Microsoft has a plan to beat Chromebooks at their own game

Microsoft is holding an education-focused event on May 2nd, and speculation has indicated that we might see Windows 10 Cloud for the first time. The software is pegged as a low-resource platform that could compete with Google's Chrome O.....»»

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Could Tesla be angling to launch its own music-streaming service?

Tesla is reportedly exploring the idea of launching its own music streaming service to bundle with its cars. The company is believed to be in talks with music labels with a view to offering a multitier subscription service. The post Could Tesla be an.....»»

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Hearthstone ditches duplicate legendaries in overhaul of card pack openings

Blizzard is overhauling its Hearthstone pack opening system in the next expansion, making sure that any legendary cards you find will not be duplicates of ones you already own, and guaranteeing one in the first 10 packs you open. The post Hearthstone.....»»

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HONGi modular mattresses are made to order for a better night’s sleep

Instead of people compromising with a bed that's close enough, HONGi's modular design allows users to customize their mattress to fit their individual preferences. It's a sleep that's made to order. The post HONGi modular mattresses are made to orde.....»»

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Google Will Now Hide Personal Medical Records From Search Results

Mark Wilson, writing for BetaNews: Google has updated its search policies without any sort of fanfare. The search engine now "may remove" -- in addition to existing categories of information -- "confidential, personal medical records of private peopl.....»»

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Microsoft Claims "No Known Ransomware" Runs on Windows 10 S. Researcher Says "Hold My Beer"

Earlier this month, Microsoft said "no Windows 10 customers were known to be compromised by the recent WannaCry (WannaCrypt) global cyberattack," adding that "no known ransomware works against Windows 10 S." News outlet ZDNet asked a security researc.....»»

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GlobalFoundries Details 7 nm Plans: Three Generations, 700 mm², HVM in 2018

Keeping an eye on the ever-evolving world of silicon lithography, GlobalFoundries has recently disclosed additional details about its 7 nm generation of process technologies. As announced last September, the company is going to have multiple generat.....»»

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The Saturday Profile: The Man Who Helped Turn Toronto Into a High-Tech Hotbed

Geoffrey Hinton, a scientist at the heart of artificial intelligence’s recent breakthroughs, has helped make Toronto a leading research location......»»

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How safe is your internet router?

Virgin Media is warning its customers to change the password on their internet routers. A Which? investigation found its Super Hub 2 router is vulnerable to hackers......»»

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Bayview Boom Teaches Teens How to Build Their Own Boombox

Bayview BOOM teaches teens electronics assembly, woodworking, metalworking and product design so they can build their own boomboxes. Read more on MAKE The post Bayview Boom Teaches Teens How to Build Their Own Boombox appeared first on Make: DIY.....»»

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Supreme Court gives thumbs-up to privacy lawsuit against Facebook

Case that centres on how Canadians can protect their privacy rights on social media can be heard in British Columbia, court rules.....»»

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Cutting-edge microtech motors will change the face of future Timex watches

Timex, along with technology company SilMach, wants to change the way quartz watches are powered using microtechnology called PowerMEMS. It has the potential to allow for new designs, longer lasting batteries, and more reliability. The post Cutting-e.....»»

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Road rage incident turns a California freeway into a real-life GTA game

A road rage incident caught on video in California has left authorities with more questions than answers. A biker kicked a Nissan Sentra, causing it to crash, and sped off into the distance right away. The post Road rage incident turns a California f.....»»

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Five Talent Discovery Vendors Approach Recruiting in New Ways, Named as IDC Innovators

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., June 22, 2017 International Data Corporation (IDC ) has just released an IDC Innovators report recognizing five talent discovery vendors with revenue under $100 million......»»

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Chinese Government Fabricates Social Media Posts for Strategic Distraction, not Engaged Argument

Abstract of a study: The Chinese government has long been suspected of hiring as many as 2,000,000 people to surreptitiously insert huge numbers of pseudonymous and other deceptive writings into the stream of real social media posts, as if they were.....»»

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TYAN Shows Two Skylake-SP-Based HPC Servers with Up to 8 Xeon Phi/Tesla Modules

At ISC 17 this sweek, TYAN has demonstrated two new HPC servers based on the latest Intel Xeon processors for high-performance computing and deep learning workloads. The new HPC machines can integrate four or eight Intel Xeon Phi co-processors or th.....»»

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Can’t see the total solar eclipse this August? Volvo has you covered

Volvo will use a fleet of its XC60 SUVs to record and broadcast August's total solar eclipse to the world. The SUVs will be dispatched to different vantage points, and will be equipped to record 360-degree video and VR footage. The post Can’t s.....»»

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Samsung Begins Production For Its First Internet of Things-optimised Exynos Processor

An anonymous reader shares a report: Samsung Electronics has launched the Exynos i T200, its first processor optimised for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, the company has announced. The South Korean tech giant said the chip has upped security and s.....»»

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CloudBeds Gets $9M For Hospitality Management Software

San Diego-based CloudBeds, a developer of hospitality management software, has raised $9M in a Series B funding, the company disclosed this week. The funding was led by PeakSpan Capital, and also included Nashville Capital, Cultivation Capital, Clear.....»»

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Find only the best speedruns to gawk at with Speedrun World Records

Speedrunning has long been a part of gaming culture, but getting into it can be intimidating. Even just watching can be difficult as videos make it hard to sift through. Speedrun World Records makes the process easier. The post Find only the best spe.....»»

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PlayerUnknown always knew ‘Battlegrounds’ was destined for greatness

With over 3.5 million copies sold in the first two months, PlayerUnknown's BattleGrounds has a ton of momentum and enthusiasm behind it. We sat down with PlayerUnknown himself to find out how he's keeping up the energy. The post PlayerUnknown always.....»»

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