Kate Buckley Closes Half-Million Dollar Sale of - Now Has 2 of Year"s Top 3 Sales

Domain broker Kate Buckley is on a hot streak. She just completed her 3rd six-figure sale in the last 10 months......»»

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Google Maps Pulls Cupcake Calorie Counter After Backlash

You can call it the Great Cupcake Controversy of 2017. In what is probably the only example ever of tiny, frosted cakes sparking mass outrage, strong negative feedback has prompted Google to remove a cupcake calorie counter from its iOS Maps app, the.....»»

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MakerBot attempts to embrace the open-source community with its new Labs platform

 The topic of open source has been a touchy one for MakerBot over the past decade. The one-time 3D-printing darling was the subject of some serious smack talk when it stopped disclosing machine design in 2012. MakerBot Labs doesn’t mark a.....»»

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Is your truck one of the 1.3 million Ford F-150 and Super Duty pickups recalled?

Is your truck one of the 1.3 million Ford F-150 and Super Duty pickups recalled?.....»»

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In an Ironic Twist, GM Donates $5 Million to The Henry Ford National Historic Landmark

General Motors just made a charitable move that might seem a tad ironic at first glance. That’s because the automaker has donated $5 million to The Henry Ford national historic landmark. Although the name of this institution might be inspired.....»»

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This $13 accessory makes it practically impossible to lose your AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are the most popular wireless headphones in the world right now for so many reasons, from the cool cord-free design and the W1 wireless chip to the sound quality. Of course, they’re not perfect and the very same design tha.....»»

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Top 20 Netflix shows that subscribers finished within 24 hours of release

At this point, unless you've been living under a rock, chances are that you've heard of the term "binge watching." In fact, if you subscribe to Netflix or any of the other streaming services, you've likely binged a series or two yourself -- watching.....»»

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Samsung leapfrogs Intel again with 8-nanometer chips

Samsung has qualified its 8-nanometer chip-making process for production three months ahead of schedule. It's the same "low power plus" (LPP) process used for its current 10-nanometer silicon, not the next-gen extreme ultraviolet (EUV).....»»

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Here is Apple"s self-driving car prototype

Here are new images of Apple's self-driving car technology (Project Titan) mounted on a Lexus RX350. That gear on the top is a rack of six LIDAR sensors that use lasers to collect spatial data about the vehicle's surroundings. Going to need more t.....»»

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Smalltown America finds ecstasy at Dollar General

I love dollar stores, and so does rural America. Dollar General, in particular, is cleaning up in the towns so out of the way even Wal-Mart can't make business there. The Decatur store is one of 1,000 Dollar Generals opening this year as part of t.....»»

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Toyota Fine-Comfort Ride Concept for Tokyo is Plum Crazy

Fuel cell fans get a plum of a ride from Toyota at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. The automaker will debut its Fine-Comfort Ride concept, a hydrogen-powered vehicle that seats six and has a cruising range of 621 miles on the Japanese test cycle. Li.....»»

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Live-Actions DC Series Titans Casts Beast Boy

The DC series continues to round out its team with the green-skinned, wisecracking Beast Boy. The voice of Hiro Hamada is becoming a different hero, as Ryan Potter has been announced to play Beast Boy in DC's live-action Titans series. WB has r.....»»

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Batman #33 Review

DC's flagship Batman comic begins a key new storyline that explores the fallout of Batman's marriage proposal to Catwoman. DC has been purposely vague about the premise of this new Batman story arc, revealing little more than that it features B.....»»

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343 Details Next Round of Halo 5, Halo Wars 2 Updates

Halo 5 and Halo Wars 2 are getting updates and additional functionality for all Xbox users, and upgrades for Xbox One X. 343 Industries has shared new information regarding updates coming soon to Halo 5: Guardians, Halo Wars 2, and more. In a.....»»

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Baidu plans to put a driverless bus on Chinese roads next year and cars by 2021

Chinese search giant Baidu has some bold new targets for its self-driving auto plans.  Baidu CEO Robin Li outlined company's self-driving vehicle goals for the next few years onstage at the Wall Street Journal’s D.Live technology conferenc.....»»

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New dad straps on his baby to sing her to sleep with some multi-instrumental smooth jams

Finally, I have something in common with 2-month-old babies: we both love falling asleep to the sweet sounds of early '80s soft rock. One new dad won't let his newborn stop him from playing music, only now, he'd rather she were strapped to him wh.....»»

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Incredible microscopic footage captures the invisible movement of life itself

A team of scientists in Austria filmed a single tree root tip growing over a 17-hour period. The footage shows how organisms respond to gravity and it can help us figure out how to grow plants in space. The video is this year's winner in Nikon’.....»»

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Battling flames increases firefighters" exposure to carcinogens

The threat of getting burned by roaring flames is an obvious danger of firefighting, but other health risks are more subtle. For example, firefighters have been found to develop cancer at higher rates than the general population. Now researchers have.....»»

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The Sonos One offers all that wireless speaker goodness with a side of Alexa

 There isn’t much to say about the new Sonos One that hasn’t been said about Sonos already. The company has long been the gold standard in wireless whole-home audio and their speakers, while small, are powerful and more than usable f.....»»

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"Small number" of Russian Facebook election ad accounts used Messenger

According to David Marcus, Facebook's VP of Messaging Products, a "small number" of the 470 Russia-linked accounts that attempted to influence last year's US elections also used Messenger. He said so in an interview at Wall Street.....»»

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Court Lifts Santa Monica Airport Restraining Order

A U.S. District Court has dissolved a temporary restraining order that had instructed Santa Monica, California, not to take action to shorten the runway at the city’s airport. read more.....»»

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