Project Ara: Google"s vision for the future of the smartphone video - CNET

Google lead engineer Rafa Camargo gives a demo of its modular smartphone concept, Project Ara. The prototype phone lets you swap in interchangeable parts by popping them in and out......»»

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You can watch Google ATAP’s entire Google I/O 2016 session here [VIDEO]

Google ATAP's entire Google I/O session is now available for streaming on YouTube. Announcements include Project Ara (modular smartphone), Jacquard (touch-sensitive fabric), Solis (radar-enabled electronics), and Spotlight Stories (immersive 3D storytelli.....»»

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Official: Project Ara launching next year, is a little less modular than we hoped [VIDEO]

After months of (concerning) silence, Google ATAP is finally ready to break their silence on Project Ara — Google’s modular smartphone project. Turns out, there's been a lot of changes since we saw it last, with a phone more geared toward "fun" than t.....»»

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Google"s Project Ara smartphone project shows signs of life

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone project is showing signs of life after a long lull, though it's not certain when the customizable smartphones will be available.The Project Ara Web site sports a new look, with the redesigned front page carrying the.....»»

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Capcom Teases Project Palm, An Upcoming Smartphone App Aimed Towards Girls

Capcom recently opened a teaser site for Project Palm with a video featuring voice actor Yuichiro Umehara. Not much is known about the new project, but it’ll be a smartphone app aimed towards girls. Read Capcom Teases Project Palm, An Upcoming Smartphon.....»»

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Blocks modular smartwatch is now available to pre-order, expected to ship to Canada in October

Modular devices are now a thing. We’ve seen LG unveil the G5 smartphone with modular aspects and Google announced Project Ara will ship with six modular add-ons next year. Blocks,...Modular devices are now a thing.We’ve seen LG unveil the G5 s.....»»

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This Google-Powered Gadget Could Be the Future of Smartphones

It has an incredible trick built in Lenovo and Google have announced the first consumer smartphone to launch with the latter’s long-in-development Project Tango augmented reality and 3D mapping technology built in. The Lenovo Phab 2 Pro will g.....»»

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Seymourpowell creates gadgets from Google"s Project Ara modular phone

The company behind the world's first widely available modular smartphone has released a set of concepts imagining completely new gadgets created with Google's Project Ara (+ slideshow). (more…) The comp.....»»

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The man who inspired Google’s Project Ara pens critical blog post

Dave Hakkens, the man behind the explosively popular 2013 concept video that contributed to Google’s decision to try their hand at manufacturing modular devices, recently published a blog post titled...Dave Hakkens, the man behind the explosively po.....»»

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Google to start shipping modular smartphone Project Ara

US technology giant Google has demonstrated a current prototype of its modular smartphone Project Ara and announced it will begin shipping developer editions later this year (+ slideshow). (more…) US tec.....»»

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Google"s Project Ara Is Challenging The Very Notion Of What A Smartphone Can Be

The company has quietly shifted focus from a modular smartphone you upgrade at will to a framework for "fringe features."Google's Project Ara has had an arduous road to market. It began in 2013 as a pie-in-the-sky concept: a Lego-like system for building .....»»

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The crazy dream of modular smartphones

 File it under ‘it seemed great on paper’… but Google’s project Ara modular smartphone concept is — for all intents and purposes — dead. If you want to be a little more generous, you can say Google has pivoted away.....»»

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Google made a 3D radar so tiny that it can fit into your smartphone or smartwatch [VIDEO]

Google's ATAP division has released a new video showcasing how 3rd party developers have used Project Soli in their projects......»»

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Google will ship Project Ara developer kits later this year, consumer model in 2017

Project Ara, Google’s modular smartphone concept, is slowly but surely inching its way closer to becoming a consumer product. On Friday, project lead Rafa Camargo revealed a huge milestone in that developer kits will be shipping later this year. Bes.....»»

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Google"s modular smartphone project sacrificed its original vision to move forward

Google's Project Ara modular smartphone is coming to developers soon, but it's lost a key part of its customization vision along the way. Developers will be able to get their hands on an early release version of Ara by the end of this year, to begin buil.....»»

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Inside Project Ara, Google"s quest to create a modular smartphone (David Pierce/Wired)

David Pierce / Wired: Inside Project Ara, Google's quest to create a modular smartphone  —  The building that houses Google's Advanced Technology and Products division offers a few subtle hints that something weird is going on inside. .....»»

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Google’s Project Ara phone no longer upgradable, new dev units ship this fall

Modular smartphone integrates "core smartphone functions" into the body. The Project Ara Developer Edition. MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.—After numerous delays, Google's modular smartphone concept, Project Ara, is still kicking inside Googl.....»»

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After countless delays, Google’s modular Project Ara smartphone is coming out next year

Google’s innovative Project Ara is still on the way. It’s strange Google didn’t lead its I/O Keynote on Wednesday with this information, but Blaise Bertrand, the head of the company’s...Google’s innovative Project Ara is stil.....»»

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Project Ara Lives: Google"s Modular Smartphones Coming To Developers This Fall

Finally, there's some update on Project Ara, an open hardware platform for creating highly modular smartphones. Google announced on Friday that a test version of the modular smartphone will be released to developers in the fourth quarter. Google, which ow.....»»

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Google"s Modular Smartphone Will Ship to Developers This Fall

Project Ara, Google’s dream for a truly modular smartphone, has been a long parade of exciting visions of the future punctuated by disappointing delays . But Google just made a big promise that developers will be be getting their hands on a device th.....»»

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