Jumping Into Character Customization in Code Vein

Bandai Namco Studios talks to us about creating your very own vampire in Code Vein. Like any good RPG, Code Vein has extensive customization options that will change the physical appearance of your character. In the video above, Bandai Namco St.....»»

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IBM Open Sources "WebSphere Liberty" For Java Microservices and Cloud-Native Apps

An anonymous reader quotes TechRepublic: On Wednesday, IBM revealed the Open Liberty project, open sourcing its WebSphere Liberty code on GitHub to support Java microservices and cloud-native apps. The company created Liberty five years ago to help d.....»»

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Super Mario Run update introduces new world, mode, and playable character

Super Mario Run made its debut late last year as one of Nintendo’s first big smartphone games, along with marking the iconic character’s first time appearing on a non-Nintendo platform. Those who are still enjoying the run-and-jump mobile.....»»

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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Noctis Gameplay Footage Shows Off His Warp-Strike Action

Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis was recently revealed as Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s new character, and we got to see some more of the crown prince in action with some familiar moves at TGS 2017. Read Dissidia Final Fantasy NT’s Noctis Ga.....»»

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5 apps that can turn you into a productivity Jedi

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. We all wish we could add more hours to the day. But barring the invention of time travel, or a change in the Earth’s rotation, the best you c.....»»

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Watch Yamcha And Tien’s Introduction Trailers For Dragon Ball FighterZ

In addition to the story teaser where we saw how Goku and Krillin meets the original character Android 21, Bandai Namco hare more to share for Dragon Ball FighterZ with Yamcha and Tien’s introduction trailers. Read Watch Yamcha And Tien’s Int.....»»

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Dragon Ball FighterZ In-Game Reveal Trailer Shows How Goku And Krillin Meet Android 21

One of the big surprises for Dragon Ball FighterZ so far is the original character Android 21 who plays a big role in the fighter’s original story. A new in-game reveal trailer shows how we’ll meet her in the game. Read Dragon Ball FighterZ In-Ga.....»»

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Final Fantasy XV Development To Carry Into 2018 With A Focus On Its Story

Square Enix held a special Active Time Report live stream session at TGS 2017, where they shared more on Final Fantasy XV and a bit on their plan to continue its development into next year. Read Final Fantasy XV Development To Carry Into 2018 With A.....»»

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Code Vein Gets A TGS 2017 Trailer Revealing New Characters And More On Its Setting

Code Vein got a new trailer at Tokyo Game Show 2017 showing some new characters like the “Queen” and a mysterious “Red Mist” that follows with plenty of intense Revenant action. Read Code Vein Gets A TGS 2017 Trailer Revealing New Characters.....»»

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Toyota"s Gazoo line will find its way into U.S. products

Toyota debuts a GR sports car series for Japan and beyond. The U.S. may not get the name, but its future products will get a healthy dose of the line's sporty spirit......»»

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Hackers Using iCloud"s Find My iPhone Feature To Remotely Lock Macs, Demand Ransom Payments

AmiMoJo shares a report from Mac Rumors: Over the last day or two, several Mac users appear to have been locked out of their machines after hackers signed into their iCloud accounts and initiated a remote lock using Find My iPhone. With access to an.....»»

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YouTube Plus subscription reference found in app code

A tidbit found within the YouTube v12.37 apk indicates that Google’s video service may be preparing to launch yet another subscription option, this one called ‘Plus.’ The subscription seemingly would be a companion to the existing Y.....»»

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This accessory turns your Echo Dot into a portable speaker that sounds better than an Echo

The VAUX Cordless Home Speaker + Portable Battery for Amazon Echo Dot is easily one of our favorite accessories ever for Amazon’s popular Alexa speaker. Simply drop your Dot in the top, connect it, and it’s instantly transformed into a po.....»»

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Danganronpa V3 Review

Murder mystery mayhem strikes again in an unforgettable adventure game. Danganronpa is a series that doesn’t look like much on the surface, but once you start playing, it’s easy to get sucked into the weird character drama and the lengthy,.....»»

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This AI turns simple sketches into Van Gogh paintings

Cambridge Consultants has demonstrated an artificial intelligence system that takes simple sketches and transforms them into artwork that look like something created by Vincent Van Gogh or other famous painters. The system, which is nicknamed Vincent.....»»

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Turns out Russia went after Wisconsin"s voter registration system

Another piece of the messed-up puzzle that was the 2016 U.S. presidential election fell into place today, as the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that "Russian government cyber actors" targeted the voter registration system of a key battlegr.....»»

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DHS informs 21 states that Russian hackers attacked their voting systems in 2016 election

The Department of Homeland Security today revealed which states were targeted by Russian hackers trying to break into voting systems during the 2016 election cycle. DHS said "most" states were unsuccessfully attacked, but didn't make clear how and wh.....»»

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SilverStone Case Storage Series CS350

"While we have tested dozens of SilverStone computer cases over the years at Phoronix, they have generally been phenomenal desktop cases, but not until now have we had a chance to see what innovations the company can drive into server.....»»

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be quiet! SFX L 600W Power Supply review

We review many power supplies, but its always a treat to get a new SFX unit into our labs for analysis. Today we take a look at the be quiet! SFX L, now available in 550W and 600W capacities. be quiet! have been behind many 80 Plus Bronze r.....»»

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Tesla Superchargers may borrow something from gas stations

Tesla may have a track record of looking to the future of transportation, but it’s considering a thoroughly well-established idea for upgrading its Superchargers. Rather than getting more energy into your electric car, the automaker is apparent.....»»

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Target Restock next-day delivery hits 8 cities in move against Amazon

Target has expanded its next-day delivery service into 8 new cities, all of them major metro regions like Chicago and Los Angeles. This is done as part of Target’s Restock service, a way for anyone to order certain goods online and have then ar.....»»

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