It"s Only a Drill: Guantanamo Rehearses Caribbean Migrant Crisis

Hundreds of U.S. forces are rehearsing a migrant crisis this week at the U.S. Navy base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba......»»

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Here"s what Apple had to say about those WikiLeaks files on hacked Macs and iPhones

Apple has responded to the latest crop of WikiLeaks documents that allege the CIA had a number of projects meant to compromise Apple products.  "Based on our initial analysis, the alleged iPhone vulnerability affected iPhone 3G only and was fixe.....»»

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Berlin City Honda of Portland Receives Prestigious Honda President"s Award

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine, March 23, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- American Honda Motor Co., Inc., is proud to announce that Berlin City Honda of Portland received the prestigious Honda President's Award for 2016. Only the top-performing Honda dealerships, from a.....»»

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Trump"s review of emissions rules may only slow march to higher mpg

Emissions rules set by the EPA may take a backseat to consumers demanding vehicles that guzzle less gas and automakers having to meet tougher standards if they want to export cars overseas, according to auto industry analysts......»»

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The Galaxy Note7 was an explosive failure. Here"s how Samsung could follow it.

Samsung is poised to finally reveal the long-awaited Galaxy S8 next week But we’re more excited to see how Samsung will follow up the spectacular failure of last year's Galaxy Note7 — you know, the phone that kept exploding. The only thi.....»»

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A Four-Year-Old Boy Used Siri to Save His Unconscious Mother’s Life

When a young boy identified only as Roman couldn’t wake up his unconscious mother, he did what any astute, technologically-adept four-year-old would do: He used his mother’s finger to unlock her phone, and then asked Siri to call emergency servic.....»»

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20% off Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter - Deal Alert

Step on the deck and go with Razor Hovertrax 2.0, the world’s smartest self-balancing electric scooter. Intelligently-engineered with EverBalance technology, Hovertrax 2.0 is the only board that auto-levels for a safer, easier mount and a smooth.....»»

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Prepare to ace multiple IT certifications with the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle

If you want to join the ranks of ethical hackers employed by companies worldwide, you can get started by picking up the Ultimate Computer Security Bundle, now only $29......»»

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India"s controversial biometric ID card system could become the only one

If you were waiting for the Indian government to slow down (or completely stop) with its push to bring Aadhaar biometric identity system into your lives, don’t hold your breath. SEE ALSO: India's database with biometric details of its billion c.....»»

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This man"s epic quest for a rainbow bagel makes a crucial point about accessibility

If you're in New York City, you could get your hands on a coveted rainbow bagel pretty easily. Only a MetroCard fare and a few subway stops are between you and the copious amounts of dyed dough. But if you have a mobility-related disability, publ.....»»

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Jaguar follows Chevy with unlimited LTE for your car

In-car WiFi is only worth having if you've got enough mobile data to make use of it. Following Chevy's lead, Jaguar Land Rover will offer a pre-paid, unlimited AT&T data plan for $20 a month. The luxury automaker says that you can.....»»

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Upgrade Your House With USB Power Receptacles For the Lowest Prices Ever

These days, you probably charge as many things over USB as you do over standard AC outlets, so it only makes sense to add some semi-permanent USB ports to your home.Read more........»»

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Samsung’s latest Gear S3 concept would put a smart pocket watch in your waistcoat

For a special edition Gear S3 smartwatch, Samsung looked back several centuries for inspiration, and came up with the Gear S3 Pocket Watch. It's a glorious piece of retro-cool tech, and only two exist in the world. The post Samsung’s latest Gea.....»»

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Did you know you shouldn"t feed ducks bread? These people didn"t.

If your fond childhood memories include tossing bread crusts to ducks in the park, congratulations: you f*cked up. Yes, reader, it's true. Ducks are not supposed to eat bread. Not only is it low in nutritional value, but it can also pile up on the gr.....»»

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It only took us five minutes to find a big brand advertising on a hate group"s YouTube

Google's facing an advertiser revolt this week after it came to light that several big brands' ads were served on YouTube videos promoting terrorism, extremism, and other violent forms of hate. More than 250 brands have split from YouTube after vario.....»»

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A new "Justice League" trailer is right around the corner

Only the biggest of movies get the privilege of teasing the teaser and making us pay attention.  For better or worse, Justice League, you certainly qualify. SEE ALSO: 'Wonder Woman' gets an origin story in new trailer Warner Bros. on Thursday re.....»»

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NieR: Automata Tells Everyone’s Stories

NieR: Automata isn't only the story of 2B and 9S, it takes the time to talk about almost every NPC and weapon too. Read NieR: Automata Tells Everyone’s Stories on Siliconera!.....»»

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Acer’s S 13 makes the case for the inexpensive ultrabook worth having

 Acer has made a lot of ultrabooks, but the only one worth mentioning is the current S 13. Priced aggressively even for the “high-end” model, as configured, it sports a slim profile, backlit keys and a Core i7 processor. Acer is taki.....»»

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Startups downplay tobacco as they talk up cannabis

 Shops patronized by pot smokers have a long tradition of labeling their pipes and vaporizers “for tobacco use only.” But startups developing smoking and vaping gear are basically asking customers to put their weed in it. Self-descri.....»»

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Samsung needs to make this ultracool, retro Gear S3 Pocket Watch right now

For a special edition Gear S3 smartwatch, Samsung looked back several centuries for inspiration, and came up with the Gear S3 Pocket Watch. It's a glorious piece of retro-cool tech, and only two exist in the world. The post Samsung needs to make this.....»»

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Navigate the USB-C Transition With These Affordable Adapters

USB-C will be the only cable we ever have to use before too long, but until that day comes, you’ll need some adapters to ease the transition.Read more........»»

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