Samsung Announces Bixby, Its New Digital Assistant Launching With the Galaxy S8

Samsung has taken the wraps off its new digital assistant that will be launching with the upcoming Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus smartphones. Called "Bixby," the new assistant will use artificial intelligence to enable users to do everything that is possible.....»»

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48 Images From the Call of Duty: WWII Trailer

The series returns to its roots with a slick new trailer. The first trailer for Call of Duty: WWII dropped today and gave us our first in-depth look at the series' return to its roots. Activision confirmed the Call of Duty: WWII release date, b.....»»

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Fans just got a big clue that "13 Reasons Why" Season 2 is happening

Nearly a month after its release, Netflix's 13 Reasons Why hasn't lost steam, with an ongoing conversation about adolescence, mental health, and bullying, and some of the most strong and salient social media reactions for any show. Netflix will proba.....»»

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See how much sharper Project Scorpio games could look, even without 4K

Get a glimpse of what Microsoft's 4K-ready console can do to bump up your games. As E3 2017 fast approaches and its holiday release date not far behind, we're itching to know more about Microsoft's 4K-ready Project Scorpio, especially.....»»

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FCC Announces Plan To Reverse Title II Net Neutrality

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Verge: The Federal Communications Commission is cracking open the net neutrality debate again with a proposal to undo the 2015 rules that implemented net neutrality with Title II classification. FCC chairm.....»»

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Tech We"re Using: The Tech Challenge of Reporting Under China’s Watchful Eye

Jane Perlez, The New York Times’s bureau chief in Beijing, on the apps she uses and how she manages to work in spite of the Great Firewall......»»

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Nanodiamond-enhanced MRI offers greater range of diagnostic, therapeutic applications

A new means of noninvasively tracking nanodiamonds with magnetic resonance imaging has been developed by researchers, opening up a host of new applications......»»

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Youth violence on decline, new study shows

Contrary to popular perception, a new study finds that youth violence is declining -- and at noteworthy rates. Between 2002 and 2014, researchers found a 29 percent decrease in the relative proportion of young people involved in violence in the Unite.....»»

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New test assesses sperm function

New research validates the usefulness of a test that determines if sperm can capacitate, a process that allows them to fertilize an egg. The first article validates the underlying technology of the test, called the Cap-Score Sperm Function Test, and.....»»

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Risk of obesity influenced by changes in our genes

A child's risk of obesity as they grow up can be influenced by modifications to their DNA prior to birth, a new study has shown. These changes, known as epigenetic modifications, control the activity of our genes without changing the actual DNA seque.....»»

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New progress toward finding best cells for liver therapy

In an important step toward using transplanted cells to treat liver failure, researchers demonstrate successful transplantation of fetal rat liver cells to an injured adult rat liver......»»

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p53 critical to recovering from acetaminophen overdose

A new study shows that after an acetaminophen overdose, the p53 protein plays a key role in preventing the progression of liver damage and signaling the liver to repair itself. The findings could lead to new treatments for people who overdose on this.....»»

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Early blood signatures of vaccine immunogenicity

Within seven days of vaccination, a blood test early after vaccination can predict whether vaccines based on living, modified viruses have had the desired effect. This is one of the results of a new study on systems analysis of immune responses induc.....»»

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Dairy "excellent" source of protein for children, new study deems

Researchers are using pigs as a model to study the best way of evaluating protein quality in foods eaten by children......»»

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Do medical marijuana laws promote illicit cannabis use and disorder?

Illicit cannabis use and cannabis use disorders increased at a greater rate in states that passed medical marijuana laws than in other states, according to latest research. The new study is among the first to analyze the differences in cannabis use a.....»»

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Dyadic coping can enhance the coach athlete relationship

The relationship between a coach and an athlete benefits from a two-way support system, according to new research......»»

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People with a normal BMI who carry weight around the middle at greatest risk of death

People with a normal BMI who carry their weight around the middle are at the highest risk of death from any cause compared to those who are overweight or obese but carry their weight elsewhere, new research has found......»»

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Novel antibiotic resistance gene in milk

A new antibiotic resistance gene has been found in bacteria from dairy cows. This gene confers resistance to all beta-lactam antibiotics including the last generation of cephalosporins used against methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. A trans.....»»

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Cannabis use in adolescence linked to schizophrenia

A new study points to cannabis as a trigger for schizophrenia. The research finds that smoking pot or using cannabis in other ways during adolescence may serve as a catalyst for schizophrenia in individuals already susceptible to the disorder......»»

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Food photos help Instagram users with healthy eating

People are turning to Instagram as a place where they can log food intake and track healthy eating behaviors by posting photos of everything they eat -- and being held accountable by followers for sticking to their goals, a new study finds......»»

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Genes need to be screened for stem cell transplants

As stem cell lines grow in a lab dish, they often acquire mutations in the TP53 (p53) gene, an important tumor suppressor responsible for controlling cell growth. New research findings suggest that genetic sequencing technologies should be used to sc.....»»

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