New study claims Apple Watch is the most accurate wrist wearable for fitness tracking

Apple has long touted the fitness capabilities of Apple Watch as one of its top selling points, especially with the recently released Apple Watch Series 2. Now, a new study from Cleveland Clinic, published in JAMA Cardiology, claims that Apple Watch is th.....»»

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Expectations Rise for Remote Collaboration to Mirror Face-to-Face, Study Finds

The expectations employees have for the technology they use in the workplace is rising, and that rise isn’t just being driven by millennials......»»

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More young Americans prefer to read rather than watch the news

As per a recent study from the Pew Research Center, despite the younger generation's love for bite-sized content, a plurality still prefers to read their news rather than watch it. The post More young Americans prefer to read rather than watch the news a.....»»

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Pew finds that younger Americans prefer to read their news

As per a recent study from the Pew Research Center, despite the younger generation's love for bite-sized content, a plurality still prefers to read their news rather than watch it. The post Pew finds that younger Americans prefer to read their news appea.....»»

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Millennials will change commercial banks, though they’d prefer a dental visit

Commercial banks need to impress with services. A new study shows most Millennial business-decision makers would switch banks. As painful as they think switching banks would be (most would prefer dental work), they're ready to change. The post Millennials.....»»

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Scientists watch an immune system fight the flu in real time

To date, biologists have typically had to study the progress of a virus through indirect means, such as studying the antibodies -- actually tracking the viruses themselves has been difficult. However, researchers say they've found a way to follow th.....»»

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Outside-In Analytics: The Science Behind Enhancing the Gloss of the Beauty Industry

:: Dr. Suresh Divakar, Ugam :: Millennials shop for beauty products differently than their parents. According to a recent study, today’s shoppers are more likely to be influenced by a video tutorial, blog or an online review than a sales person. .....»»

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Watch Out for Wasps: Insect Sting Causes Man"s Stroke

People's reactions to getting study by a bee or wasp can range from a feeling bit of pain to a suffering a deadly allergy reaction — and now a recent report of one man's case highlights a particularly rare complication of a sting: having a stroke......»»

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Moon is key to when jellyfish hit beach, study finds

Swimmers wanting to avoid being stung by jellyfish may want to watch the sky as much as the sea after Israeli researchers found a link between their arrival and the phase of the moon......»»

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NBC Argues Millennials Did Watch the Olympics---Just Not All on Traditional TV

Traditional TV ratings for the Rio Olympics fell from four years ago, particularly among young viewers, but NBCUniversal has maintained those ratings only tell part of the story, since this year’s event also aired on cable networks in primetime and all .....»»

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Oh Great, Your Smartphone Is Making You Physically Weaker

If your phone is permanently affixed to your hand, we have some bad news.  A new study published in the Journal of Hand Therapy found that millennials’ hand grips are getting weaker, especially in men, due to all that texting, scrolling and gam.....»»

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NASA tests new HiDyRS-X Camera and finds new detail to study

Recently NASA was testing a booster rocket meant for its SLS or Space Launch System and thousands turned out to watch that booster get tested. What all those in attendance to see the big rocket fire didn’t know was that NASA was also testing out another.....»»

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How millennials are shaping the future of work

Technology is moving the workplace along at lightning speed and not all businesses are ready to catch up. But that modernization is key to the future of work, according to a recent study commissioned by Dell and Intel.Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) conducted 3.....»»

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Hookups Trend Down: Millennial Sex Lives Lag Behind Gen X

A new study pulls the sheet off millennials' sex lives, revealing that there isn't as much going on as you might expect......»»

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Urban Airship Reach pushes Android and Apple Pay to the next level

A new study details that mobile wallets like Apple Pay and Android Pay are on the rise, but consumers want more — and it’s coming. Urban Airship says that in the last three months, 67 percent of millennials have used a mobile wallet, and 51 percent of.....»»

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Study: Brand Loyalty Not Such a Biggie for Millennials

Retailers will need to do some serious marketing and brand shifting going forward given the biggest consumer base, those millennials, aren't as loyal or brand committed as previous generations of consumers. A new Daymon Worldwide study, which polled 7,00.....»»

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A Surprising Amount Of Millennials Want Dinner More Than Sex, Study Says

Food and sex are two of life’s greatest things. Sometimes they’re great together, but they’re also awesome separately. So when we found a statistic indicating a higher-than-expected proportion of millennials love dinner more than sex, we.....»»

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Social Activism & Millennials

Consumer insights and engagement platform Crowdtap and the Ad Council released an interesting study exploring how Millennials are approaching social activism in the age of social media. The report revealed that 45 percent of millennials have shared info.....»»

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Scientists watch water fleas take over new territory

Look into any nutrient-rich pond almost anywhere in the world and you will find Daphnia pulex, a tiny crustacean (also called a water flea) that is a source of food for fish and fascination for scientists. A new study, reported in the journal Molecular Ec.....»»

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More millennials are skipping marriage — but still having kids

Young Americans are likelier to have children without marrying than older Americans. Not so surprising. But they are even more likely to do so amid high income inequality, a study released today in American Sociological Review finds.  SEE ALSO: Sexua.....»»

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