It"s Time to Make Birth Control Accessible Over-the-Counter, For Everyone

In our eventual feminist utopia, birth control will be available in vending machines, water parks, and even those lip-gloss-and-tampon dispensers in movie theater bathrooms. But unfortunately, obtaining oral contraceptive birth control these days is.....»»

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Government rushes security advisor to Mumbai in wake of ransomware attack

The government rushed National Cyber Security Advisor Gulshan Rai to the financial capital today. The post Government rushes security advisor to Mumbai in wake of ransomware attack appeared first on Tech2. Concerned over the latest malware attac.....»»

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MIT scientists develop system that can be used for flying cars, with drones that can fly and drive

To make them capable of driving, they put two small motors with wheels on the bottom of each drone. The post MIT scientists develop system that can be used for flying cars, with drones that can fly and drive appeared first on Tech2. MIT scientis.....»»

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Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries Rolling Out to Google Photos

First detailed at Google I/O, new sharing features are officially rolling out to users of Google Photos in the US. The two new features are Suggested Sharing and Shared Libraries. With Suggested Sharing, Google Photos automatically goes over your lib.....»»

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FBI Interviews Employees of Russia-Linked Cyber Security Firm Kaspersky Lab

FBI agents on Tuesday paid visits to at least a dozen employees of Kaspersky Lab, a Russia-based cyber-security company, asking questions about that company's operations as part of a counter-intelligence inquiry, multiple sources familiar with the ma.....»»

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Western Digital’s 96 layer 3D NAND will lead to terabit memory chips

Western Digital developed a new generation of 3D NAND storage which packs 96 layers, leading to a potential 1Tb of storage in a single chip, though we shouldn't expect commercial products to make use of it until 2018. The post Western Digital’s.....»»

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Waymo’s self-driving van hits the desert to see if it can stand the heat

 Testing self-driving cars in California is like playing a video game on the “easy” setting, because it’s nice all the time and basically temperate year-round. Autonomous vehicles face significant challenges when it comes to mo.....»»

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Zume Pizza adds extra automation as it rolls out to new cities

 Zume Pizza has its eyes set on disrupting legacy pizza players like Pizza Hut and Domino’s by improving on both speed and quality with the help of robots. Over the last two years, founder Julia Collins has been steadily adding new machi.....»»

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Just being able to see our smartphones might be draining our brain power

Let's face it — some of us are living deep in the trenches of smartphone addiction. Whether it's by constantly checking social media networks, reading push alerts, or responding to texts, we spend more time than ever on our phone. So it shouldn.....»»

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Luke from "Gilmore Girls" is selling out and starting a coffee brand

Gilmore Girls' curmudgeonly Luke Danes may have served coffee for a living, but he would probably loathe the idea of starting his own coffee brand. Scott Patterson, the actor who plays Luke, has no such inhibitions, and decided to make something of h.....»»

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John Romero’s Doom II floppy disks sell for over $3,000

A small price to pay? Enlarge / Back in my day... (credit: eBay / John Romero) If you want to play the original version of Doom II, the game will set you back just $1.24 during the current Steam sale. If you want a boxed copy of the original f.....»»

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You may soon be able to see who likes you on Tinder before you swipe

Tinder is testing out a premium subscription tier that allows users to see who likes them before they swipe. Tinder is testing out a new premium tier with additional features including one that users have been requesting for a long time, the ab.....»»

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These photos could be the best images shot with an iPhone this year

The annual iPhone Photography Awards has announced the 2017 winners -- and the gallery is quite impressive. The contest included submissions from over 140 countries and both grand prize and special category winners. The post These photos could be the.....»»

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You can now make your own Snapchat filters without leaving the app

Snapchat is making it even easier to make your own custom geofilter.  The app just added its geofilter creation tools to its main app so you can design and buy a filter without ever closing the app. Previously, you could only make filters on Sna.....»»

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Mod turns "Counter-Strike" into a "Tekken" clone with fighting chickens

Nothing about this mod makes sense.  Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter and one of the central players in the present-day esports world. This is a 2D fighting game in the style of Tekken, except the fighters are chick.....»»

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Donald Trump is going after Jeff Bezos but also seems a bit confused

It was just a matter of time until Donald Trump went after the far more successful Jeff Bezos.  On Wednesday morning, Trump sat down with various White House administrators and elected officials to figure out if Bezos' ownership of the Washingto.....»»

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Troubled shoots that became classic movies, or why Han Solo fans shouldn"t worry

For better or worse, internet pop culture is obsessed with the minutiae of movie production. Once upon a time most people outside Hollywood would have only received the birth announcement; now millions wring their hands throughout the pregnancy. .....»»

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These photos of nervous cheetahs playing with their "support dogs" will make your day

It's common knowledge that everyone on this planet — or everyone who counts, at least — loves dogs. They're fun to be around. They're a comforting presence. Just one look at their cheerfully lolling tongues and dopey, wagging tails is eno.....»»

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Here"s how they make the "Game of Thrones" music so spine-tinglingly epic

There's a reason the music in Game of Thrones is so damn good. Obviously there are plenty of people behind the big orchestral scores, but the masterminding of the whole thing is down to one man: Ramin Djawadi. SEE ALSO: 'Game of Thrones' characte.....»»

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Watch Microsoft Accelerator’s Tel Aviv demo day right here

 TechCrunch is pleased to offer Microsoft Accelerator’s Tel Aviv demo day event today at 6:30 p.m. local time, 8:30 a.m. PST. The Microsoft Accelerator is an immersive three- to six-month program aimed at helping entrepreneurs get throug.....»»

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Spider-Man teams up with Audi

Superheroes are just like everyone else when it comes to getting a driver's license......»»

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