Man jailed indefinitely for refusing to decrypt hard drives loses appeal

“Our client has now been in custody for almost 18 months,” defense attorney says. Enlarge (credit: Thomas Trutschel/Getty Images) On Monday, a federal appeals court sided against a former Philadelphia police officer who has been in jail 17.....»»

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Old Man Logan #20 Review

Jeff Lemire lays the groundwork for the final chapter in his Old Man Logan saga. The finale to Jeff Lemire's Old Man Logan run is fast approaching. Issue #20 picks up where the previous chapter left off in terms of setting the stage for Logan's.....»»

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Spider-Man May Leave MCU After Homecoming Sequel

We may only have until 2019 to see Peter Parker alongside his avenging buddies. Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal has explained that Peter Parker may not be hanging around in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for all that long. It was some.....»»

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Mission: Impossible 6 Won"t Star Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner will reportedly appear as Hawkeye in both Marvel's Ant-Man sequel and Avengers: Infinity War. Mission: Impossible 6 reportedly won't feature the return of Jeremy Renner's William Brandt. According to Showbiz 411, the actor is in.....»»

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The best free DVD ripper 2017

Free software for backing up your movie collection and saving data from discs to your hard drive. Back up movies to your PC The idea of ripping DVDs is very much like ripping CDs, although it's shrouded in slightly more controversy. It inv.....»»

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Sneaky grandpa raises a litter of stray kittens behind grandma"s back

Keeping secrets become dangerous when you're in a marriage. But the secret becomes less dangerous if it involves raising stray kittens, as one grandpa found out. Syl, the granddaughter of this compassionate man, posted about her grandpa Jimmy's cland.....»»

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Australia Hit by Real Life Sharknado

The Australian state of Queensland was hit hard this week by a vicious tropical cyclone. And while there has been property damage, thankfully no one was seriously injured by Cyclone Debbie. Well, no one, unless you count this 5-foot long shark that w.....»»

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Is Tony Stark the World"s Worst Re-Gifter?

The latest trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has its share of hints and Easter eggs. Some big, others small. All of them pale in comparison to one shocking reveal, involving Tony Stark, Peter Parker, and a T-shirt.Read more........»»

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Trump again uses iPhone to tweet, backtracking from 2016 pledge

President Donald Trump now uses an iPhone to broadcast his famous early-morning tweets, according to the White House.Trump's turn to the iPhone was contrary to a pledge he made more than a year ago, when he blasted Apple for refusing to help feder.....»»

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Villagers Find Missing Man"s Corpse in Belly of Enormous Snake

Snakes are scary. Even little ones—the way they move, the prospect of venom, those little forked tongues—can send chills down your neck. But did you know that some snakes can eat human beings? A tragic incident in Indonesia recently reminded the.....»»

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38% off Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 2TB Portable External Hard Drive - Deal Post

The Backup Plus Ultra Slim Portable Drive is one of Seagate's thinnest and most eye-catching portable hard drives. Available in stunning gold and platinum colors- style meets storage- and easily slips into your backpack along with your other esse.....»»

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Drone Video Shows The Horrifying Scale Of The Volkswagen Buyback

No one really knows the environmental ramifications of scrapping hundreds of thousands of cheating diesel Volkswagens. That’s scary in and of itself. But the sheer scale of what’s going on is hard to imagine, and while you’ve probably seen stil.....»»

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Here’s where to go to buy a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch may make it to the masses eventually, but Nintendo's latest console is currently hard to come by. Here are you best bets for purchasing the console, whether you want to nab an individual unit or a bundle. The post Here’s whe.....»»

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Lexar Launches "JumpDrive Tough" USB Drives up to 128GB: Focusing on Physical Endurance

Over the last week, Lexar has introduced a new series of USB flash drives with enhanced endurance. The new drives are built to survive in tough conditions, such as very cold or very hot temperatures or water. As for performance and capacities, we ar.....»»

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Windows 10 Creators Update review: Gaming, inking, and Edge win, while mixed reality loses

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Creators Update offers the most significant upgrade to Windows 10 since its launch, splashing a bright, cheery coat of fun over Windows 10’s productivity foundation. Microsoft announced Wednesday morning that this free.....»»

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Black Panther Confirms an Important Cast Member

Get a look at some of the weird and wonderful aliens of Valerian. Once Upon a Time might be saying farewell to two major characters. Another familiar face could appear in Spider-Man: Homecoming. The cast of The Flash discusses the ramifications of la.....»»

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IRS loses lawsuit in attempt to get Amazon to pay $1.5B in back taxes

Judge: Amazon properly valued amount that one corporate entity charged another. (credit: Getty Images) Amazon has successfully emerged from a lawsuit brought by the Internal Revenue Service, saving the company from a huge potential tax bill. A.....»»

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Man who claims he invented e-mail is now running for US Senate

Shiva Ayyadurai, who sued the Techdirt blog for libel, will run in Massachusetts. Enlarge (credit: Boston Globe / Getty Images News) Shiva Ayyadurai, the Massachusetts man who for years has made a widely-disputed claim that he invented e-mail,.....»»

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The Wonderboom Is a Great Little $100 Bluetooth Speaker With a Familiar Face

It’s hard to have long-lasting fun for $100 these days. A fancy dinner is over in a couple of hours. A ticket to Disney World expires not long after sunset. But the Wonderboom, a new waterproof speaker from Ultimate Ears, feels like it could last f.....»»

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World"s Most Useful Robot Prints and Immediately Burns Trump"s Tweets

The one consistent hallmark of our pissboy president’s two-month-long paranoid sitcom is his habit of retreating to Twitter to inflict his delusions on the rest of us. The diminishing returns of tweeting “fuck you” at the man several times are.....»»

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Sony Is Weirdly Questioning Spider-Man"s MCU Future After the Homecoming Sequel

Earlier today, we got a great big look at Sony and Marvel’s collaboration on Spider-Man: Homecoming. Now, at CinemaCon 2017, Homecoming producer and former Sony Pictures chief Amy Pascal is telling the press that the two studios might not work toge.....»»

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