Russia Plans To Ban VPNs & Proxies That Unblock Blocked Sites

The Russian government is preparing to scale-up its war on blocked sites by hitting services that provide workarounds. A new bill developed by the government requires VPNs and other anonymizing services to stop providing access to blocked domains. If.....»»

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Nismo"s global expansion could bring performance pickup

Nissan's Nismo performance tuner sub-brand plans a massive global push over the next five years......»»

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Elon Musk is serious about his giant tunnel idea, and has a video to prove it

"Traffic is driving me nuts. Am going to build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging..." Elon Musk tweeted cryptically in December. Now, he is starting to reveal some more concrete plans. The post Elon Musk is serious about his giant tunnel.....»»

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MSI to Bundle Intel Optane Memory 16 GB Cache Drives with Select Motherboards

MSI this week announced plans to bundle Intel Optane Memory 16 GB caching drives with select Intel 200-series chipset motherboards. The company claims that the drives will not increase prices of motherboards significantly, but will bring tangible pe.....»»

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Google gets more aggressive in alerting users when web pages are not secure

One way to avoid becoming a victim of phishing is to avoid entering private information on unencrypted sites. Google is getting more aggressive in its efforts to help users stay safe by alerting them when sites are not secure. The post Google gets mo.....»»

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“Out of his mind” surgeon plans human head transplant, revival of frozen brain

They’re preposterous claims. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Anadolu Agency) Italian neurosurgeon Sergio Canavero will undertake the first human head transplant later this year in China, the doctor told German magazine Ooom in an article publishe.....»»

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Crowdfunding the election: How to pay for snap campaign

Election candidates are turning to crowdfunding sites to raise money for the snap general election......»»

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Patty Jenkins Already Has Plans for a Wonder Woman Sequel, But What Should It Be About?

Wonder Woman doesn’t hit theaters for over a month, but director Patty Jenkins is already looking to make a sequel, where she wants Wonder Woman to head to the good ol’ USA. But what do you think Diana should do, travel to, and battle in the sequ.....»»

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Zen Mobile Launches Admire Metal For Rs 5,479»»

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Monkey advertised for sale on social media rescued

RSPCA want a ban on keeping them as pets after the primate was found living in "hugely inappropriate conditions"......»»

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India: Kashmir social media ban criticised

People in the restive Muslim-majority valley say the social media ban is "undemocratic"......»»

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UMC to roll out 22nm process as early as 2018

Foundry chipmaker UMC has disclosed plans to roll out 22nm process technology as early as 2018. UMC has started IP development for its 22nm process, and expects to introduce the node technology in 2018 or 2019, the foundry said at its recent investor.....»»

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AT&T To Roll Out 5G Network That"s Not Actually 5G

AT&T announced plans to deliver what it's calling the "5G Evolution" network to more than 20 markets by the end of the year. While the company is "using some wordsmithing to deliver to you faster internet speeds," it's important to note that this is.....»»

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Chrome Will Start Marking HTTP Sites In Incognito Mode As Non-Secure In October

Reader Krystalo writes: Google today announced the second step in its plan to mark all HTTP sites as non-secure in Chrome. Starting in October 2017, Chrome will mark HTTP sites with entered data and HTTP sites in Incognito mode as non-secure. With th.....»»

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Micron Hires New CEO: Sanjay Mehrotra, SanDisk Co-Founder And Former CEO

In February, Micron CEO Mark Durcan announced his retirement after three decades with the company. Durcan had previously announced plans to retire in 2012 while serving as the company's president, but the death of then-CEO Steve Appleton prompte.....»»

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The FCC’s anti-net neutrality proposal is a giant question mark

 Yesterday the FCC’s Chairman, Ajit Pai, put existing net neutrality rules on notice, saying that the agency would continue to protect consumers — but with a lighter touch. Just how he plans to do that, however, is an open question......»»

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Photos: Looking for Extinct Humans in Ancient Cave Mud

Scientists have discovered DNA from extinct human lineages in caves devoid of skeletal remains. Here's a look at the archaeological sites and the sample collection......»»

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U.S. military wants white-hat hackers to target its cyber security systems

The U.S. military, which continues its interest in bug bounty programs as a way to improve cybersecurity, is launching a new contest next month.Called “Hack the Air Force,” the new program will put certain of the branch’s Web sites up as tar.....»»

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UK loses another court case over failure to tackle air pollution

Government must unveil revised plans on 9 May and cannot wait until after the general election as it wanted to.....»»

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Apple Music redesign will put video in the spotlight

We know all about Apple's plans for Planet of the Apps and Carpool Karaoke, but it looks like the company has bigger things in mind for its music-focused series. Bloomberg reports an Apple Music redesign will accompany the next version.....»»

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Flying cars aren"t real yet, but these supersonic vehicles already exist

Self-driving vehicles are passé in Silicon Valley. Now it's all about flying transportation. This week, Google co-founder Larry Page unveiled his plans for a Kitty Hawk Flyer that can hover above the water. Sergey Brin, the other Google co-found.....»»

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