Is Printing Photos In The Digital Age Necessary?

Is Printing Photos In The Digital Age Necessary?.....»»

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Modi asks citizens to be brave soldiers in the fight against corruption by committing to digital transactions

Modi pointed out that the poorest of the poor were taking efforts to learn to make digital transactions. The post Modi asks citizens to be brave soldiers in the fight against corruption by committing to digital transactions appeared first on Tech2......»»

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We must make people aware about digital transactions for India to go cashless

Financial literacy and awareness about digital transactions is paramount in rural India to make the cashless economy a reality, executives of mobile wallet-provider services said here at a panel discussion. The post We must make people aware about di.....»»

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Article: In an Age of Declining Trust, Is Advertising Actually Gaining Ground?

Trust in major institutions has plummeted in the US, but a new survey finds significantly more consumers say they trust advertising now than said the same three years ago......»»

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Article: Tencent and Alibaba Top List of China"s Most Valuable Brands

A new ranking of China’s most valuable brands highlights the growing dominance of the so-called BAT companies. The ranking also reveals the key role that selling digital advertising plays in these companies’ future growth......»»

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This "Call of Duty: WWII" rumor is more legit than you realize

It's time to shoot Nazis again, apparently. The annual Call of Duty hasn't been announced yet, but a set of allegedly leaked photos suggests the new game will return to an old setting: the second World War. The same military conflict that was at the.....»»

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Let an AI summarize the news for you with CruxFinder [Bot of the Week]

Have little patience for reading past the first few lines of an article? So do most of us in this digital age. In fact, you’re probably hoping I get to the point just about now. If that’s the case, just run it through CruxFinder, a Facebo.....»»

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Fake VHS ad for Star Wars "Rogue One" looks straight out of the "70s

Despite the weird uncanny valley performances from some of its digital characters, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story does a great job of time-traveling back to a time before the first film in the series.  So it's only fair that we get to see what.....»»

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Daily Deals: 20% off MLB The Show 17, Planet Earth 2, Kingdom Hearts Tuesday Releases

20% off Mario Sports Superstars, Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes 1-VI) Blu-ray for $58.49, $5 Digital HD Movie Sale on Amazon, BOGO FREE Fandango Tickets Welcome to IGN's Daily Deals, your source for the best deals on the stuff you actua.....»»

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Smartphones and humans often fail to detect face morphed photos: Research

A group of researchers has demonstrated that both humans and smartphones show a degree of error in distinguishing face morph photos from their 'real' faces on fraudulent identity cards. The post Smartphones and humans often fail to detect face morphe.....»»

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Gorgeous hand-colored photos capture Japan on the brink of modernity

Street minstrel, Gose.Image: Metropolitan Museum of ArtIn the 1850s and ‘60s, Japan gradually loosened the restrictions on foreign trade and visitors which had isolated it for centuries.Western travelers and technologies began to flow in throug.....»»

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FedEx is paying people to use Adobe Flash for Office Print service

FedEx really wants you to use Adobe Flash if you're designing and printing signs, banners, posters, and more from the comfort of your web browser, so much so that it's actually paying people to install it. The post FedEx is paying people to use Adobe.....»»

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Um why is there a teddy bear emoji on these leaked Samsung Galaxy S8 camera photos?

Okay, now the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks are just getting ridiculous. We're just days away from Samsung's big reveal, so, naturally, we've pretty much seen the entire phone at this point. Now, thanks to another intrepid leaker, we have a new batch of hi.....»»

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The surprising origins of your f*cking favorite swear words

As a society, we like to swear. Swear words have a strange power over us. It starts when we are young, when they are deliciously taboo. Then, as we age, our dependence on swear words increases to the point where as an adult, we find that the magnitud.....»»

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Uber"s self-driving car crashes in Arizona

Uber's very bad 2017 just got a lot worse. But this time, the problem isn't human interactions in the workplace, but self-driving cars on the road.  On Friday, photos posted to Twitter revealed an Uber self-driving car flipped over on its side a.....»»

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How Often Do Ice Ages Happen?

The last ice age led to the rise of the woolly mammoth and the vast expansion of glaciers, but it's just one of many that has chilled Earth throughout the planet's 4.5-billion-year history......»»

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In Photos: Beautiful Butterflies of the American Deserts

By mid-February in the three great hot and dry deserts of the American West, wildflowers turn stark desert landscapes into a sea of color......»»

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Lawyers & Academics Warn UK Against Criminalizing File-Sharers

A group of campaigners, copyright scholars and lawyers have sent a letter to the UK Government, urging it to narrow the definition of online criminal copyright infringement in the Digital Economy Bill. The signees warn that the current definition of.....»»

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Digital downloads killed 150 GameStop stores

It's game over for at least 150 GameStop stores. The retailer has announced that it's shutting down 2 to 3 percent of 7,500 shops across the globe after sales and earning plummeted last year. According to The Wall Street Journal, t.....»»

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Destiny Age of Triumph Raid gear and armor revealed

Check out the new Destiny Age of Triumph raid gear and armor as Bungie begins planning for the upcoming Destiny 2 release......»»

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Amazon Shows Its Age: Scientists Say River No Younger Than 9 Million

Understanding the river's origins will give scientists more information about a consequential body of water......»»

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