Like it or not: Broccoli may be good for the gut

For the broccoli haters of the world, researchers may have more bad news: the vegetable may also help promote a healthy gut......»»

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Let’s hope the T-Mobile Sprint merger keeps getting delayed forever

Much like flying cars, a T-Mobile/Sprint merger always seems to be on the horizon. Rumors first emerged in 2014 about a deal, only for everything to be called off, with regulators to blame. The grapevine sprouted new stories shortly after the corpora.....»»

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Porsche Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition Gets 911 Wheels

If you like the idea of the Porsche Macan Turbo with the Performance Package but wish there was a version that costs even more money, we have great news. Porsche just announced the Macan Turbo Exclusive Performance Edition. Basically, it’s a.....»»

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Beautifully bizarre art game "Everything is going to be OK" is about how not OK everything is

Listen, everything is absolutely not OK right now. The short list of not-OK things just happening in the news lately, for instance, includes the pervasive culture of sexual assault that rots our society and is finally coming to bear. Or that our eart.....»»

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9 mind-blowing facts about the avocado

Avocados are everywhere now: on toast, in sushi, even in ice cream. Most people pick one up from the store like their college debt isn’t waiting for them at home. But did you know there’s more to this droopy fruit than meets the eye? From.....»»

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Bathe in Elon Musk"s musk courtesy of this creepy air freshener

What does a dream smell like? The promise of distant worlds? A hairline that defies time and space? Or, perhaps, something more terrestrial — a magical underground tunnel, whisking you away to destinations heretofore only envisioned one sunny a.....»»

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Here’s a Multi-Angle Look at the HTC U11 Plus

Forget 3D renderings, want to see real images of the HTC U11 Plus? These images were pulled from TENAA, a telecommunications certification group in China (like the FCC), and show the device from almost all angles. It most definitely matches up to tho.....»»

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The Tech Info Group Acquired By Capitas Partners

Los Angeles-based The Tech Info Group, a managed IT services, back-up, cloud, and security provider, has been acquired by Capitas Partners, the two said late Friday. Financial details of the acquisition were not announced. According to the companies,.....»»

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GardenSpace will water your garden and keep away pests with its robotic head

It's not that you don't have a green thumb -- you just don't have the time to take care of your garden. Luckily, the Kickstarter project GardenSpace can help you keep your plants watered when you're away. The post GardenSpace will water your garden.....»»

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Photo editor Macphun Luminar will soon add a Lightroom-like organizer tool

Macphun Luminar will soon be both a Photoshop competitor and a Lightroom competitor. Next year, the program is adding an asset manager for managing files both on a hard drive or stored on a cloud system. The post Photo editor Macphun Luminar will soo.....»»

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Why Avengers Towers Isn"t in The Marvel Netflix Series

Jeph Loeb has a reason for why Daredevil and Jessica Jones don't hang out at the landmark tower from the MCU. The Avengers Tower is a massive landmark in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but it has not been seen in any of Marvel's Netflix shows,.....»»

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Everyone who"s not OK right now should play "Everything is going to be OK"

Listen, everything is absolutely not OK right now. The short list of not-OK things just happening in the news lately, for instance, includes the pervasive culture of sexual assault that rots our society and is finally coming to bear. Or that our eart.....»»

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If Jeff Bezos really wanted to rule the world, he"d pose for corny photos like he used to

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos might be jacked and powerful now, but his photo shoot panache has really taken a nosedive. In the early years of Amazon (the mid-to-late '90s, when all style was perfect), Bezos seemed to have a penchant for corny, delightful ph.....»»

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Bitcoin hits another milestone as it climbs past $6,000

If you own Bitcoin, October has been good to you. The value of one bitcoin climbed over $6,000 for the first time on Friday less than two weeks after it pushed past $5,000. SEE ALSO: Bitcoin broke through $5,000—but there are major risks ahead.....»»

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The slip "n" slide of solar panels are easier to transport and may save lives

Renovagen is a company based out of the UK that specializes in solar energy. They have created a new system of solar panels that is portable and easy to use called 'Rapid Roll'. The panels are easy to roll out of a truck or trailer. The island, Flat.....»»

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Google won’t void the warranty on your rooted Pixel 2

Google customer support has confirmed that the company will not void the warranty for any Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL owners who have rooted their devices. While many folks have moved away from the world of rooting due to the improvements of Android a.....»»

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There"s a sexy fidget spinner costume because 2017 is trash

Every year, the internet is flooded with needlessly sexy Halloween costumes. But we just may have found the worst offender — for 2017, at least. Image: dolls killCashing in on the last bit of leg the trend has, Dolls Kill has released a sexy.....»»

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The AI That Has Nothing to Learn From Humans

An anonymous reader shares a report: Now that AlphaGo's arguably got nothing left to learn from humans -- now that its continued progress takes the form of endless training games against itself -- what do its tactics look like, in the eyes of experie.....»»

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iPhone X anticipation may be slowing iPhone 8 sales

2017 is a bit of an anomaly year for Apple. Though we’ve grown used to receiving two new iPhones each year – one standard-sized iPhone and one Plus model – this year we’re getting three new iPhones. One of those, as you likely.....»»

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Science says there’s a very, very good reason why you’re afraid of spiders

If just the sight of a spider or snake is enough to send a shiver up your spine you already know you're not alone, but did you ever stop to think about where that fear comes from? You might imagine seeing the creepy critters throughout your life has.....»»

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Billboard shifting how it charts Apple Music and other streaming services next year

Billboard has announced that it will adjust how it weights and calculates streaming music starting in 2018. Changes will include more weight given for paid music services like Apple Music than ad-supported services. more….....»»

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