Newsroom: Digital Video Is UK’s Rising Star

Newsroom: Digital Video Is UK’s Rising Star.....»»

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Verizon to start throttling all smartphone videos to 480p or 720p

No 4K video allowed—new bandwidth limits apply to mobile hotspots, too. Enlarge (credit: Verizon) Verizon Wireless will start throttling video streams to resolutions as low as 480p on smartphones this week. Most data plans will get 720p vi.....»»

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"Cuphead" is like no video game I have ever seen

"Cuphead" is like no video game I have ever seen.....»»

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MPAA Wins Movie Piracy Case in China After Failed Anti-Piracy Deal

The international arm of the Motion Picture Association of America has chalked up a copyright victory against a huge Chinese video platform. The suit, filed against Xunlei in 2015 following the failure of an oppressive anti-piracy initiative, claimed.....»»

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Star Fox 2 Is a 21 Year-Old Technological Marvel

Last seen in 1996, Star Fox 2 was cancelled by Nintendo until resurfacing as a bonus game in the SNES Classic Edition. How is it? Though completed in 1996, Star Fox 2 was shelved for over two decades, until Nintendo decided to include it as a b.....»»

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Article: Facebook and Twitter Now Have Original Content, but Can Viewers Find It?

David Oksman, head of global strategic communications planning and US activation at Reebok, shares his perspective on the advertising opportunities presented by original video content on social media......»»

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NAND Prices Expected to Continue Rising

Market watcher says supply will remain tight until later in 2018, when 3D NAND production reaches maturity......»»

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RDL Rolls Out Two Additions to SysFlex Series

New products deal with digital audio/networked audio interface.....»»

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How Fairy Pokemon Ruled the World Championships

We explain how both the video and card game tournament winners used Fairies to win big money. We knew Fairy-type Pokemon would be powerful at the 2017 Pokemon World Championships this past weekend, but we had no idea they would seize such key r.....»»

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The unmatched, untamed ‘XE SV Project 8’ is just the beginning, says Jaguar

Special Vehicle Operations, Jaguar Land Rover’s in-house performance unit, has created the most powerful road-legal Jaguar ever. To get the full scoop on the XE SV Project 8, Digital Trends sits down with SVO executives in this exclusive interview......»»

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Digital life after death?

Start-ups are beginning to swoop in on the death and funerals sector to shake up a staid industry......»»

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Hellboy Reboot Casts Deadpool Villain

Ed Skrein is set to star as Major Ben Daimio, a character who's able to turn into a jaguar. Deadpool villain Ed Skrein has reportedly joined the cast of the Hellboy reboot in a main role. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Skrein will portray.....»»

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How to stop "doctor brides" from dropping out in Pakistan

Many female doctors in Pakistan drop out when they start a family. There's a new scheme to help them continue in practice by doing online video clinics on their laptops......»»

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The most epic images from the 2017 total solar eclipse

Epic photos from the Great American Eclipse are pouring in as people from all over the U.S. witnessed the rare event. Here are some of our favorites. Read more...More about Space, Mashable Video, Solar Eclipses, Total Solar Eclipse, and Solar Eclipse.....»»

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Falcon Pro 3 Updated With AMP Support, Improved Video Player, and Much More

An update is rolling out to Falcon Pro 3, one that brings multi photo layouts, an improved video player, and oh so much more. To clarify, the big update is labeled as version 1.6, then an update quickly followed labeled as version 1.6.1 (small fixes).....»»

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Nikon 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR review

If you’re going to get a kit lens, you could do a lot worse than Nikon’s versatile 16-80mm f/2.8-4, which we found to be a good workhorse lens for all types of photography. The post Nikon 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED VR review appeared first on Digital Tr.....»»

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Android 8.0 Oreo review

The latest version of Android is finally here. Android 8.0 Oreo continues the dessert-naming tradition, while introducing a host of new features for Google’s mobile operating system. The post Android 8.0 Oreo review appeared first on Digital Trends.....»»

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Atari sues Nestle, says Kit Kat video game ad violates Breakout copyright

Candy ad plays off Breakout, “an icon of early Silicon Valley ingenuity.” Enlarge (credit: 2AM films / Nestle) Atari claims that a commercial for Nestle's Kit Kat candy bars violates the copyright and trademark rights of Breakout, Atari'.....»»

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Despite being a space reporter, this total solar eclipse completely freaked me out

It's really difficult to explain what I just saw.  I'm a space reporter. I know the science: The moon moved in front of the sun from Earth's perspective, blotting out our nearest star's light and plunging us into an eerie twilight here in Lenoir.....»»

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6 Dothraki phrases from "Game of Thrones" you can learn right now

Game of Thrones Language Creator, David J. Peterson teaches us six everyday phrases in Dothraki. Including "do you even lift, bro?" You never know, it might come in handy. Read more...More about Entertainment, Mashable Video, Got, Real Time Video, an.....»»

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The 2017 solar eclipse is finally here

The first pass of the Great American Eclipse occurred over Oregon. As the moon passed over the sun, it cast a shadow over the state that lasted more than two minutes.  Read more...More about Mashable Video, Sun, Moon, Solar Eclipses, and Solar E.....»»

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