Teen Invents Ingenious Device To Help Keep His Grandfather And Other Alzheimer"s Patients Safe

This brilliant teen drew from personal experiences with his grandfather's illness to create something that could change the lives of millions. Kenneth Shinozuka, 15, of New York City has witnessed first-hand the challenges loved ones face when caring for.....»»

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Nvidia launches Jetson TX1 GPU module to handle AI on drones and robots

Nvidia today announced a new module called the Jetson TX1 that fits in your hand but can bring GPU-powered intelligence to development boards, drones, robotics, and other devices. The new gadget can handle many kinds of machine learning workloads and ther.....»»

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Blackberry Priv and HTC One A9 Now Available in the US

Just got paid and need to blow all that cash on a new smartphone? Today would be a decent day, as we have two devices available worth at least a few minutes of your time. On one hand, we have the Blackberry Priv, which is the first Android-powered phone f.....»»

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This low-power LED flashlight runs on nothing but the heat of your hand

The Lumen flashlight runs entirely on energy converted from body heat using a thermoelectric generator, so no batteries are required. A tritium vial in the body of the flashlight makes it easy to locate in the dark. The post This low-power LED flashlight .....»»

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Use Your Wiimote As A Flashlight In Horror Game Slender: The Arrival

Keep a steady hand as you illuminate the environments using the Wiimote in the Wii U version of the horror game. Read Use Your Wiimote As A Flashlight In Horror Game Slender: The Arrival on Siliconera!.....»»

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Harness the power of the sun with Jus, the next-level battery pack for your iPhone

With Jus, the solar-powered rechargeable battery pack that doubles as a case for your iPhone, you can harness all the wonders of the great ball of fire in the sky for the great source of communication in your hand. The post Harness the power of the sun wi.....»»

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Bastiaan Buijs creates wind-up sex toy using hand-blown glass

Dutch Design Week 2015: this "aesthetically pleasing" glass vibrator by Design Academy Eindhoven graduate Bastiaan Buijs is powered by clockwork. (more…) Dutch Design Week 2015: this "aesthetically plea.....»»

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"Mopar Road Ready Powered by Dodge" Program to Help Teen Drivers in Denver Area

AUBURN HILLS, Mich., Oct. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --  Sponsored by the FCA Foundation, supported by Mopar and Dodge, a defensive driving program geared for teenage drivers will provide sessions on Oct. read more.....»»

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HTC One A9 Is Like an Android-Powered iPhone, At Almost Half the Price

You’ve already heard the jokes about HTC shamelessly ripping off Apple with the design of its newest phone. The truth is, it’s even funnier to hold the new HTC One A9 in one hand and an iPhone 6 in the other. They’re hilariously similar—and that.....»»

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Flashlight powered by body heat sparks campaign dollars

How is this for hot response in a crowdfunding campaign. The project creator's goal was $5,000. So far the campaign has gathered $30,023 with 26 days to go......»»

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When body warmth alone won’t cut the cold, these electric clothes crank up the heat

No more shorts or flip flops, and if you're thinking about playing outdoor sports through winter, proper clothing is a must. Luckily, heated clothes are out there, ready to wear. Pick motorcycle gear that's draws power from your ride, or battery powered h.....»»

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Steam Machines unleashed: Impressions from one week in a Steam-powered living room

When I abandoned the living room, I did so willingly. I was a console gamer for many, many years—heck, I still am for certain games—and I know first-hand how comfortable a couch can be. But eventually I was swayed by the PC and all its myriad benefits.....»»

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Kickstarter Bans Product For Not Existing

Kickstarter and vaporware go hand-in-hand, but as it turns out, there is a limit. That limit, apparently, is a laser-powered razor with no good prototype. Read more........»»

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UltraFire 2000 Lumen Cree XML-T6 LED Flashlight Review

"I’ve got another LED flashlight for review today from our friends over at EveryBuying and this light is an Ultrafire XML-T6 that features an adjustable focus along with a nice carrying case included. The light can be powered by three AAA batteries or yo.....»»

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ASUS' newest routers represent a microcosm of today's Wireless AC market. On one hand we have the XStream-powered RT-AC3200 while on the other there's the MU-MIMO RT-AC87U. Both are awesome solutions. ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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A very useful illuminated hand held magnifier for 3 dollars

This handheld magnifying glass has two bright LEDs and is powered by 3 AAA cells (not included). The manufacturer says the magnification is 40X. I think it is less than that, but it is still plenty powerful for my needs - mainly, reading the markings on t.....»»

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Diesel exhaust gases without any nitric oxides – is that possible?

The scandal surrounding VW has thrust nitric oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel vehicles into the limelight. Owing to the different engine technologies, these have always been higher than in gasoline-powered cars. On the other hand, diesel consumes less fu.....»»

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Teen Invents Adaptable Stroller So Mom In Wheelchair Can Cruise With Baby

An innovative teen has helped a woman enjoy a simple joy of being a mother.  Alden Kane, a Detroit high school student, created a custom adaptable stroller that will allow new mother Sharina Jones -- who uses a wheelchair -- to take her baby for.....»»

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This Solar-Powered Flashlight Pulls Double Duty As An iPhone Charger

Shine's an obvious gadget, but with one great little design detail that you'll fall in love with.When the electricity cuts out, you need spare batteries for two things: keeping your flashlight on, and charging your smartphone. Now on Kickstarter, Shine is.....»»

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Dyson"s Bacteria-Zapping Humidifier Finally Hits The U.S. Market

But is it worth $500?It may be humid and hot out now, but in a few weeks (sigh) winter's cold dry air is going to rush in and make your skin feel like a shriveled prune. Dyson—the British company known for its lust-worthy vacuums, super-powered hand dry.....»»

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