Super-thin semiconductors delay the "death" of silicon

Silicon has been the backbone of processors for decades, but it's rapidly approaching its physical limits: making a chip on a process smaller than 5 nanometers is usually impossible without introducing problems. How is Moore's Law.....»»

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Live your laziest life with this super convenient charging pad

You come home from work. It’s been a long day—you’re tired, you’re hungry, and of course, your phone has died. The last thing you want to do is go crawling on the floor, looking for the gosh-darn cord to plug your phone in......»»

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10 Super Helpful Tips and Tricks on Door Maintenance Worth Reading

If home is somewhere you want to be at the end of the day, the gateway to it is through your door. No kidding! One of the most important part of any property, be it your home or your office, the door is one of the most ignored yet vital to your safet.....»»

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The next Apple Watch will probably be super popular

Apple became the biggest wearable vendor this May thanks to a recent surge in Apple Watch sales. Now, experts are saying the Watch could continue to see explosive sales heading into 2018. A new report from Taiwanese publication Digitimes says Apple W.....»»

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Everyone could soon have the powers of Doctor Octopus

Doctor Otto Octavius may have been a power-mad scientist bent on world domination and the utter ruin of his nemesis, Spider-Man, but the guy had some surprisingly cogent thoughts on prosthetics development. And although mind-controlled super.....»»

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Google countdown teases Android O reveal during solar eclipse

Google is capitalizing on the solar eclipse hype to tease out the latest version of Android. On Monday at 2:40 PM Eastern, the internet juggernaut says we'll "meet the next release of Android and all of its super (sweet) new powers." Gi.....»»

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This plastic card could be the ultimate life hack

FORMcard is basically Play-Doh for adults. The multitool becomes moldable to whatever shape you want after it's immersed in hot water. You can shape it to be a phone stand or wrap it around a broken tool handle or whatever needs fixing. It's super st.....»»

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How Facebook prioritizes privacy when you die

 Should your parents be able to read your Facebook messages if you die? Facebook explained why it won’t let them in a post in its Hard Questions series today about social networking after death. Facebook admits it doesn’t have all th.....»»

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NASA launches satellite to relay data from Hubble, ISS and other spacecraft

 NASA launched a new satellite on Friday morning, aboard a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral. The launch occurred at just before 8:30 AM ET, after a brief delay form its original planned launch due to a minor techni.....»»

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Former Uber CEO says fraud lawsuit defies common sense

Travis Kalanick says Benchmark Capital, the Uber board member suing him for fraud, pretended to be on his side and then forced him to resign as CEO while he was vulnerable due to the death of his mother. The former Uber chief has filed his r.....»»

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The Essential Phone"s super slick, but it"s no iPhone or Google Pixel killer

The "father of Android" is ready for his next act. Andy Rubin, who co-founded Android more than a decade ago, is back with a new Android-centric startup. But instead of software, his new company, Essential, is tackling hardware. The company's first p.....»»

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Evergrow for iPhone proves matching-based puzzle games are actually super exciting

These days, keeping up with games can be a full-time job. So how do you separate the signal from the noise, the wheat from the chaff, the Temple Runs from the Temple Jumps? Allow us to help by regularly selecting a game You Should Play.When I fir.....»»

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Nintendo Switch deals are back in stock today - but won"t last long

Don't miss your chance to grab a Nintendo Switch deal this summer Super rare Nintendo Switch stock has been spotted in the wild at a few UK retailer websites. Nintendo Switch deals have been ridiculously hard to come by since launch and the way.....»»

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Wafer Works expects wafer prices to continue rising on strong demand

Taiwan-based Wafer Works, which makes small- to medium-size semiconductor-grade wafers, expects silicon wafer prices to continue rising on strong demand......»»

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For Uber, a Quiet Investor Becomes a Sudden Thorn

Benchmark, a venerable Silicon Valley start-up investor, is caught in a bitter public brawl with Uber’s co-founder, Travis Kalanick. It’s an unusual position for the firm......»»

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"Pivot to video" is not the death of words

The "pivot to video" is not the death of words.  It's not the death of journalism or a sign that people are abandoning everything that is right and good in the world. What it is, however, isn't much better. SEE ALSO: Facebook is turning up the h.....»»

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Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB

Azure Cosmos DB is the latest data service offering from Microsoft. Azure Cosmos DB is a super set of DocumentDB and provides a new set of capabilities. These capabilities make Azure Cosmos DB stand out from other members in the NoSQL database family.....»»

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Cat Quest Tips and Strategies Guide – Avoiding Death, Golden Keys, Spell Combos, General Tips

In this Cat Quest Tips and Strategies Guide, we have listed some tips and tricks along with some strategies for you. Cat Quest is a cute RPG, which features a cat who is out to save his little sister cat. Cat Quest is full of life and has many elemen.....»»

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Crackdown 3 Delay Shows That You Hopefully Can’t Rush Perfection

Microsoft has just announced that a Crackdown 3 delay is happening, as they believe the game needs more time in development before it can be released. Crackdown 3 was supposed to be releasing on November 7 of this year, but it seems like that wasn.....»»

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Game of Thrones episode 6 leaks online, and hackers aren’t to blame

Watch out, Game of Thrones fans, because this week’s upcoming episode has been leaked a few days early. Though Game of Thrones season 6, episode 7 – dubbed “Death is the Enemy” – is not set to air until Sunday night, it&.....»»

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Google Protests Bring Culture Wars to Silicon Valley

With plans to protest outside Google's offices this weekend, conservatives are taking America's culture wars directly to Silicon Valley, a place that was long insulated from political rancor but is now one of the most important ideological battlegrou.....»»

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