Is 90 the New 80? Most 90-Somethings Feel Healthy

A new analysis finds that many Americans who reach age 90 and beyond say they are in good health......»»

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Best shows on Netflix: 40 great Netflix TV series

Make sure you are getting the most out of your account with the best Netflix shows available. Update: It'll be easier than ever to find the best shows and series on Netflix thanks to the new update that ditches the star-rating system for a.....»»

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Nokia"s new Android phones will come to the US

Three out of four new Nokia phones are headed stateside, though the one you probably want won't. Nokia rocked the mobile world at last month's MWC tech expo, announcing four new phones at the show. One of them nearly broke the internet (OK.....»»

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The Legend of Master Legend: Amazon Pilot Review

Based on a true story, Amazon pilot The Legend of Master Legend stars John Hawkes as a delusional "superhero." Amazon's "Pilot Season" is here once again and we're taking a look at all the new offerings. The pilots, which you can see here are p.....»»

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Nearly Two-Thirds of Cancers Are Due to Random DNA "Mistakes"

Cancer is a disease cause by mistakes in DNA, and now a new study finds that majority of these mistakes are completely random — they're not due to heredity or environmental factors, but rather the result of random errors......»»

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Nova Launcher Beta Update Introduces Dynamic Badges, an Alternate to Notification Counts

A new Nova Launcher beta (v5.1) arrived today with new addition worth talking about: Dynamic Badges. What the hell are Dynamic Badges? Glad you asked! They are a potential upgrade over your standard notification count badges that will show you more i.....»»

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Porsche"s cash bonanza for every employee will make you wish you worked there

In the United States, working full-time does not always mean earning even just a living wage. But in Germany, things are pretty different. And there, Porsche is providing a whole new level of comfortably paid employment — every single one of th.....»»

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Trump driving a truck becomes the internet"s new favorite metaphor for America

Today, House Republicans postponed the vote on their health care bill. Donald Trump, on the other hand, welcomed truck drivers and executives to the White House in the Trump-iest way possible: by pretending to drive an 18-wheeler semi truck for a tru.....»»

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Legion Stars on Filming This Week"s Wild Episode

Dan Stevens and Amber Midthunder discuss doing scenes with yourself and fighting imaginary foes in this week's huge episode. Warning: Full spoilers for the most recent episode of Legion, "Chapter 7," follow. This week’s Legion -- the penultim.....»»

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New Look at Batman"s Justice League Costume

Update: DC and Warners Bros. are unveiling new posters for the Justice League characters, including a nice look at Batman......»»

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Star Wars to Likely Continue Far Beyond Episode IX

How the company is handling The Last Jedi in the wake of Carrie Fisher's death was also addressed. While Disney's original plan was for a trilogy of new Star Wars films, the series will likely continue far beyond Star Wars: Episode IX, company.....»»

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"Fixer Upper" is giving fans exactly what they wanted: A new spinoff

All this talk about Beauty and the Beast has taken away from the true fairytale of our time: Chip and Joanna Gaines.  HGTV's redesign darlings have become relationship goals, family goals and house goals over and over again across four seasons o.....»»

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Everyone on Twitch can"t stop watching this new survival shooter

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is tearing up the charts on Twitch today, placing at no. 1 with over 145,000 viewers across just 20 different streamers. This may be the first time you're hearing about Battlegrounds. The game just released on Steam.....»»

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Yep, John Mayer is still writing songs about his breakup with Katy Perry

A new New York Times profile on John Mayer details how the singer is still struggling to recover from the worst thing that has ever happened to him — his life was too great so he decided tell Playboy his penis is racist to shake things up. .....»»

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DEAL: 3-Pack of USB Type-C to Micro USB Adapters is Just $6

Most phones come equipped with a USB Type-C port these days, so that means the included charger in the box will take care of your charging needs for the most part. But let’s say you have a bunch of old chargers lying around that you’d lik.....»»

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This patent for Apple Watch could cut down on distracted driving

Apple has patented a new feature that appears to reduce notifications on its wearable once the user hits the road. Using mobile devices while driving tends to be a dangerous-at-best, deadly-at-worst combination, one that's compounded even.....»»

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Feds: We"re Pulling Data From 100 Phones Seized During Trump Inauguration

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: In new filings, prosecutors told a court in Washington, DC that within the coming weeks, they expect to extract all data from the seized cellphones of more than 100 allegedly violent protesters a.....»»

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Two new Michael Kors Access smartwatches are coming to Canada

Michael Kors is expanding its smartwatch offerings with two new Android Wear 2.0 devices, the Sofie for women and Grayson for men, both of which are coming to Canada. The Sofie has a lightweight, thin case body with a pavé bezel and round display......»»

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Get an Even Better Look at the Justice League Ahead of the New Trailer (Updated)

This weekend, DC and Warner Bros. will reveal the next trailer for Justice League—and they’re going to spend the next two days reminding you of that with a ton of new posters and little snippets of footage. Here’s the first batch, focusing inte.....»»

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Roadmap Says CMOS Ends ~2024

An expanded roadmap for semiconductors says traditional CMOS scaling will end in about 2024 but new chip stacks and systems architectures will continue advances......»»

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Shanghai has a new high-tech retail store that’s almost 100 percent unmanned

Started in Europe, Wheelys 24/7 is an unmanned retail store that's just opened a new outlet in Shanghai. Customers open the doors, scan their items, and pay using just their smartphones. The post Shanghai has a new high-tech retail store that’s.....»»

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