first to come out with these high capacity drives, the M3 Portable and the P3 Portable, both in a 2.5-inch form fac.....»»

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daniel de bruin explores ownership with hand-powered analog 3D printer

in attempt to reconnect with his work de bruin abandoned the computer, and with nothing but his wits, hands, and a workshop full of bits created this new technology. The post daniel de bruin explores ownership with hand-powered analog 3D printer appeared.....»»

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Bullied teen creates magnificent prom dress and it is perfect payback

Sometimes revenge is so sweet. Bullied teenager Kyemah McEntyre showed her classmates how to stand up to the haters — by rocking out the best damn prom dress, made by hand. The 18-year-old artist designed the daring frock and Markell Evette of Marke.....»»

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Powered Glove Turbocharges Weak, Poorly Working Hands (VIDEO)

A lot of people suffer from debilitating conditions that render their hands practically useless. Now a Harvard engineering team has come up with a smart powered glove that can make a weak, poorly coordinated hand stronger and more capable. The investigato.....»»

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Turn Any USB Port Into a Flashlight, Complete With Swipe Controls

If you take a good long look around your living room, you’ll probably be surprised at just how many electronic devices you own that have USB ports. And that’s what makes this ultra-compact flashlight so genius. Plug it into any powered USB port—whet.....»»

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British teen"s virtual Jessie J duet explodes online, impresses record companies

LONDON — An 18-year-old who reportedly has never had singing lessons wowed the Internet with his vocal skills after performing a virtual duet with Jessie J. Tom Bleasby from Leeds recorded his version of J's "Flashlight" from the Pitch Perfect 2 so.....»»

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Teen Engineer Invents Way to Boost Plane Air Quality

Teen Engineer Invents Way to Boost Plane Air Quality.....»»

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Modder runs Windows XP on an Android Wear-powered LG G Watch

2002 Microsoft OS turned into a hand job.....»»

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Turn your home into a haunted house with AR game "Night Terrors"

You're home alone. It's the dead of night and all of the lights are off; you creep down the hallway with one hand dragging along the wall, your phone serving as a makeshift flashlight. You hear a young girl's voice whisper from the bedroom in front o........»»

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FourSevens MMU-X3R Review: 2,000 Lumens Of Handheld Flashlight Power

The MMU-X3R is FourSevens’ brightest handheld flashlight yet. At 2,000 lumens, it’s brighter than my car’s high beams and is small enough to fit into the palm of my hand. But, is it the right light for you? Read more........»»

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Microsoft Invents A Better Way To Sense Hand Gestures

Handpose promises the holy grail of motion detection: fast, accurate hand recognition.Imagine strapping on a virtual reality headset, then using your hands to pick up a sword and swing it around your head. Imagine a hazard team able to defuse a complicate.....»»

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There"s An Italian Restaurant With Its Own Human-Powered Theme Park

Italian restaurants are (quite rightly) famous for their food, but Ai Pioppi, a family-owned restaurant a little north of Venice, is renowned for something quite different: a hand-built, human powered theme park, complete with 360-degree swings and roller.....»»

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PlayStation 4 owners get Spotify, Xbox One owners may have to wait a while

Announced earlier this year, the Spotify-powered PlayStation Music service is now available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 owners. Xbox One owners, on the other hand, shouldn't expect to see the app in the near future. The post PlayStation 4 owners g.....»»

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A Case With a Pop-Up Crank Keeps Your Smartphone Charged Forever

Hand crank-powered flashlights and radios for weather emergencies are nothing new, but what about when your smartphone dies in the middle of the day? That's just as dire an emergency, and it's inspired the creation of this smartphone case with a built-in .....»»

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The Faster You Wave Your Hand, the Faster These Toy Cars Will Race

The speed at which a Hot Wheels car tears around a plastic track is directly proportionate to how high you can build the launch ramp. But to make these capacitor-powered Wave Racers go faster and faster around a track, kids simply need to wave their hands.....»»

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Teen invents method for transcoding text into Braille in printer’s memory

The on-chip transcoding technology is meant to replace costly stand-alone software. If you’re blind, the world of PDFs and laser printers doesn’t do much for you. There are software programs and special printers that transcribe text into .....»»

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Teen With One Hand Learns To Play A Mean Guitar, Thanks To 3D-Printed Prosthesis

Diego Corredor loves music and has always longed to play the guitar. But the 17-year-old lost his right hand at birth, rendering his dream impossible. Or so it seemed. In this video, the teen overcomes the seemingly insurmountable, playing a guitar with.....»»

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Teen Can Play Guitar Thanks To A 3D-Printed Prosthetic Hand

 Diego Corredor wanted to play guitar but lost his right hand at birth. While he could use a prosthesis to grab a glass of water or pick up objects, he wasn’t able to hold a pick and strum the strings. Then a group of makers at 3D Gluck came al.....»»

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A 16-Foot Elastic Band Powers This Sleek 3D-Printed RC Car

Elastic-powered toys don't sound particularly exciting these days when you can get a buy a flying toy helicopter that fits in the palm of your hand. But three students at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena created this stunning RC car, made from.....»»

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Mercedes-AMG makes its questionable GLE63 S Coupe even crazier with 577 horses

Mercedes-AMG has lifted the veil off of the 2016 GLE63 S Coupe. Aimed at the BMW X6 M, the GLE63 is powered by a hand-built 5.5-liter V8 engine that sends 577 horsepower to all four wheels. The post Mercedes-AMG makes its questionable GLE63 S Coupe even c.....»»

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