Research finds ways to address effects of climate change in agricultural production in Nepal

Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries in terms of climate change and its impacts. Rising average temperature, delayed monsoon, reduction in the number of rain days but increased intensity of rain are some of the climatic phenomena observed in the .....»»

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First the cloud, now AI takes on the scientific method

Cloud didn't make the scientific method irrelevant in '08—AI won't do it in '17, either. Can give this to AI—generally more visually interesting than "the cloud." (credit: Disney) Back when I was doing research, one of my advisors once jok.....»»

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Researchers Found Perfect Contraceptives In Traditional Chinese Medicine

hackingbear writes: Researchers at U.C. Berkeley found a birth control that was hormone-free, 100 percent natural, resulted in no side effects, didn't harm either eggs nor sperm, could be used in the long-term or short-term, and -- perhaps the best.....»»

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This is what it’s like to be struck by lightning

If hit by lightning, there’s a 9 in 10 chance to survive—what are the lasting effects? Enlarge / T-shirt, shoe, and hat—post-lightning. (credit: William LeGoullon) If you’re hit by lightning, there’s a nine in ten chance you’ll sur.....»»

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Billionaire funding the world’s largest yacht to research saving the oceans

A large part of Norway's economy is dependent on the ocean. One of the country's richest people is funding an ocean research superyacht. The superyacht REV will be set up for research, expeditions, and private charters. The post Billionaire funding t.....»»

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Reid Hoffman, Bill Gates, Others Ante Up Another $30 Million To the World

theodp writes: Fortune reports that LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman is "leading a $30 million funding round in, a for-profit petition and fundraising website focused on social and political change." Joining Hoffman in this round, as well.....»»

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Use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac with a quick settings change

Your Apple Watch can do more than track your fitness activities and sleep habits, assuming you know how to properly sync it with your Mac and enable the Auto Unlock feature. Here's how. The post Use your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac with a quick se.....»»

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Dealer Bellavia rasing money for prostate cancer research

A year ago, noted dealer lawyer Len Bellavia was told that he had terminal cancer and would soon be dead. That's not the way things turned out......»»

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UCF Research Could Bring "Drastically" Higher Resolution To Your Phone and TV

New submitter cinemetek quotes a report from University of Central Florida: Researchers at the University of Central Florida have developed a new color changing surface tunable through electrical voltage that could lead to three times the resolution.....»»

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Chipotle finds malware exposed credit card info across the US

Hackers stole credit card information from customers at Chipotle restaurants across the United States between March 24th and April 18th, the company announced today. Chipotle revealed in April that it had been the victim of an attack, and to.....»»

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MIT 3D-printed the shape-shifting future of pasta

A new research project from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Tangible Media Group combines 3D printing, molecular gastronomy and macaroni. According to MIT News, researchers Wen Wang and Lining Yao have engineered flat sheets.....»»

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BMW Motorrad’s Concept Link scooter has room for two and space for groceries

Getting around campus or the city could change significantly with BMW Motorrad's Concept Link urban mobility scooter. The two-wheeler's electric drive unit frees up a surprising amount of space. The post BMW Motorrad’s Concept Link scooter has.....»»

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The Gig Economy Workforce Will Double In Four Years

The number of workers in the so-called gig economy will grow substantially in the coming years, according to a study by Intuit and Emergent Research. By 2021, the study finds, 9.2 million people are going to be working the frontline jobs at companies.....»»

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Waiting for the Credits to End? Movies Are Naming More Names

Complex special effects can mean several thousand crew members are listed at the end. But not all workers are there, and some wish the scrolls were even longer......»»

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MIT"s shape-shifting noodles amuse diners, could revolutionize packaging

Engineers in MIT’s Tangible Media Group have created noodles that change shape when dunked in water. The researchers think their product could have real world value, from decreasing shipping costs to thrilling diners. The post MIT's shape-shif.....»»

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Facebook and Google ask Congress for surveillance reform (again)

It's no secret that the American government monitors the web data of non-citizens it considers potential threats. But major tech companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are looking to change the way that surveillance is handle.....»»

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Senate bill aims to align NHTSA, EPA emissions programs

A half dozen U.S. senators sponsored legislation to address technical discrepancies between separate federal programs that automakers say make it difficult to comply with carbon and fuel efficiency mandates......»»

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Use of Facebook associated with decreased health and happiness, study finds

As per a new study from the University of California, San Diego, and Yale University, Facebook could be making us unhappier and unhealthier than we may realize. Given that Facebook boasts a user base of around 2 billion people, that's scary The post.....»»

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Mark Zuckerberg returns to Harvard to address the graduating class of 2017

12 years after dropping out of Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg gave the Commencement speech for the class of 2017 -- and he received an honorary degree in the process. Zuckerberg follows a line of billionaire tech dropouts. The post Mark Zuckerberg returns.....»»

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Calculating when your climate will start to seem weird

What we do between now and then could make a noticeable difference. Enlarge (credit: Pool Olortiga Ramirez) Reducing greenhouse gas emissions may seem like taking responsibility for the sake of future generations. But the pace of climate chang.....»»

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How to save Windows Spotlight images to your PC in a few clicks

A favorite pastime among Windows 10 users is to figure out ways to save Windows Spotlight images to their PC. Usually this is done through a little bit of trickery that involves finding where the images are stored on your hard drive.Since early 20.....»»

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