Mysterious "Plastic Plankton" Art Exhibit Reveals Extent of Ocean Pollution

A new book publishing in May will reveal the extent of plastic pollution in the ocean in stunning photographic images of ethereal plastic "plankton.".....»»

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Drones are revolutionising dinosaur research by mapping giant footprints by air

Along the northwest Australian coast lies a dinosaur highway. With the Indian Ocean eating away at the rock, the red cliffs of the Kimberley have revealed hundreds of prehistoric footprints. Two-legged theropods and big-bodied sauropods, among other.....»»

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WikiLeaks reveals someone at the CIA really, really likes "Doctor Who"

With the latest dump of WikiLeaks data called "Dark Matter" we get to see how (allegedly) deep the CIA's affection for British TV goes.  The documents, released Thursday, contain  more details from the "Vault 7" leak.  SEE ALSO: WikiLe.....»»

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Light Reveals Secrets & Saves Lives In Horror Game Colina: Legacy

The light of the player's flashlight, when combined with tools and ancient artifacts, will help reveal secrets and save them from relentless enemies as they seek answers and safety. Read Light Reveals Secrets & Saves Lives In Horror Game Colina: Lega.....»»

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WikiLeaks" latest leak reveals alleged CIA exploits for Mac and iPhone

New documents reveal possible ways the spy agency gained access to Apple laptops, desktops and phones. WikiLeaks has released a new set of documents related to alleged CIA spying techniques, this time detailing tools purportedly used by the age.....»»

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Critical step in DNA repair, cellular aging pinpointed

The body's ability to repair DNA damage declines with age, which causes gradual cell demise, overall bodily degeneration and greater susceptibility to cancer. Now, research reveals a critical step in a molecular chain of events that allows cells to m.....»»

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Give your useless DVDs new life with this new digital conversion app

When was the last time you actually watched a movie on DVD? Maybe like, 2014?  You probably still have a dusty stack of plastic boxes sitting on a shelf somewhere, though, doing little more than taking up space as you flip through multiple strea.....»»

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Woody Harrelson Reveals His Han Solo Mentor Character

Woody Harrelson has revealed his character's name and also confirmed he'll be playing a prominent role in the film. Woody Harrelson has revealed the mysterious character he's playing in the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film. In an interview with J.....»»

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Potter Puppet Pals" "Mysterious Ticking Noise" is 10 years old, so you"re basically dying

If you're part of the Harry Potter generation, you probably remember the hit 2007 club banger "The Mysterious Ticking Noise" from Potter Puppet Pals. That video is exactly 10 years old now, so we're going to go drown in wizard angst over the pass.....»»

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"Game of Thrones" script reveals the truth about Stannis Baratheon"s fate

Death isn't always permanent on Game of Thrones (just ask Jon Snow), which sometimes leads to conspiracy theories whenever a character is seemingly killed off without showing us the fatal blow onscreen. Such is the case with Stannis Baratheon (Stephe.....»»

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North Korea Said to Be Target of Inquiry Over $81 Million Cyberheist

The U.S. attorney’s office in Los Angeles is said to be examining the extent to which the North Korea government aided the theft of $81 million from the Bangladesh central bank......»»

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Wikileaks’ ‘Dark Matter’ release reveals CIA efforts to infect the Mac

Wikileaks released another bundle of documents dubbed "Dark Matter." This time, the organization turned an eye to Apple's Mac, with a number of exploits that are both insidious and persistent. The post Wikileaks’ ‘Dark Matter’ relea.....»»

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Samantha Bee: Trump"s budget reveals he "has no f*cking clue"

Samantha Bee opened her show on Wednesday with a massive eye-roll at Donald Trump's proposed federal budget cuts. The "hard power budget" guts energy, the EPA, education, etc.  "Our President doesn't give a shit," Bee said.  SEE ALSO: J.....»»

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Woody Harrelson reveals his "Star Wars" character name

It doesn't get much more serious than Star Wars secrecy, but Woody Harrelson doesn't seem to mind. The actor appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday and teased a little bit about his role in the upcoming Han Solo film. "I.....»»

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Drake has some new tattoos and, well, it"s best if you just see for yourself

Drake might have countless of chart topping songs, but if we're being honest, he doesn't have the best track record when it comes to his tattoos.  This week, the 6 god added three more inked illustrations to his body thanks to Swedish tattoo art.....»»

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Rotating dome-shaped homes lets you change the scenery anytime you wish

A Japanese company is using prefabricated plastic to assemble rotating dome houses in just days. The entire structure rotates to either have the windows face or oppose the sun depending on the weather conditions.  The structures are energy effic.....»»

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Shock mass coral die-off in Asia sounds alarm for world’s reefs

An unexpected coral bleaching event in the South China Sea shows that reefs can heat up substantially more than the surrounding ocean.....»»

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Shia LaBeouf"s anti-Trump livestream moves to the UK for "safety"

Since its launch in January, Shia LaBeouf's anti-Trump art piece has been mired in controversy. In its short life, "He Will Not Divide Us" has been shut down by New York's Museum of the Moving Image (its original home), played a pa.....»»

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Legion Finally Reveals the Truth About the Monster in David"s Head... and His Father, Too

The latest episode of Legion was full of shocking twists and startling revelations. The first, of course, was confirming the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s true identity (since that news had unfortunately trickled out last week). However, we also got a Maury.....»»

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G-SHOCK from Casio reveals new Akazonae-Inspired MR-G

Fancy getting a new timepiece, now that your current one has started to lose its lustre, or needs some maintenance to get it up and running at optimal levels? Casio might have the answer for those who have a Japanese slant to things in the form of th.....»»

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Resident Evil 7 reveals scrapped gameplay mechanic and enemy

Capcom had a ton of other ideas that didn’t make the cut for Resident Evil 7, including this enemy and a gameplay mechanic that allowed players to hold their breath......»»

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