Kim Dotcom’s Historical Speeding Conviction Still a Deportation Danger

Could a historical speeding conviction see Kim Dotcom kicked out of New Zealand if the case to extradite him to the United States fails? That's the situation faced by the Megaupload founder, as an investigation into how he became a resident in the co.....»»

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Battling flames increases firefighters" exposure to carcinogens

The threat of getting burned by roaring flames is an obvious danger of firefighting, but other health risks are more subtle. For example, firefighters have been found to develop cancer at higher rates than the general population. Now researchers have.....»»

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Twitter Vows New Crackdown on Hateful, Abusive Tweets

Twitter vowed to crack down further on hate speech and sexual harassment, days after CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet-storm that the company was "still" not doing enough to protect its users. The policy changes were specifically aimed at protecting w.....»»

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This easter egg on "Game of Thrones" adds a whole new layer to this tragic death

Remember Shireen? Well, the sound of Stannis Baratheon's late, innocent daughter's screams as she burned in one of Melisendre's safrifices might jog your memory. Or still haunt you in your sleep. But a new Reddit post discovered a subtle easter egg l.....»»

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"Jeopardy!" contestant somehow wins with just $1

On the third game of his Jeopardy! run, Manny Abell scrawled down the incorrect answer to Tuesday night's "Final Jeopardy" question. Still, through sheer luck, he managed to secure an unlikely win. With $1,000 on his board and a bet of $999, he w.....»»

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Qualcomm looks to increase smartwatch battery life with its next generation of chips

While smartwatches still aren't as popular as manufacturers expected, that hasn’t stopped companies from pouring resources into the industry. Qualcomm, whose Snapdragon processors are found in many Android wearables, is one such example, ha.....»»

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Microsoft is about to make the dream of multi-day laptop battery life a reality

Consumer electronics companies are still struggling to build smartphones with battery life that can actually carry the user through a full day, let alone two days. We might see some serious progress next year if Apple really does launch a larger vers.....»»

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MysteryVibe’s Stephanie Alys talks about a pleasurable future

 The MysteryVibe is a snake-shaped vibrator that took the Internet by storm and is still going strong. This week I talked to the co-founder of the company, Stephanie Alys, about the future of pleasure and sextoys. It’s safe to say that thi.....»»

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Let"s Keep the Science in Forensic Science

A body created to set national standards is now in danger -- Read more on»»

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Google Calendar on the web finally gets a Material facelift

Most of Google's apps have Material Design, but a lot of the web services still don't. Google Calendar is finally getting a taste of Material......»»

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iPhone X might be expensive, but it’s still going to boost the entire industry

The iPhone X is indeed the most expensive phone you can buy right now, and not all buyers are happy about that, even if there will be ways to lower the entry price. Regardless of how expensive it is, especially in international markets, where buyer.....»»

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Can You Guess Which Cities These Music Videos Were Filmed In?

In the age of green screen backgrounds, hyperrealistic renderings and the endless run of superhero movies that rely heavily on special effects, some directors are still betting on turning cities into protagonists of their music videos. In t.....»»

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An explainer on cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications and their potential uses, and the current crypto market mania (Adam Ludwin/Chain)

Adam Ludwin / Chain: An explainer on cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications and their potential uses, and the current crypto market mania  —  And anyone else still struggling to understand cryptocurrencies  — .....»»

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Microsoft already fixed KRACK WPA2 vulnerability

KRACK, the Wi-Fi security vulnerability, has come as a shock to the technology companies including Microsoft, Apple, and Google. While the other companies are still looking for a security solution, Microsoft has released security updates for its Wind.....»»

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Dead Space creator Visceral Games shut down; upcoming Star Wars game changes direction

Despite the weaknesses of the third entry, the Dead Space trilogy still holds a place in the hearts of many horror fans. Sadly, the studio behind all three titles, Visceral Games, is being shuttered by parent company Electronic Arts......»»

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Gmail on iOS trials third-party email accounts

One of the worst things about Gmail for iOS is that unlike its Android counterpart, it doesn't support third-party accounts. If you also use Outlook or other providers for any reason, you'll still have to depend on one of its rival.....»»

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Bento Stack is a bento box for your Apple accessories

 The only thing I hate more than schlepping around electronics is schlepping around accessories and dongles for those electronics. And even when I’m not traveling it’s still hard to organize everything in one place and resist the tem.....»»

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Nova Launcher Beta brings a taste of Pixel 2 to other phones

It is no surprise that Google as started acting a bit like other OEMs when it comes to its darling Pixel phones. It’s still not as bad and not as permanent, but some features end up being available only on the Pixel phone or at least first on a Pix.....»»

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Sonos One review: The best-sounding smart speaker you can buy

When Sonos released the Play:5 speaker in late 2015, the Amazon Echo was still an unproven tech curiosity. But since then, Alexa and the Echo have grown rapidly in both popularity and functionality, inspiring competition from the likes of Go.....»»

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Qualcomm CEO expects to resolve differences w/ Apple, but there’s no end in sight

Apple and Qualcomm are currently engaged in a well-publicized and increasingly bitter legal battle over patents and licensing, but Qualomm is still hopeful things will work themselves out. Speaking at the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live conference, Q.....»»

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It took Harvey Weinstein to bring down Amazon"s Roy Price. That"s just sad.

Amazon Studios is no hero for pushing out its chief, Roy Price, after he was accused of sexually harassing a producer. It's still a villain in this tale, clearly seeking goodwill for doing the right thing, when it only punished Price after being scal.....»»

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