Kim Dotcom’s Historical Speeding Conviction Still a Deportation Danger

Could a historical speeding conviction see Kim Dotcom kicked out of New Zealand if the case to extradite him to the United States fails? That's the situation faced by the Megaupload founder, as an investigation into how he became a resident in the co.....»»

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Vivino Market will give personalized wine recommendations, then sell you a bottle

On Wednesday, popular wine app Vivino announced the launch of Vivino Market, described as a "wine recommendation engine that suggests unique wines to each individual user based on historical rating and purchase data." The post Vivino Market will give.....»»

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Want to test your fertility? Researchers develop a device to help you at home

The bright minds at Harvard University created a device that allows men to measure their ability to procreate with nothing more than their smartphone. But it's still a ways away from public introduction. The post Want to test your fertility? Research.....»»

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Bad luck may play a big role in cancer—but prevention tactics still matter

Study doubles down on earlier work that led to big, some say pointless, controversy. Cancer cells in culture from human connective tissue, illuminated by darkfield amplified contrast, at a magnification of 500x. (credit: NCI, Dr. Cecil Fox) W.....»»

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Bloody, meatless Impossible Burger will soon be easier to find

The so-called Impossible Burger debuted last year, but it's still pretty difficult to get you hands on one. Although it looks, smells and even bleeds like the real thing, the burger's patty contains no beef, but rather "meat" that&.....»»

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Give your useless DVDs new life with this new digital conversion app

When was the last time you actually watched a movie on DVD? Maybe like, 2014?  You probably still have a dusty stack of plastic boxes sitting on a shelf somewhere, though, doing little more than taking up space as you flip through multiple strea.....»»

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Lawmaker wants discrimination protection for climate deniers

Well, this is a new one: A state lawmaker in Maine wants you to believe that climate change deniers deserve protection under anti-discrimination laws.  Maine Republican Rep. Larry Lockman says climate deniers are in danger of seeing their free s.....»»

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Instagram will soon censor sensitive content in your feed

Instagram just announced a major change to how it deals with posts that contain sensitive content.  The app will soon begin to blur out photos and videos that have been deemed "sensitive." Users will still be able to view the images but will nee.....»»

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Facebook is still trying to get people to use it for shopping

Facebook still wants to turn your News Feed into an online shopping tool. Its latest effort to turn into an ecommerce giant is a new ad format that lets brands pair their commercials with collections of images and product listings in the same post. W.....»»

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Use aluminium foil, color gels to create this incredible bokeh wall effect

Photography can be an expensive hobby, but there are still some great ways to be creative on the cheap. This video is a perfect example of using a limited budget to great effect. The post Use aluminium foil, color gels to create this incredible boke.....»»

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Tesla might have real competition soon—meet the Lucid Air

Still a couple of years from production, but the prototype is very convincing. Jonathan Gitlin It's still surprising that Tesla has had the high-end electric.....»»

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CoreOS extends its Tectonic Kubernetes service to Azure and OpenStack

 While CoreOS is probably still best known for its Linux distribution, that was only the company’s gateway drug to a wider range of services. Tectonic, the company’s service for running Kubernetes-based container deployments in the.....»»

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Senate votes to allow ISPs to collect personal data without permission

 The broadband privacy rules created by the FCC last year and vigorously debated last night are in danger after the Senate voted to repeal them this morning. Among other things, the rules required ISPs to obtain consumers’ permission in or.....»»

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A historic 1964 Ford Mustang with an unusual past heads to auction

A 1964 Ford Mustang hardtop wearing chassis number 00002 is scheduled to cross the auction block next month. It's a base, low-spec model, but it could sell for more than half a million dollars due to its historical significance. The post A historic 1.....»»

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Restricting robocalls: The FCC votes to block more automated phone call spam

Automated spam calls could become far less frequent under a new FCC ruling, which makes number spoofing much harder. It still needs to go through public consultation but it could become law by the year's end. The post Restricting robocalls: The FCC v.....»»

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These are the most vulnerable apps you need to make sure are updated

Don’t leave the door open for hackers or malware by running out-of-date software. Another report has emerged highlighting the most common vulnerable apps, and looking at the perils of outdated software, with perhaps the biggest danger being j.....»»

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O my! 5 key takeaways from Google"s Android O preview

Surprise! Just when you thought Android news couldn't possibly get any slower (hi, Bixby!), Google came along and dropped an early preview of Android O right in our laps. Now, I know: You're probably still waiting for last year's Nougat release t.....»»

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Uber Employees Use Secret Tools To Target Drivers And Undercut Competition

Three years ago, ride-hailing giant Uber came under investigation for a tool called “God View” that allowed employees to track drivers and customers in real-time. Uber has since scaled that ability back, but Jalopnik has learned the company still.....»»

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Timebound mobile app chronicles historical events with gorgeous timelines

Timebound, an app for iOS and Android, brings history to your fingertips in the form of beautiful, media-rich timelines. It will gain new events every week, each vetted by academic historians for accuracy. The post Timebound mobile app chronicles hi.....»»

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Florida Man Accidentally Destroys at Least 10 Homes While Burning Books

If you’re looking to get rid of old books, there are plenty of places to donate them. Unfortunately, a man in Florida didn’t know that and has destroyed between 10 to 15 homes in a fire that’s still raging in Nassau County.Read more........»»

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Man who orchestrated tech-fueled kidnapping scheme given 40 years

Kidnapper left his phone at the crime scene, said he still had a privacy interest in it. Enlarge / The Vallejo Police Department initially dismissed the kidnapping allegations as a hoax. (credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images News) A Californ.....»»

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