Review: Samsung Galaxy A3

Introduction and design Last year's Galaxy Alpha and Note 4 signified the beginning of the end for all plastic, high-end Samsung smartphones. While the inclusion of a metal frame on both devices was certainly welcome, the Korean firm wasn't ready to forgo.....»»

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Samsung Week In Review: Galaxy S6 edge plus, Galaxy Note 5, and Samsung Windows update patch

Welcome to the Inferse Samsung Week-in-Review! Here’s where we cover the breaking news surrounding Samsung this week. We’ve got some interesting stories to cover, so prepare yourself – and take a seat before you get into the latest news. It’s the .....»»

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Samsung SM951-NVMe (256GB) PCIe SSD Review

Samsung has always been an early adopter in the SSD space. The company was the first one on the market with a PCIe 2.0 x4 M.2 SSD the (XP941) back in late 2013, and before that it was the first one to adopt TLC NAND in 2012. Earlier this year&nb.....»»

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MOTA Galaxy S6 Premium Battery Case Review

MOTA Galaxy S6 Premium Battery Case Review is a post by Cory Gunther from Gotta Be Mobile. The MOTA Samsung Galaxy S6 premium extended battery case is an excellent choice to protect your Galaxy S6, add some grip to the aluminum and glass design, while mor.....»»

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The big Samsung Galaxy S6 best case round-up and review

It's time for another war, this time between the best of the best accessories made for the Samsung Galaxy S6. If you're one of those users that wanted to get extra fancy and picked up the Galaxy S6 Edge, we've got a few tips for you as well. If you picked.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy Alpha Review

The Galaxy Alpha accompanies the Galaxy S5 at the top of Samsung’s line-up. The 4.7-inch device is a smaller alternative to their popular flagship, designed for people who place form at the top of their priority list. Samsung seems to be realizing that c.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review

Today we review the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active from AT&T. This device takes the innards of the Galaxy S6, expanding the exterior bits to make a device that's resistant to the elements as well as shock. You can drop this one. While the original Galaxy "Activ.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: A Smartphone You Can Take Outside

The Galaxy S6 Active takes Samsung’s flagship smartphone and adds waterproofing, protection against drops, a larger battery and unique physical buttons. As the name suggests, it targets active people. Well, I’m active—can it stand up to my abuse?Rea.....»»

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Samsung SM843T 480GB Enterprise SSD Review

Samsung's SM843T addresses heavy write workloads in a multitude of applications. Read on as Paul tells us all about this new 480GB enterprise SSD." ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Samsung wants court to review damages in patent fight with Apple

Samsung Electronics has asked that a full bench of an appeals court should review a damages award in a long-standing patent infringement dispute with arch-rival Apple.Apple sued Samsung in 2011 alleging that Samsung phones infringed on several iPhone pate.....»»

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Samsung 27" S27B970D Super PLS LED Monitor Review

Today we look at Samsung's second integration of Super PLS technology in their lineup with this time the Series 9 S27B970D. What a great follow-up to the Series 8 S27A850D we had for you one month ago. It will be interesting to see and pinpoint the diff.....»»

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Samsung Wireless Streaming Hard Drive Review

While many users these days may have several terabytes of PC storage space, mobile storage is yet to catch up. Many phones come with just 16GB of internal storage, while 128GB is just about as good as it gets. This means most users simply cannot fit their.....»»

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Review: In Depth: Oppo R5

IntroductionDespite the best efforts of Samsung and Apple, the world's thinnest smartphone title briefly went to a relatively unknown Chinese manufacturer. Oppo's R5 handset is a mere 4.85mm thick, that's almost thin enough to carve your holiday turkey.I .....»»

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Samsung GearVR (Note 4 edition) review: Virtual reality gets a great demo kit

I’ll admit: When Samsung first announced it was creating its own virtual reality headset, I rolled my eyes. “Oh great, another me-too product from Samsung,” I thought, envisioning a future where people’s first taste of virtual reality came from so.....»»

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Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD RAID Review

This report is very similar. If we look at PCs, perhaps the three most valuable components are the CPU, memory and storage. The CPU and DRAM memory have moved ahead like a rabbit while memory has always moved at a snail's pace. Today is a new day. For.....»»

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Review: The Huawei P8 lite -- unlocked, inexpensive, and not bad

These days, the best way to get coverage of a new device is to lure tech journalists to an event and try to convey to them how much better your upcoming device is than the competition. If you're Apple, Google, Microsoft or, say, Samsung -- that's easy. If.....»»

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Review: Updated: Asus ZenWatch

Introduction and displayUpdate: Unlike the Moto 360, Sony Smartwatch 3 and Samsung Gear Live, it looks like the Asus ZenWatch won't be getting the Android 5.1.1 update so it's stuck with the older Android Wear operating system.However, Asus will be launch.....»»

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Review: 2015"s Brainiest Smart TVs

Buying a TV from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Sony is now a lot more like choosing a smartphone, writes Geoffrey A. Fowler......»»

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2015"s Brainiest Smart TVs

Tech Review: Buying a TV from LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and Sony is now a lot more like choosing a smartphone, writes Geoffrey A. Fowler......»»

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Review: Updated: Nokia Lumia 1520

Introduction (Overview, design and feel)With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and the LG G4, the smartphone war appears to have moved on from processor cores and camera megapixels and into the realm of screen inches and pixel density.It's not what .....»»

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