Scientists use Mars rover technology to detect uranium from miles away

A team of researchers from the University of Michigan has turned a technique used by the Mars rover toward chemical weapons, using lasers to detect weapons-grade uranium at a distance. The post Scientists use Mars rover technology to detect uranium f.....»»

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Chronic fatigue syndrome linked to imbalanced microbiome

Abnormal levels of specific gut bacteria are related to chronic fatigue syndrome/myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME/CFS, in patients with and without concurrent irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS, scientists have discovered......»»

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Nanoparticles can travel from lungs to blood, possibly explaining risks to heart

Tiny particles in air pollution have been associated with cardiovascular disease, which can lead to premature death. But how particles inhaled into the lungs can affect blood vessels and the heart has remained a mystery. Now, scientists have found ev.....»»

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New test assesses sperm function

New research validates the usefulness of a test that determines if sperm can capacitate, a process that allows them to fertilize an egg. The first article validates the underlying technology of the test, called the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test, and.....»»

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Longer-lasting pain relief with MOFs

To treat headaches, back pain or fever, most of us have reached for ibuprofen at one point or another. But we often have to take doses every four to six hours if the pain warrants it. Now scientists are working on a way to package the commonly used d.....»»

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Scientists using high tech microscope find clues to an autoimmune disease

Using a unique microscope capable of illuminating living cell structures in great detail, researchers have found clues into how a destructive autoimmune disease works, setting the stage for more discoveries in the future......»»

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Do medical marijuana laws promote illicit cannabis use and disorder?

Illicit cannabis use and cannabis use disorders increased at a greater rate in states that passed medical marijuana laws than in other states, according to latest research. The new study is among the first to analyze the differences in cannabis use a.....»»

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How to get adults to eat their vegetables? Study explores potential of spices and herbs use

Researchers interested in developing interventions to encourage adults to make better food choices are investigating whether using more spices and herbs, like ginger, curry, rosemary, or garlic, for example, can help adults consume more vegetables as.....»»

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Cannabis use in adolescence linked to schizophrenia

A new study points to cannabis as a trigger for schizophrenia. The research finds that smoking pot or using cannabis in other ways during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible to the disorder......»»

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Vital role for mitochondrial calcium exchange in heart function

Scientists have long thought that calcium transport into mitochondria is a key signal linking cardiac workload, or how hard the heart pumps, with energy production. Now, in a major breakthrough, researchers show that the exit of calcium from mitochon.....»»

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Tracking unstable chromosomes helps predict lung cancer"s return

Scientists have found that unstable chromosomes within lung tumors increases the risk of cancer returning after surgery, and have used this new knowledge to detect relapse long before standard testing......»»

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IBM patents Machine Learning technology for Self-Driving vehicles

International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) announced recently that it has patented a machine learning system, which brings safety to self- driving vehicles. This system developed by researchers at IBM helps a person or self- driving vehicle to.....»»

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Microsoft Office adopts blockchain technology through new add-in

Microsoft has announced the development of a new add-in for its Office suite. The new add-in – Stampery, is a blockchain-based bit of software that is used for document verification and certifications. Blockchain technology has found an important p.....»»

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Devastating weather conditions push some companies to AWS, CTO – Amazon

The emerging cloud technologies are enabling companies to move away from on-premise data centers to cloud-based DC(s).While this is the major reason behind excessive cloud migration but lately, some clients have been signing-in on cloud due to a tota.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: Cyber crime as a service forces changes in information security

Cyber crime has been commercialized. Infecting computers with ransomware or using an advanced persistent threat to pilfer intellectual property no longer requires deep technical knowledge. Just use Google to learn how to access the Dark Web, and y.....»»

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Reddit discussion boards to undergo major overhaul

Reddit it bringing major changes to how its discussion boards work, company CEO Steve Huffman has announced. Until now, moderators could customize how different subreddits stand out from one another other through the use of CSS (cascading style sh.....»»

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Crunch time for bitcoin as it faces last chance to go mainstream

Bitcoin is at a crossroads. One route will make it as easy to use as a debit card, the other ends in obscurity. Can its users agree on its future?.....»»

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ET deals: Dell Inspiron 3650 Quad-Core Desktop PC for $599

If you want a desktop PC with a good balance between performance and price, check out the Dell Inspiron 3650. With a quad-core Skylake processor and a substantial amount of memory, this flexible PC is a fantastic bargain when you use today's 47% tota.....»»

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A New Approach to 3D Printing Removes the Limitations of Gravity

The potential for 3D printing to revolutionize manufacturing is astounding—if the technology can overcome a few limitations. Researchers at MIT’s Self-Assembly Lab have come up with a novel way to both speed up the 3D printing process, and free i.....»»

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Ultra-thin electronic labels could warn you when your milk goes bad

A team of scientists at Trinity College Dublin has created the world’s first printed transistors composed exclusively of 2D nanomaterials. Here are some of the amazing things it could do. The post Ultra-thin electronic labels could warn you when yo.....»»

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How to Change the Galaxy S8 Text Message App

How to Change the Galaxy S8 Text Message App is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile. This guide will quickly show owners how to change the Galaxy S8 text message app. Out of the box the Galaxy S8 and S8+ use Samsung Messages, but there are d.....»»

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