Swallowable Flexible Sensor to Detect Stomach Movements

Scientists at MIT have developed a flexible sensor that patients can swallow. The sensor sticks to the stomach wall and can relay information about stomach peristalsis. This could help doctors to diagnose disorders that slow down the movement of food.....»»

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Xintec to swing to profit in 4Q17, says report

Image sensor packaging specialist Xintec is expected to return to profitability in the fourth quarter of 2017 with revenues likely to increase around 30% sequentially to nearly NT$1.3 billion (US$43 million), the Chinese-language Economic Daily News.....»»

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How the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor helped save a man’s life

How the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor helped save a man’s life.....»»

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Apple Watch credited with helping detect lung blood clot that otherwise ‘would have been fatal’

Apple has long marketed the Apple Watch as a health device and today we’re seeing yet another instance of the device being put to good use. 28-year-old Apple Watch user James Green tweeted over the weekend that the “stupid lil wrist compu.....»»

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Canon"s G1 X Mark III is the first PowerShot with a large APS-C sensor

Canon on Monday introduced its first-ever point-and-shoot camera with an APS-C sensor, the PowerShot G1 X Mark III......»»

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Grow your loved one"s remains into a tree

Put your Bios Urn in a Bios Incube to grow your loved one's remains into a tree... all by itself. There is a built-in watering system and a sensor that does all the work for you. Plus, the urn's material is 100 percent biodegradable. Bios Incube star.....»»

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Scientists detect incredible collision of neutron stars

Astronomers have detected the collision of a pair of dead stars, called a kilonova, that caused a cosmic ripple of gravitational waves around 130 million years ago. It turns out these kinds of massive explosions forged most of the gold, silver, and.....»»

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LG Display"s OLED panels create decorative lighting for Baskin Robbins ice cream shop

Dezeen promotion: a mix of rigid and flexible lighting panels create a grid of illuminated shapes on the ceiling of this new Baskin Robbins cafe in Seoul. Read more Dezeen promotion: a mix of rigid and flexible lighting panels create a gr.....»»

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The best VPNs for SMBs and businesses in 2017

Any organisation can benefit from a quality VPN service. Using one of the best VPN services is a crucial consideration for any modern business which has a flexible and mobile workforce, in terms of maintaining high levels of privacy and securit.....»»

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With a sensor pulled from DSLRs, Canon’s G1 X Mark III is as advanced as compacts get

It's been three years since Canon updated the G1 X line, but today's announcement of the APS-C G1 X Mark III is a big step forward for the flagship advanced compact camera. The post With a sensor pulled from DSLRs, Canon’s G1 X Mark III is as a.....»»

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Canon"s G1 X Mark III is its first APS-C sensor compact

Canon has unveiled its first-ever APS-C sensor compact zoom camera, the 24.3-megapixel PowerShot G1 X Mark III. It's much bigger than the last G1 X Mark II model, with a very similar body to the G5 X compact. It also features Canon'.....»»

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North Korea owes its nukes to the amazing, flexible CNC mill

Since the 1990s, North Korea has aggressively pursued development -- and importation -- of CNC mills, the ubiquitous makerspace staples that automatically machine complex forms out of blocks of metal, wood, plastic and other materials. (more&hell.....»»

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This pocket-sized sensor can duplicate colors on demand

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. From photography to painting your bedroom, sometimes exact color comparison can be the difference between perfection and disaster.  Assuming t.....»»

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Face-Reading AI Will Detect Politics and IQ, Expert Says

Voters have a right to keep their political beliefs private. But according to some researchers, it won't be long before a computer program can accurately guess whether people are liberal or conservative in an instant. All that will be needed are phot.....»»

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Microsoft Suzhou Technology Center / PDM International

The 339,000 square-foot office building is a bright, energetic space anchored by a colorful nine-story atrium and a flexible workplace for up to 1,500 workers. It was inspired by China’s famous Suzhou Gardens and its caretakers, who believ.....»»

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Samsung ‘Dual Pixel’ tech allows dual-lens effects from single-lens smartphones

Samsung just launched a "Dual Pixel" sensor that shoots background blur without two lenses, as well as a new small, high-resolution sensor. Both sensors can potentially be integrated into thin smartphones without that camera bump. The post Samsung &#.....»»

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Highly Stretchable and Flexible Fiber Optic Measures Tiny Changes in Body Movements

The motion of our hands, fingers, feet, and other parts of our bodies is pretty complicated. Our bodies are curvy and their shape varies significantly from one person to the next, so accurately measuring the mechano-dynamics of different body parts r.....»»

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Tiny Breath Acetone Sensor to Measure Fat Burning During Exercise, Help Monitor Diabetes

Those wishing to lose weight have to watch their diet, but for optimal results they also have to burn existing fat in their bodies through exercise. Any amount of exercise simply won’t do, as body fat only burns when pressed to do so by specifi.....»»

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Augmented tongue ultrasound for speech therapy

Researchers have developed a system that can display the movements of our own tongues in real time. These movements are processed by a machine learning algorithm that controls an 'articulatory talking head.' This avatar shows the tongue, palate and t.....»»

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BMW to recall 85,000 X3 crossovers in U.S. over airbag-related issue

BMW is recalling 85,300 X3 crossovers in the U.S. over a problem with a seat sensor that could result in the failure of the vehicle's airbags......»»

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LED road surface aims to detect pedestrians and warn of road hazards

A new type of road surface with LED lights embedded has been created with the goal of helping to detect pedestrians and warning drivers and bicyclists of road hazards. The new road has been unveiled in London and is hailed as the world’s first.....»»

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