Paytm Bill Payments Service Is Now Available In Canada

Indian mobile payments and commerce company Paytm has announced that it has finally entered Canada, and the Paytm Canada app is now available for download on both Android and iOS platforms......»»

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Sony is working on a thinner PS4 Slim console model – rumor

Work on a new PS4 console revision could be underway at Sony right now......»»

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Gchat Is Dead, You"ll Have to Hangout in the Future

As part of Google’s ever-confusing plethora of apps, Gchat was a service that managed to take hold because of its convenience and the fact that it was built into Gmail. Now, the service is scheduled to hit the chopping block. But don’t panic.Read.....»»

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Vietnam’s architectural gems are disappearing

Once an architectural gem emblematic of Vietnam’s era as a French colony, the Tax Trade Center with its iconic Art Deco facade is now mostly rubble. The post Vietnam’s architectural gems are disappearing appeared first on Architecture Lab......»»

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The internet is arguing about pulp in your orange juice and now you have to pick a side

You need only to Google "pineapple pizza" to know the internet loves itself a good (if not: dumb, hilarious) food fight. The latest debate tearing friends, families, and lovers apart?  Pulp vsno-pulp.  Our personal opinion? Pulp's delicious.....»»

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2016 Election: Where are they now?

The 2016 election felt like it lasted an entire lifetime. It also feels like it's been an entire lifetime since it ended.  It has truly felt like years since we were able to wake up and not worry if our president had started a nuclear war via Tw.....»»

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Roccat Suora FX gaming keyboard review

Roccat has been one of the top gaming peripheral makers for a long now and looks to continue that reign with its new board, the Suora FX. Built with the same RGB backlighting and mechanical functionality of its predecessors, the Suora FX go.....»»

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It’s all over: Talking big about Alexa

It is now time for another episode of Farewell To Competition, in which a product is imagined to have won a battle that will actually be ongoing for years to come.Writing for The Motley Fool, Danny Vena says “Amazon Is About to End the Competiti.....»»

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Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

SoundCloud is fucked. On Thursday, the streaming music service mostly known as a place to hear podcasts and remixes from unknown DJs confirmed that it had taken $70 million in debt funding—basically a loan from various investors—in order to stay.....»»

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Lawyers & Academics Warn UK Against Criminalizing File-Sharers

A group of campaigners, copyright scholars and lawyers have sent a letter to the UK Government, urging it to narrow the definition of online criminal copyright infringement in the Digital Economy Bill. The signees warn that the current definition of.....»»

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Why You Should Cope With Your Stress Now And How To Deal With It

Why You Should Cope With Your Stress Now And How To Deal With It.....»»

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Amazon will collect state sales taxes nationwide April 1st

While Amazon has resisted collecting state sales taxes, over the last few years it has bent, state by state. Now CNBC reports that as of April 1st, it will collect sales taxes in every state that imposes one, as Hawaii, Idaho, Maine and New.....»»

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Aadhaar or no Aadhaar, it’s not that easy to fool the system

In the last six to eight months, we have been coming across many news items which tell us how Aadhaar is being mandatory in many areas of life - PAN card registration, railway bookings, e-KYC for telcos, merchant payments and more. The post Aadhaar.....»»

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Illegal agencies and operators will be blacklisted and get punishment for up to 3 years: UIDAI Chief

Pandey explained that the UIDAI first blacklists the operator and then prosecutes it by the Aadhaar Act. The post Illegal agencies and operators will be blacklisted and get punishment for up to 3 years: UIDAI Chief appeared first on Tech2. Now t.....»»

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Internet Privacy in U.S. Could Be Overturned

A bill has been passed by the U.S. Senate that would undo privacy rules protecting users' data from being sold without their consent. The United States Senate approved a resolution on Thursday to repeal privacy rules passed in October 2016 that.....»»

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3 Rivers Just Became Legal "Persons"

New Zealand's Whanganui River and the Ganga and Yamuna Rivers in India have been given the right to "sue" over issues like pollution. The challenge now is to ensure these legal rights are enforced......»»

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Why One Woman Had Oil in Her Lung for Decades

An elderly woman in Florida had oil in her lungs for decades from a now-outdated procedure she received to treat tuberculosis......»»

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Twitter eyes up paid power-user membership option to reverse fortunes

Twitter is considering adding a paid tier to its service which will be designed to suit businesses and power users. It's no secret that Twitter has been struggling recently and it seems that one of the options it’s considering to t.....»»

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Erato’s Muse 5 wireless in-ear headphones give AirPods a run for their money

 Apple’s AirPods are probably the first really mainstream completely wireless headphones, but Erato has been making these for a while now. The company’s latest is the Muse 5, a set of in-ear buds that are cheaper than their debut Apo.....»»

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I am so unreasonably jealous of this view of the southern lights

The northern and southern lights are probably the eeriest cosmic views available to us here on Earth, and 150 people on a flight from New Zealand learned that first-hand this week. The Air New Zealand charter flight took off on March 23 to give pass.....»»

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Oh man this leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 video is a game-changer. A goddamn game-changer.

Do you live and breathe Samsung? Are you a true Samsung fan, or just a casual? OK, now that we have that cleared up, let's take a look at this stunning — nay, breathtaking — nine-second video of someone typing on a Samsung Galaxy S8.&.....»»

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