Google reveals first functional Project Ara prototype (for real this time)

Google's Project Ara has reached an important milestone A new video shows off the most advanced prototype of the modular smartphone yet— one that actually boots and is able to launch an app. See also: Google Went Public 10 Years Ago, But It's Still .....»»

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Toshiba shows off three camera module prototypes for Project Ara

Toshiba has recently shown off three prototype camera module designs for Google's Project Ara modular smartphone. Project Ara is inching closer to its commercial début in Puerto Rico later this year, so it is only natural that we begin to hear word of mo.....»»

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Project Ara reportedly heading to MWC with 50 new modules

A new report claims Google is heading to Mobile World Congress next month with Project Ara, the company’s still-in-development modular smartphone. The upcoming presentation could include a quick demo of the device and up to 50 different swappable mo.....»»

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This video shows how insanely customizable Google’s Project Ara smartphone will be

Google’s Project Ara is the stuff of dreams. Don’t believe us? Check out the video below. The video was shared in conjunction with the unveiling of Google’s second prototype for its highly customizable “Spiral 2″ Ara phone......»»

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Check out this video of a working Project Ara prototype

There’s still a lot of work left to be done on Project Ara before it’s ready for retail. The development team is hard at work on making the dream of a modular smartphone come true which is evident in this latest video clip from Phonebloks......»»

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Google’s Project Ara Modular "LEGO" Smartphone Shown Booting Up on Video

Latest video shows a functioning prototype.....»»

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Watch the first prototype of Google’s Ara modular smartphone project in action

Until now, all we've seen so far are industrial design models. This one actually boots up. Above: Google's advanced division's Project Ara modular smartphoneImage Credit: Google ATAPGoogle today posted a video showing off the first prototype from Pro.....»»

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Toshiba quietly builds the tech for Google’s Project Ara smartphones

Google may get most of the credit for Project Ara, but one company has been toiling behind the scenes to turn the dream of a modular smartphone into reality. Toshiba developed the chips that make Project Ara possible, and according to...See full gallery .....»»

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The Click-ARM One is a Project Ara-like modular tablet

Tech enthusiasts are gearing up for Google's Project Ara launch later this year, which will finally bring swappable components to the smartphone space. At this stage, Google has no plans to bring hardware modularity to tablets, but that hasn't sto.....»»

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In Depth: An in depth look at Project Ara at MWC 2015

Page 1Project Ara is Google's revolutionary modular smartphone that will allow owners to build their own smartphones by snapping together components such as screens, cameras and processors, much like with Lego.The first country to see Project will be Puer.....»»

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Toshiba previews three new cameras for Google"s Project Ara

Toshiba just previewed prototypes for some of the first third-party Project Ara modules. Toshiba, who has partnered with Google on the modular smartphone project, recently unveiled three new camera modules for the latest prototype. See also: Up close with.....»»

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Toshiba demonstrates prototype cameras for Project Ara modular smartphone

Google’s modular smartphone platform is slowly taking shape. Toshiba, one of the third-party companies working to develop modules for Project Ara, recently showed off two prototype camera components for the ecosystem......»»

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Project Ara gains Toshiba camera modules, counts Yezz as manufacturer

Project Ara, Google's quest to create a modular smartphone, has received two significant boosts. Toshiba has revealed a trio of camera modules that can be inserted into the back of the smartphone and exchanged for other modules, while smartphone manufactu.....»»

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Big brand starts producing actual cameras for Project Ara

Toshiba has shown two camera modules that it's making for Google's unique Project Ara modular smartphone.The modules can be swapped in and out of an Ara handset, allowing you to easily upgrade the snapper on your smartphone. The two modules that were show.....»»

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Will Project Ara snap into place at MWC 2015?

New rumours suggest that Google's unique modular smartphone, Project Ara, will be coming to Barcelona in March for Mobile World Congress 2015.Around 50 of its modular components are also expected to be displayed, though it's rumoured that not all of them .....»»

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Google reaches out to Yezz to make modules for Project Ara

Google has asked Miami-based hardware manufacturer Yezz to create modules for Project Ara. The first Yezz-made modules will be shown off at MWC 2015. We’ve heard a lot from Google in the past few months regarding the modular smartphone, Project Ara......»»

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The first Lego-like modular components for Google’s Project Ara will be shown at Mobile World Congress

After striking a deal with Google, little-known smartphone manufacturer Yezz will be producing some of the first components for the modular Project Ara device, and will show them at MWC 2015 next month. The post The first Lego-like modular components for .....»»

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Oh Yezz, the first Project Ara modules will be shown in March

After striking a deal with Google, little-known smartphone manufacturer Yezz will be producing some of the first components for the modular Project Ara device, and will show them at MWC 2015 next month. The post Oh Yezz, the first Project Ara modules will.....»»

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Watch Vestigen’s Project Ara Sensors Show How Modular Smartphones Could Change The World

 Project Ara is getting closer to producing a shipping product, and a developer conference in Singapore gave some of those building hardware modules for the Google-made smartphone with swappable parts a chance to show off their coming wares. Vestigen.....»»

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Google"s 3D-Scanning Project Tango Just Got a Little More Real

Google ATAP (that's Advanced Technology and Projects) is where wonderful things are born. Things like the animated magic of Glen Keane's Duet or the modular Project Ara smartphone. It's all great stuff, but it's also all experimental—if a project doesn.....»»

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