Map of the gut"s microbial landscape

Scientists have provided an early glimpse of how microbial communities in the gut -- known collectively as the gut microbiome -- are spatially organized, uncovering a surprising degree of mixing among different bacterial members......»»

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Spotify’s RISE program will try to find future music superstars

It's hard to deny Spotify's influence on the current music landscape. After all, the streaming service has over 50 million paid subscribers. Now, they're using that influence to help up and coming artists. Today, Spotify intro.....»»

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Dynasty Warriors 9’s Open Field Gameplay Explained; Cao Ren, Jia Xu, Lu Meng, Xu Shu Revealed

The Japanese homepage for the upcoming Dynasty Warriors 9 has been updated, showcasing how players will advance the war across the field map of China, and some new and returning characters. Read Dynasty Warriors 9’s Open Field Gameplay Explaine.....»»

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The microbial anatomy of an organ

The first 3-D spatial visualization tool has been developed for mapping 'omics' data onto whole organs. The tool helps researchers and clinicians understand the effects of chemicals, such as microbial metabolites and medications, on a diseased organ.....»»

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FS Residence / Pablo Dikenstein

The residence is situated in a closed landscape. The application begins with the search for a deteriorating property that was located in the eastern wing, taking into account a low budget, both for the purchase of the property and for the in.....»»

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Through Human Rights Scandals and Diplomatic Crisis, Qatar’s Dream for a “World-Class City” Forges Ahead

The history of the Qatar Peninsula—or Catara, as first labeled on an ancient map drawn by the Greco-Roman polymath Claudius Ptolemaeus—dates back to the Paleolithic Age. By the 1930s, the tiny Gulf state was struggling to maintain its p.....»»

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Herdade Of Freixo Winery / Frederico Valsassina Arquitectos

The herdade of the Freixo, with about 300ha, and 26ha of vineyard, presents itself as a typical Alentejo landscape, undulating, diversified and with interesting points of view on the surroundings. Punctuated by clusters of wild olive trees,.....»»

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Eight design responses to a turbulent political climate

The past year has seen more and more designers responding to shifts in the political landscape, from the Brexit vote to the election of Donald Trump. Ahead of our Good Design for a Bad World talk series, here's a look at eight designs used as too.....»»

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The 10 best 360-degree cameras in 2017

There's now a 360-degree camera to suit every kind of VR adventurer. Here are our top picks. Are you in the real world yet? Forget the 3:2, 4:3 and 16:9 camera formats, and embrace the world as it is – a 360-degree landscape in which an.....»»

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Phenogenetic map created for stem cells models of neurological diseases

In an effort to better understand neurological diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and ALS -- and develop new ways to treat them -- researchers have performed the first meta-analysis of all induced pluripotent stem cell models for neurological and.....»»

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Twitter bans ‘Hateful Display Names’ and shares Safety road map

 Twitter has committed to a specific timeline for rolling out changes to its Safety features, and announced new policies, including a ban on hateful display names, and improvements for second-hand “witness reporting” of abuse. By Jan.....»»

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Gut bacterium indirectly causes symptoms by altering fruit fly microbiome

CagA, a protein produced by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori, can alter the population of microbes living in the fruit fly gut, leading to disease symptoms, according to new research......»»

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Gut bacteria from wild mice boost health in lab mice

Laboratory mice that are given the gut bacteria of wild mice can survive a deadly flu virus infection and fight colorectal cancer dramatically better than laboratory mice with their own gut bacteria, researchers report......»»

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Explore the Mars landscape in Chrome via Google’s Access Mars project

NASA rovers have taken a huge number of photos from the Mars surface, enabling researchers on the ground to combine them into a single massive, highly detailed 3D model of the planet’s landscape. This 3D model, thanks to a Google project called.....»»

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Do Our Political Parties Influence Which Cars We Drive?

Our political landscape is increasingly divided. Republicans and Democrats aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, and tension in the White House is causing stress for everyday Americans – and new studies show that our political affiliations may be see.....»»

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Las Vegas gunman’s hooker, Hillary Clinton’s lies, and Jerry Lewis’s forged will in this week’s tabloids

With its impeccable military intelligence contacts and team of White House insiders, the National Enquirer has scooped the world by obtaining “ISIS’s Map of Terror!” – revealing the jihadist group's “top secret” targets across America. Th.....»»

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Article: How Common Is Account-Based Marketing Among B2B Organizations?

Determining just how many B2B organizations are implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) strategy is difficult. In fact, data points on adoption are all over the map, especially since many of the surveys about the topic are commissioned by ABM v.....»»

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The "hell" that was the California fires comes alive in gut-wrenching web comic

Image: Brian fiesBrian Fies lost everything when his house was consumed by the California wildfires: family heirlooms, photos, ornaments made by his children. He’s taken the painful tragedy and turned it into a gut-wrenching web comic with de.....»»

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Hellish California wildfires inspire haunting web comic

Image: Brian fiesBrian Fies lost everything when his house was consumed by the California wildfires: family heirlooms, photos, ornaments made by his children. He’s taken the painful tragedy and turned it into a gut-wrenching web comic with de.....»»

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Abu Dhabi’s state fund just opened for business, right in San Francisco

 How fast the landscape seems to shift. SoftBank has been making waves in Silicon Valley since announcing its Vision Fund earlier this year. Now, one of SoftBank’s besties — the sovereign wealth fund of the United Arab Emirates, call.....»»

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The Earth’s interior is teeming with dead plates

We finally have a map of Earth's former surface, which now resides in the mantle. Enlarge (credit: Atlas of the Underworld) Last week, scientists released a monumental interactive catalog that tracks 94 ancient tectonic plates lurking deep wit.....»»

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