Nerdy dad uses virtual reality to let daughter ride family cat

The same dad who rigged an HTC Vive and Ricoh Theta 360-degree camera to let his daughter explore her dollhouse is at it again. This time, the VR dad has cranked up the tech-meets-cute factor by introducing the family cat.  Strapping the 360.....»»

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Tired of folding laundry? Let ThreadRobe take care of that for you

ThreadRobe sorts and hangs each item. When someone requests a piece of clothing, the system returns it wrinkle-free and ready to wear. Better yet, each item is steamed fresh to a user's specifications. The post Tired of folding laundry? Let ThreadRob.....»»

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Mythos Tales: Probe Arkham’s darkest doings in this Lovecraft deduction game

Investigate Cthulhu and his buddies in 1930s Arkham. Enlarge (credit: 8th Summit) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend look at tabletop games! Check out our complete board gaming coverage at—and let us know what you.....»»

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Uber self-driving test car involved in crash in Arizona

 More bad news for Uber: one of the ride-hailing giant’s self-driving Volvo SUVs has been involved in a crash in Arizona — apparently leaving the vehicle flipped onto its side, and with damage to at least two other human-driven cars.....»»

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How To Let Go Of Anger When You Just Can"t Stop Thinking About It

How To Let Go Of Anger When You Just Can"t Stop Thinking About It.....»»

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Uber may be rethinking its strategy to lease cars to drivers in India

Global ride-hailing firm Uber Technologies is rethinking its car leasing strategy in India, its second-biggest market, as drivers have returned dozens of leased cars early after the company cut incentives, people familiar with the matter told Reuters.....»»

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Oh man this leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 video is a game-changer. A goddamn game-changer.

Do you live and breathe Samsung? Are you a true Samsung fan, or just a casual? OK, now that we have that cleared up, let's take a look at this stunning — nay, breathtaking — nine-second video of someone typing on a Samsung Galaxy S8.&.....»»

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This is the language that an Uber recruiter used to discuss its sexism problem

So it appears that some Uber recruiters are aware of the sexism problems at the ride-hailing giant.  After Mashable published an interview with senior software engineer Kamilah Taylor, who publicly shared (on Twitter) her awkward interaction wit.....»»

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Virtual environment education reduces anxiety prior to radiation therapy

Radiation therapists and physicians know that education can reduce anxiety before radiation treatment but lack a standardized tool. In an effort to solve this problem, a multidisciplinary team conducted a pilot study to see if a virtual environment e.....»»

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(Product)Red iPhone 7 hands-on video and gallery

Earlier this week, Apple announced the newest addition to its smartphone family, the (Product)Red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The striking new iPhone marks the first time the company has released a handset under the (Product)Red banner. It also arri.....»»

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Four-year-old boy uses Siri to save his mother"s life

Not for the first time, Siri has helped save a person’s life. On this occasion, a four-year-old UK boy used his unconscious mother’s finger to unlock her phone and asked the virtual assistant to call the emergency services......»»

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Twitter is exploring the idea of a high-end, paid version of TweetDeck for power users

Twitter to the average Joe is just another social network used to keep in touch with friends and family but in the eyes of major brands, news outlets, celebrities and influencers, it’s an important marketing tool that shouldn’t be overloo.....»»

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Hackers demanding ransom from Apple provide small sample of valid iCloud credentials

A couple of days ago news broke about a group of hackers calling themselves the Turkish Crime Family claiming they had access to at least 300 million Apple accounts, and were demanding a ransom of $75,000 in Bitcoin or Ethereum or $100,000 in iTunes.....»»

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CubeFit TerraMat hides under your standing desk to give your feet a rest

 Back before humans invented chairs we humans stood a lot. Now, almost 100 years later, we tend to sit. However, some people still stand. For those people there is the TerraMat. The TerraMat is like a cat toy for you feet. It features a number o.....»»

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Virtual lemonade sends colour and taste to a glass of water

A tumbler that makes water look and taste like lemonade using LED lights and electrodes could allow people to share drinks on social media.....»»

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Experimental music video changes every time you play it

Artists and scientists say breakthroughs are often "lucky accidents," but one band is basing an entire music video on that premise. The song Midnight Oil from UK-based Shaking Chains uses algorithms to select semi-random bits of video from t.....»»

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Tool may finally let you stream its brooding art metal

A number of artists who were initially opposed to streaming services wind up with their music available there for one reason or another. The music of both The Beatles and Prince is now available for streaming after both were holdouts for a l.....»»

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How to adult at security

You're a grown-ass adult -- so stop using the same password for everything. Seriously, your cat's name followed by your birthday isn't fooling anybody. Don't be that guy (of any gender) who gets totally owned by ransomwar.....»»

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Nintendo Switch “vertical” mode found in Neo-Geo games—are more coming?

Would go a long way towards preserving arcade classics' aspect ratios. Sam Machkovech The Nintendo Switch may not have a full-blown Virtual Console collection.....»»

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Google Play faces cat-and-mouse game with Android malware

What’s the best way to avoid Android malware? Downloading all your apps from the Google Play store -- where software is vetted – is perhaps the best advice.   But that doesn’t mean Google Play is perfect. Security researchers do find new A.....»»

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Some Of Hacker Group"s Claims Of Having Access To 250M iCloud Accounts Aren"t False

Earlier this week, a hacker group claimed that it had access to 250 million iCloud accounts. The hackers, who called themselves part of Turkish Crime Family group, threatened to reset passwords of all the iCloud accounts and remotely wipe those iPhon.....»»

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