Tardigrades turn into glass to survive complete dehydration

Water bears make unique jelly proteins that form a glass-like cocoon to protect them from drought. The find could one day help make drought resistant crops.....»»

Category: topSource:  newscientistMar 16th, 2017

Das gewölbte Deckglas für integrierte Fahrzeugdisplays von AGC wird zum ersten Mal (*) in der Welt in Serienfahrzeugen verwendet

TOKIO, 14. September 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- AGC Asahi Glass („AGC") gab bekannt, dass sein gewölbtes Deckglas für integrierte Fahrzeugdisplays in den neuen Audi A8 eingebaut wird. read more.....»»

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Lexus LC 500: 8th Place – 2017 Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car

Lexus has a stated mission to inject more excitement into its lineup, and adding a second rear-drive, V-8 coupe to the mix is part of the plan. The big LC 500 is a grand tourer through and through, but don’t let its grandness and opulence fool you......»»

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Joe Biden slams Trump"s classless retweet of Hillary GIF

Joe Biden, the former vice president of the United States, is tired of Donald Trump's crap.  On Sunday, Trump retweeted a GIF of himself hitting a golf ball into Hillary Clinton. (The user Trump retweeted, by the way, had posted anti-Semitic and.....»»

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Hero driver rescues possum being harassed by two birds

No one likes a bully. Especially Laurence Kirk in Sydney, Australia, who decided to take matters into his own hands when he spotted two magpies giving a possum on the road a hard time. Beeping the confrontation didn't seem to work, so Kirk decides t.....»»

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At long last, Gmail starts converting addresses and contact info into links

 Gmail is packed with a lot of time-saving features, like Smart Replies for mobile users. So it’s a bit surprising to realize that Gmail will only now start to automatically convert addresses, phone numbers and contacts into links. Read Mo.....»»

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Suffocation risk from small hard sugar balls

Researchers assessed the possible health risks of large hard sugar balls back in 2010. The focus was in particular on the size from which the balls (when sucked to a small size) can slide from the oral cavity into the throat under unfavorable circums.....»»

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Music video AR app shuts down, the app that let users insert themselves into their favorite music videos, is shutting down. In a Medium post, co-founder and chief executive officer David Hyman wrote that the startup, which launched as Chosen three years ago and rais.....»»

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Gmail finally turns addresses and phone numbers into links

Next time someone emails you an address, you no longer have to copypaste it on Maps after viewing it on Gmail or Inbox. Google has rolled out an update that gives its mail apps the power to turn addresses, phone numbers and email addresses i.....»»

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Adan Medical is bringing technology to Epi-Pens

 Going into anaphylactic shock is terrifying. The last time I went into shock, called my mom first, injected myself with an Epi-Pen second, injected myself with a shot of epinephrine third, and 911 last. I had that a bit backwards. Had I been us.....»»

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How do you crown the best smartphone camera? The experts share their secrets

We sat down with DxOMark to find out exactly how it tests smartphone cameras and distills those tests down into a single score to create a chart of the best. The post How do you crown the best smartphone camera? The experts share their secrets appear.....»»

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Pokémon Go creator’s next game will incorporate audio into the AR experience

 Niantic, makers of the hugely popular mobile game Pokémon Go, is developing a new AR title that will incorporate audio cues into the gaming experience, according to company CTO Phil Keslin. The executive had just exited the stage at TechCrunc.....»»

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Gmail now detects addresses, phone numbers, and creates hyperlinks to save time

Gmail now auto detects phone numbers, addresses, and email address and converts them into hyperlinks. The feature is rolling out now on the web, Android, and iOS......»»

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Senate Backs Bill to Pump $700 Billion into Military

WASHINGTON — The Senate has overwhelmingly approved a sweeping defense policy bill that would pump $700 billion into the military, putting the U.S. armed forces on track for a budget greater than a........»»

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Equifax was allegedly hacked months before the massive breach — by the same criminals

Equifax was hacked this past summer. You already know this. However, according to a new report, the company's computer systems were also allegedly broken into in March. And here's the kicker: The same crew might be responsible for both incidents......»»

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Magna Announces Senior Notes Offering

AURORA, ON, Sept. 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ - Magna International Inc. (TSX: MG; NYSE: MGA) today announced that it has entered into an underwriting agreement providing for the issuance of €600 million aggregate principal amount of its senior unsecured.....»»

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Throttling streaming video will save Verizon $2.5 billion a year

Verizon recently pulled an unpopular U-turn over streaming video, introducing new restrictions to its unlimited plans that limit streaming video to 480p standard definition. Analysts pointed the finger at reports of congestion on Verizon's network, w.....»»

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Plan on updating to Apple’s new OS? These are the features you should know about

There are plenty of iOS 11 features worth checking out when the mobile operating system officially becomes available on September 19. Whether you're into interface tweaks or drag-and-drop features, these are the best. The post Plan on updating to App.....»»

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Equifax Stock Sales Are the Focus of US Criminal Probe

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: The U.S. Justice Department has opened a criminal investigation into whether top officials at Equifax Inc. violated insider trading laws when they sold stock before the company disclosed that it had.....»»

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USAF Considers ‘Light ISR’ To Augment Light Attack

The U.S. Air Force is looking into a “light”—or low-cost—alternative to current ISR capabilities to accompany a potential future light attack fleet into low-threat environments. read more.....»»

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Bridgefy lets developers build mesh networking into their apps

 Bridgefy, which is launching in our Disrupt SF Battlefield today, allows developers to build a mesh network into their mobile apps so that their users and apps can still communicate, even when those devices aren’t connected to the Interne.....»»

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