Scientists to Stage Protest Marches Around the World on Saturday

On April 22, people in hundreds of cities around the world will take part in the March for Science......»»

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Soft-World sees 94% of 2Q17 sales from MyCard

Online game developer and operator Soft-World International has revealed 94% of its second-quarter 2017 revenues came from MyCard, its platform for purchasing credit points......»»

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Stalking in Memphis in Assassin"s Creed Origins

We take a look around ancient Egypt’s religious epicenter in Ubisoft’s open-world epic. Usually when I think of Memphis as a place of worship I picture jumpsuited Elvis fans singing Love Me Tender outside of his Graceland estate in Tennesse.....»»

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China Relaunches World"s Fastest Train

China has decided to relaunch the world's fastest train service following a fatal crash in 2011, where the high speed train service reduced its upper limit from its then-record holding 350 km/h (217 miles/hour) to 250-300 km/h (155-186 miles/hour). F.....»»

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Article: Data Feed for August 22, 2017

A scan of new data from around the world.....»»

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Galaxy S8 best-selling Android smartphones in 2Q17, says Strategy Analytics

Samsung Electronics' Galaxy S8 was the world's best-selling Android smartphone in the second quarter of 2017. Combined shipments of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus reached 19.2 million units in the quarter, according to Strategy analytics......»»

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How Fairy Pokemon Ruled the World Championships

We explain how both the video and card game tournament winners used Fairies to win big money. We knew Fairy-type Pokemon would be powerful at the 2017 Pokemon World Championships this past weekend, but we had no idea they would seize such key r.....»»

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Scientists Create Smart Labels To Tell You When To Throw Away Expired Food and Makeup

At the 254th National Meeting and Exposition of the American Chemical Society, researchers are presenting a low-cost, portable, paper-based sensor that can let you know when to toss food and cosmetics. The sensor can detect antioxidants in tea and wi.....»»

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Recapping Xbox"s Gamescom Briefing

On this week's Xbox show, we recap and analyze Microsoft's Gamescom announcements. DOWNLOAD UNLOCKED 310 (Audio version) On this week's Xbox show, we recap and analyze Microsoft's Gamescom announcements, including a new Jurassic World game that.....»»

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"Battlefield 1" enters the competitive gaming world with "Incursions"

Battlefield 1 will soon introduce "Incursions," a competitive five-on-five mode built for viewing as well as playing. The mode was designed with the help of dedicated community members. The post 'Battlefield 1' enters the competitive gaming.....»»

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Versius is the world’s smallest robot arm for keyhole surgery

British engineers have developed a tiny keyhole surgery robot arm, which is one-third the size of the robots which are currently used for the task -- and significantly cheaper, too. The post Versius is the world’s smallest robot arm for keyhole.....»»

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The explosive Junkertown is the next map set to be added to ‘Overwatch’

Blizzard unveiled the new Junkertown map for Overwatch, releasing a reveal trailer showing off the stage itself, as well as an entertaining new character short featuring Roadhog and Junkrat. The post The explosive Junkertown is the next map set to be.....»»

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Does the World Need Polymaths?

Two hundred years ago, it was still possible for one person to be a leader in several different fields of inquiry. Today that is no longer the case. So is there a role in today's world for the polymath -- someone who knows a lot about a lot of things.....»»

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Front Burner: New App Tracks What’s In Season From Coast to Coast

The Seasonal Food Guide tracks the seasonality of fruits and vegetables around the country......»»

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Dragon Quest XI Import: A Truly Living, Breathing (and Stunning) World

The atmosphere, the joy, the humor, the excitement, and even the sorrow make Rotozetashia a world to behold. A wide variety of vast lands are waiting for you to explore in Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age. Gallop on your horse, set sai.....»»

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Cisco buys Springpath for $320 million

Springpath has been around since 2012 and the networking giant led its Series C funding round two years ago......»»

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UK politicians hold a tearful vigil for a clock because they clearly have nothing better to do

Just in case you were in any doubt about the world falling apart, British politicians confirmed our worst fears today by holding a silent vigil for a bell. Big Ben, to be precise.  SEE ALSO: 14 people on TripAdvisor who were so disappointed by B.....»»

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Everyone"s wrestling with the Joss Whedon revelations

It's been a rough weekend for Joss Whedon fans. On Sunday, TheWrap published a doozy of an essay by Kai Cole, Whedon's ex-wife. In it, she detailed her former husband's many alleged infidelities and calls him a hypocrite for "being out in the world p.....»»

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Verizon and Qualcomm Hit 1Gb Download Mark in Latest Lab Speedtest

Verizon, Qualcomm, and Ericsson are back at it again with a new speedtest they hope will help pave the way toward a future filled with 1Gb+ speeds on your smartphone. After touching down at 953Mbps through a “real-world” test a few weeks.....»»

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New Porsche Cayenne gets trapped in torture chamber and lives to tell about it

The next-generation Porsche Cayenne is right around the corner. Sportier and more comfortable than before, the model has survived several rounds of torture testing in the least-forgiving places on Earth. The post New Porsche Cayenne gets trapped in t.....»»

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10 glasses that will protect absolutely no one during the solar eclipse

ICYMI, space scientists really don't want us staring up at the sun for today's solar eclipse without wearing the right eye protection. Sure, you can make your own viewing devices at home, but that doesn't mean you can just wear any old thing and call.....»»

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