Most Habitable Earth-Like Planets May Be Waterworlds

Over 70 percent of our planet is covered in water, and we tend to think that’s a lot. A new study suggests that our world is special in this regard, and that most habitable planets are dominated by oceans that consume over 90 percent their surface.....»»

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The underdogs of E3 2017: The 10 best indie games on display this year

Big names may get all the press, but there are plenty of intriguing indie titles at E3. Our 10 favorites include rock-and-roll platformers and 'Zelda'-like adventures and swampy hunts for demonic creatures The post The underdogs of E3 2017: The 10 be.....»»

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Evernote can help organize your life – here’s how to use it

Evernote may be one of the most capable note-taking software suits to ever hit the market, but it's also not the most user-friendly for beginners. Check our comprehensive guide on how to use Evernote so you can create, tag, organize and share notes w.....»»

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Got VR? No? Google’s new ‘VR180’ format likely to be smartphone photog friendly

Plus: A streaming music service just for owners of a select brand of car? And road rage leads to a video game-like freeway crash sequence. The post Got VR? No? Google’s new ‘VR180’ format likely to be smartphone photog friendly appe.....»»

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Weekly rewind: Graphene headphones, $1 cell service, baking bread like a pro

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. The pos.....»»

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Takata bankruptcy would cloud auto industry"s biggest recall

The expected bankruptcy of troubled airbag maker Takata throws a wild card into one of the biggest and most complicated recalls in automotive history......»»

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MiG-35, Russia’s New 4th-Gen Light Fighter, Readies for Combat

SALON DU BOURGET, France — The next addition to Russia’s roster of fighter jets that bridge fourth- and fifth-generation technology may join units as soon... SALON DU BOURGET, France — The next addition to Russia’s roster.....»»

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Amazon’s proposed ‘Drone Towers’ would look and sound like giant beehives

Amazon has an idea for a "drone tower" that could one day act as both a fulfillment center and a busy drone delivery base. The beehive-like building would be built in urban centers where most of its customers live. The post Amazon’s proposed &#.....»»

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‘Pokémon Go’ still engages fans more than most other Android games

Of all the hours spent playing the top five Android games in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year, one in every three minutes was spent playing Pokémon Go, suggesting the game is still exceedingly popular. The post ‘Pokémon Go’.....»»

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Soon, you will be able to split payments for your Airbnb vacation rental

Airbnb is hoping that it can help you avoid those awkward conversations, and save your friendships. It basically allows you to split payments, much like you would do with Uber or Lyft, and it has certainly been a long time coming. The post Soon, you.....»»

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How Not to Give up at the Most Difficult Time

How Not to Give up at the Most Difficult Time.....»»

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Q&A: How TiVo’s CIO manages disparate mobile platforms

Like many large companies, TiVo has grown in recent years through mergers and acquisitions, which means CIO Steve Palmucci now faces a disparate set of mobile platforms to secure and manage.While he's yet to see tools that allow him to bring all m.....»»

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Destiny 2’s guns won’t recoil on PC as they do on consoles

Project lead says aiming drift "doesn't feel good" when using a mouse. Captured footage of the PC version of Destiny 2 shows what looks like extremely limited recoil on a number of powerful weapons. When Destiny 2 brings the first-pers.....»»

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Steam Summer Sale hidden gems: 15 fantastic games under $10

Great games done cheapImage by IDGOne of the most thrilling parts of the Steam Summer Sale—aside from, you know, all the cheap games—is the opportunity to check out lesser-known gems you may have missed. There’s no better time to try something.....»»

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Google Will Now Hide Personal Medical Records From Search Results

Mark Wilson, writing for BetaNews: Google has updated its search policies without any sort of fanfare. The search engine now "may remove" -- in addition to existing categories of information -- "confidential, personal medical records of private peopl.....»»

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A short exercise in middle school sets minorities on a path to college

Years later, minority students go to competitive colleges as often as whites. Enlarge (credit: Austin Community College) In the US, a college education makes a huge difference for most people. It opens up lots of career opportunities, many of.....»»

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Ryzen 5 1400 CPU by AMD Review

The Ryzen 5 1400 is the most basic CPU from the new family of CPUs from AMD, with four cores, eight threads, and 3.2 GHz base clock. Let's test it.... [PCSTATS].....»»

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XFX Rs XXX Edition Rx 570 4GB OC Review

The XFX Rs XXX Edition Rx 570 4GB OC bears most of the RX 470’s specifications but is based on a slightly more mature 14nm fab process allowing for higher core and boost speeds and shares the same basic core. AMD did rename the Ellesmere P.....»»

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Apple’s iPhone SE hits the market soon.

The iPhone SE is the most powerful device in a small box......»»

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Researchers optimize a powered exoskeleton to cut energy used in walking

An hour on a treadmill and some clever programming makes an exoskeleton efficient. Enlarge / This is what the exoskeleton looks like when it's worn on both legs. The magic, however, is in the control software. (credit: Kirby Witte, Katie Poggens.....»»

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Small-size Micro LED applications may emerge in 1-2 years, says Epistar chairman

Application of Micro LED technology to small-size devices including smart wearables, VR and AR devices is likely to emerge in one to two years, while large-size devices may emerge three to five years later, according to chairman Lee Biing-jye for LED.....»»

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