Rogue One"s Original Ending Revealed

Screenwriter Gary Whitta — who co-wrote the story for the Star Wars film — details the major differences. Spoilers for Rogue One ahead.  Jyn Erso's fate wasn't always fatal in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Speaking with EW, Gary Whitta —.....»»

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Wefox acquires digital insurance carrier One

 Wefox, the insurance platform that enables customers, insurance brokers and insurance providers to transact and manage insurance products digitally, has acquired One, a fully digital and newly launched insurance provider. Read More.....»»

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Ohio sites hacked with IS message

Governor John Kasich's site is one of those attacked, posting a threat to President Donald Trump......»»

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2-4-1 Disrupt Berlin tickets released this Thursday

 Alright European startup fans, we’ve got quite the deal for you — we’ll soon be releasing a batch of 50 Disrupt Berlin 2017 tickets at the deeply discounted rate of two for the price of one. Yes, you read that right. This even.....»»

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The “last mile” in education and training

 After graduating from college in 1994, I spent a few years at McKinsey & Co. – a young kid in an ill-fitting suit naively but energetically attempting to convince experienced and jaded managers to do their jobs differently. One question t.....»»

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Elias Burstein, Pioneer in Semiconductors, Dies at 99

Mr. Burstein was one of the first scientists to use lasers to do research on semiconductors and insulators, and held patents for a method to increase the semiconducting capacity of silicon......»»

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At this month’s WWDC, Apple unveiled refined accessibility tools

 Cover Apple for a while and you start to notice a general cadence to the company’s behavior and strategy. To name one example, consider the last several macOS releases. In 2009, , Apple announced Snow Leopard, which famously eschewed new.....»»

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Why So Many Top Hackers Come From Russia

Long-time Slashdot reader tsu doh nimh writes: Brian Krebs has an interesting piece this week on one reason that so many talented hackers (malicious and benign) seem to come from Russia and the former Soviet States: It's the education, stupid. Krebs'.....»»

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Protect your modular midranger with one of the best Moto Z2 Play cases

Whether you want to cover up your phone's mod connector or simply protect your Android device from unexpected bumps and falls, we've compiled the best Moto Z2 Play cases in existence. The post Protect your modular midranger with one of the best Moto.....»»

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There’s a better way to build your startup

 If a startup founder could peer 8 years into the future and see a company that has become the symbol for disruptive culture, one that has raised over $8 billion on a valuation of $67 billion, that has a worldwide presence in hundreds of cities,.....»»

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VC Justin Caldbeck raised funding in email to accuser ahead of scandal breaking

 TechCrunch has reviewed an email allegedly sent by VC Justin Caldbeck, of Binary Capital, to one of the female founders who have accused him of inappropriate behavior — which suggests he tried to use his influence as an investor to encour.....»»

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Dobot Magician Robotic Arm

The Dobot Magician is an all-in-one smart robotic arm offering multiple features including drawing, 3D printing, laser engraving, and production line integration all with the help of a unified driver program. It has an excellent 0.2 mm prec.....»»

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The best iOS 10 widgets for your iPhone or iPad

If you haven’t been using an iOS widgets, you have been missing out on one of the best features of the operating system. Take a look at our top 10 iOS widgets, and enjoy the full power of Apple's platform. The post The best iOS 10 widgets for your.....»»

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Does US Have Right To Data On Overseas Servers? We"re About To Find Out

Long-time Slashdot reader quotes Ars Technica: The Justice Department on Friday petitioned the US Supreme Court to step into an international legal thicket, one that asks whether US search warrants extend to data stored on foreign servers. The US gov.....»»

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More conventional shape for Nissan Leaf

The 2018 Nissan Leaf, the second generation of the five-door battery-powered hatchback, is losing some of the dramatic styling on the original model......»»

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IN WIN 509 Full Tower Gaming Chassis Review

IN WIN, one of the leaders in PC Chassis, has reached for the stars and brought back the 509! IN WIN began in 1985 and has grown into one of the leaders in computing Chassis, Power Supplies, Enclosures, and other peripheral products. Not.....»»

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Researcher Finds Critical OpenVPN Bug Using Fuzzing

"Guido Vranken recently published 4 security vulnerabilities in OpenVPN on his personal blog," writes long-time Slashdot reader randomErr -- one of which was a critical remote execution bug. Though patches have been now released, there's a lesson to.....»»

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Xbox One X Price Breakdown

Xbox One X Price Breakdown is a post by Travis Pope from Gotta Be Mobile. The Xbox One X price shocked some gamers. Others think that it’s the most affordable 4K gaming experience available. Both groups of people are wrong. It’s not that sim.....»»

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Bungie shows off "Destiny 2" reward banners for high-level Destiny veterans

With the upcoming release of the sequel, fans wonder what connections there will be with the first game. Bungie doesn't want to spoil too much, but Destiny 2 reward banners are just one way to honor veteran players.  The post Bungie shows off .....»»

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SpaceX Chalks Up Another Launch, Landing: One More This Weekend

Hawthorne-based SpaceX chalked up yet another successful launch and landing of its Falcon 9 rockets on Friday, sending the BulgariaSat-1 satellite into space from Florida. The company, led by billionaire Elon Musk, is expected to launch a second set.....»»

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The iPhone hair shirt: The weirdest of takes

The Macalope has seen a lot of iPhone takes over the last 10 years so it’s rare that he’s surprised by anything. But this one goes from standard to bizarre in 3.2 paragraphs.Writing for the LA Times, Virginia Heffernan presents a hairy argumen.....»»

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