Pwnie Express eases security remediation with a risk-assessment tool

Pwnie Express is adding a tool that ranks the risks its security service finds on customer networks and makes it easier to remediate them.The new feature of the company’s Pulse service assesses potential vulnerabilities that its sensors detect i.....»»

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US Senators Propose Bug Bounties For Hacking Homeland Security

An anonymous reader quotes CNN: U.S. senators want people to hack the Department of Homeland Security. On Thursday, Senators Maggie Hassan, a Democrat and Republican Rob Portman introduced the Hack DHS Act to establish a federal bug bounty program in.....»»

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Will Facebook be the next big thing in online used-car ads?

Facebook has the potential to be a major force in used-car sales with a new feature called Marketplace, which eases concerns about dealing with strangers......»»

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Walt Mossberg"s Last Column Calls For Privacy and Security Laws

70-year-old Walt Mossberg wrote his last weekly column Thursday, looking back on how "we've all had a hell of a ride for the last few decades" and revisiting his famous 1991 pronouncement that "Personal computers are just too hard to use, and it isn'.....»»

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Leaked "Standing Rock" Documents Reveal Invasive Counterterrorism Measures

An anonymous reader writes: "A shadowy international mercenary and security firm known as TigerSwan targeted the movement opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline with military-style counterterrorism measures," reports The Intercept, decrying "the fusio.....»»

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Malicious Apps Brought Ad-Clicking "Judy" Malware To Millions Of Android Phones

An anonymous reader quotes Fortune: The security firm Checkpoint on Thursday uncovered dozens of Android applications that infected users' devices with malicious ad-click software. In at least one case, an app bearing the malware was available throug.....»»

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New Privacy Vulnerability In IOT Devices: Traffic Rate Metadata

Orome1 quotes Help Net Security: Even though many IoT devices for smart homes encrypt their traffic, a passive network observer -- e.g. an ISP, or a neighborhood WiFi eavesdropper -- can infer consumer behavior and sensitive details about users from.....»»

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US might extend cabin laptop ban worldwide, top official says

Security chief John Kelly says terrorists are obsessed with the idea of attacking a US plane......»»

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Using Google Photos for unlimited IP security camera off-site storage

I recently upgraded my home internet from a measly 2Mbit upload to a more respectable 40Mbps on the Australian National Broadband Network. I’ve been thinking of good uses for this newfound upstream bandwidth and one idea was to off-site my IP.....»»

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Security Analyst Concludes Windows 10 Enterprise "Tracks Too Much"

A viral Twitter rant about Windows 10 Enterprise supposedly ignoring users' privacy settings has since been clarified. "I made mistakes on my original testing and therefore saw more connections than I should have," writes IT security analyst Mark Bur.....»»

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Wormable Code-Execution Bug Lurked In Samba For 7 Years

Long-time Slashdot reader williamyf was the first to share news of "a wormable bug [that] has remained undetected for seven years in Samba verions 3.5.0 onwards." Ars Technica reports: Researchers with security firm Rapid7...said they detected 110,00.....»»

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Bits: Farhad’s and Sheera’s Week in Tech: The Dark, Terrifying World of Hackers

The Times’s new cybersecurity reporter explains why the prospect of self-driving cars strikes fear in the hearts of security reearchers......»»

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Get ready for the coming business travel crisis

While corporate IT departments are focusing on a new wave of data security threats, including WannaCry, an even bigger threat looms and nobody is addressing it.I'm talking about the rules around laptops, tablets and smartphones during business tra.....»»

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Herjavec Group: Pursuing Managed Security Services Growth in Complex, Multi-Technology Environments

This IDC Vendor Profile analyzes the MSS offerings of Herjavec Group and reviews key success factors, including company strategy, services strategy, partnerships, challenges, and opportunities......»»

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Chipotle Says "Most" of Its Restaurants Were Infected With Credit Card Stealing Malware

Earlier this year, Chipotle announced that the their payment processing system was hacked. Today, the company has released more information about the hack, identifying the malware that was responsible and releasing a new tool to help customers check.....»»

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Google Analytics

An extremely powerful website and mobile app analytics tool, Google Analytics conveniently integrates with many Google services, including search and Google G Suite. Its data connectors are mostly just for other Google services but more are on the wa.....»»

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Microsoft Power BI

A powerful and highly intuitive self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that's cheap, has a short learning curve, and can be extended in all kinds of directions depending on how many other Microsoft platforms you're willing to use......»»

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Chartio is a fast and efficient self-service business intelligence (BI) tool that requires a long learning curve......»»

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Red Hat targets developers by expanding development portfolio with Codenvy acquisition

Red Hat's decision to acquire Codenvy, one of its partners whose product leverages open source Eclipse Che, gives the company an additional tool with which to engage developers and to augment its cloud platform portfolio. In the past, Red Hat acquis.....»»

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Windows metadata bug has been waiting to cripple older machines

If you're still using Windows 7 or Windows 8, there's another security issue you need to be aware of aside from Wannacry. This one won't hold your computer ransom for bitcoin, though. Actually, it might be more annoying than i.....»»

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Automotive Industry Relies on Blockchain Platforms to Enhance Security in Increasingly Digitized Environment

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- As the digitization trend sweeps across industry verticals, blockchains have begun to capture a bigger share of IT budgets. By 2025, the total automotive industry's spend on technology is expected to.....»»

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