Stare into an active volcano with Google Street View

Standing next to a boiling lake of molten rock the size of two football fields has got to be awe-inspiring, but it's also pretty damn dangerous. Google partnered with two explorers to capture images of one such volcano as they rappelled.....»»

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Movado"s Android Wear device looks like its regular watches

Movado has revealed its first Android Wear watch at Baselworld 2017, a few weeks after it announced its first solo foray into smartwatches. The American watchmaker calls its creation Movado Connect, a timepiece with edge-to-edge, always-on d.....»»

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The Skill That Most People Don"t Have: Active Listening

The Skill That Most People Don"t Have: Active Listening.....»»

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Netflix Gets Serious About Its Anti-Piracy Efforts

Since Netflix's priorities are shifting more to the production of original content, piracy is also turning into a more serious problem. The company wasn't very concerned about copyright infringement in the past, but today it has its own "Global Copyr.....»»

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Wolverine, Hulk and Jean Grey to Return for Generations But Marvel Won"t Say How

Marvel's event comic Generations will put dead heroes like Wolverine, Jean Grey and Hulk back into play, but for how long? Marvel fans pining for the return of iconic characters like Wolverine, Jean Grey and Bruce Banner are about to get their.....»»

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Zelda Fans Uncover Hidden Message in Breath of the Wild"s First Shrines

Hiding in plain sight, Reddit uncovers a cool new secret. If you're already 100 hours into the vast wonderland that is Zelda: Breath of the Wild, you've no doubt seen more than a few instances of something amazing or delightful. Yet even in the.....»»

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I am so unreasonably jealous of this view of the southern lights

The northern and southern lights are probably the eeriest cosmic views available to us here on Earth, and 150 people on a flight from New Zealand learned that first-hand this week. The Air New Zealand charter flight took off on March 23 to give pass.....»»

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Google is working on a new social app for editing photos

Google is working on a new social app that lets users edit photos in small groups, says TechCrunch.  SEE ALSO: Google pledges $11.5 million to racial justice innovators across the U.S. Apple announced a similar app earlier this week called Clips.....»»

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Tired of big companies using your data for profit? Use yours for good

A new startup wants to help you transform the simple, everyday task of shopping online into social good. Data Does Good, a company founded by two students at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, lets you donate your shopping history a.....»»

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Melissa McCarthy reveals how her perfect Sean Spicer impression came into being

Melissa McCarthy's impression of Sean Spicer has earned her a lot of praise since it's SNL debut in Feb.  It was an unconventional choice that ending up hitting all the right notes, in part because of how naturally it seemed to fit her.  SE.....»»

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Google is killing SMS support for Hangouts

Google is streamlining its messaging apps - or so they say. Hangouts will no longer support SMS texting, the company announced along with several other updates in a blog post on Friday. As previously reported, hangouts will be split into Meet and Cha.....»»

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Hugh Grant dances to Drake in "Love Actually" reunion

Love it or loathe it, Love Actually is the film that refuses to die.  For whatever reason it's burrowed into our collective consciousness on both sides of the Atlantic, and when news of a 10-minute sequel was announced recently the internet quie.....»»

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Hangouts is Losing SMS Integration on May 22

With Google Voice back in action, Android Messages getting a major push as the RCS client of the future, Allo out here doing nothing but acting as a punchline, and Hangouts transforming into a 2-piece enterprise solution going forward, we have some.....»»

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Rogue One is Now Available on Google Play!

March 24 was supposed to be the day and all parties delivered the goods – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now available on Google Play. It’s currently priced in HD at $19.99 and no rentals or 4K are there from what I can tell. Go get it!.....»»

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Google Releases More Details on the Death of SMS in Hangouts

After a surprise announcement made its way onto reddit last night, Google has spent a good chunk of the morning doing plenty of clarifying over what’s actually happening with Hangouts and SMS integration. To be clear, though, last night’.....»»

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Google Activates Server-Side Change to Somehow Address Pixel’s Bluetooth Issues

According to a post on the Google Product Forums, a fix on Google’s servers has been issued, one that will hopefully address the variety of Bluetooth-related issues reported by many, many Pixel device owners.  If you haven’t heard of th.....»»

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The Droid Life Show: Episode 137 – Android O!

On this episode of the Droid Life Show, we’re diving into Android O and its surprise unveiling this week as a developer preview. We’ll share the biggest new features, which devices it’s available on, what you should be excited about.....»»

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Android O: Is this the Oreo feature list we"ll see at Google I/O 2017?

From picture-in-picture modes to power saving options. With Android Nougat comfortably settled into a bunch of different smartphones, and the Google IO 2017 developer conference just two months away, all eyes in the mobile world now turn to wha.....»»

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Facebook will test GIFs in comments because who needs words anymore?

Always wanted to comment on a friend's post with a GIF? Starting next week, some users will get the chance to. Who needs words when you can express yourself in GIF form?Facebook has finally clued into everyone's favorite means of expressio.....»»

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Google might kill Hangouts" text messaging feature (update: confirmed)

Google might soon begin implementing some big changes to Hangouts, now that the service's purpose has been redefined. According to an email reportedly sent to GSuite admins, you'll stop being able to send and receive text messages.....»»

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New study shows circular RNA can encode for proteins

Scientists have discovered a protein-encoding function for circular RNA, a form of RNA until now considered non-coding. This kind of RNA molecule is highly active in brain cells. By identifying the function of circRNAs, the research helps advance our.....»»

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