In 18 Years, A College Degree Could Cost About $500,000

An anonymous reader shares a report: People worried about college affordability today can at least take this to heart: it could get much, much worse. Tuition has been rising by about 6% annually, according to investment management company Vanguard. A.....»»

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Nest is reportedly prepping a "4K" resolution indoor security camera

Google’s Nest division is reportedly working on a 4K-esque indoor security camera that could break cover before the end of the month. Here’s everything we know at this hour......»»

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Valve has quietly hired the team behind Kerbal Space Program

News that Chet Faliszek, the last remaining Half-Life writer still at Valve, had departed the company earlier this month left some questioning the firm’s commitment to traditional video game development. But it seems the studio could have an un.....»»

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Dubai"s robot cop is the first step towards a 25% non-human police force by 2030

Are we heading for a future populated by robotic police officers? Over in Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, that scenario could become a reality sooner than expected. The emirate is set to introduce the first robotic law enforcemen.....»»

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Security flaw found in solid-state drive design

Hard disk drives (HDD) have not yet gone the way of the horse and buggy, but with the rise in popularity of the solid-state drive (SSD), it could only be a matter of time before SSDs become the standard and HDDs are phased out. This shift is entirely.....»»

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Origins of humans can be traced back to Europe, not Africa, study claims

Up until now, East Africa - long referred to as the cradle of humanity – was thought to have been the place where the last common ancestor of chimps and humans lived 7 million years ago. But the commonly held theory could have been out by 200,0.....»»

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Mouse sperm sent into space produces healthy IVF babies

The first experiment to test how space travel could affect mammals’ reproduction shows that pregnancy can smooth over DNA damage from cosmic radiation.....»»

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Unprecedented cholera outbreak tears through war-torn Yemen

Cholera has killed 332 people and left more than 32,000 ill over the past four weeks, spreading faster than any previous known outbreak in the country.....»»

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Three amazing nature areas shortlisted for World Heritage status

Newly proposed world heritage sites in Argentina, China and West Africa could safeguard threatened and endemic species such as elephants and snow leopards.....»»

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Ford’s CEO, Now Gone, Didn’t Push Fast Enough Into the Future

Ford's youthful-looking CEO didn't position Ford well for the near future, internal critics say. Mark Fields got blamed for not going there. Yet a predecessor, Jacques Nasser, walked the plank 16 years ago for delving too far into the future. The po.....»»

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Dell EMC World 2017: Services Will Enable the Digital Transformation

Professional services did not feature on the main stage, but Dell EMC's Services will prove to be a key success factor in the company's Digital Transformation strategy. Following years of mergers, acquisitions, and spin-offs, Dell EMC Services strate.....»»

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Mindbody Plans To Raise $120M In Secondary Offering

San Luis Obispo-based software maker Mindbody said on Tuesday that it plans to launch a secondary offering, selling 4,400,000 shares of its stock, or approximately $120M. The company trades on the NASDAQ Global Market as MB. The offering comes two ye.....»»

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Google rolls out enterprise bundle for Chrome, Citrix support

Chrome adoption in the enterprise has already doubled in the past two years, Google says, but now it's easier for IT admins to deploy and manage the browser......»»

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Uber says it accidentally underpaid drivers in New York City

 Uber has come out and said that it accidentally underpaid drivers in New York City over the past two and half years, the Wall Street Journal reports. On Friday, Uber announced a nationwide change to how drivers see their earnings. While going.....»»

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Tech Tip: Doing a 180 on Facebook 360 Photos

Facebook converts many wide-angle panorama photos to 360-degree interactive images when they are uploaded, but you can revert to the original......»»

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35% off Anker Phone Camera Lens Kit With Fisheye, 0.65x Wide Angle, 10x Macro - Deal Alert

This multi-functional camera lens kit works on most standard sized smartphones including the iPhone 7 (excluding Plus), and brings even more life to your photos with 180-degree fisheye, 0.65x wide angle and 10x macro lenses. It currently averages.....»»

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Space Sperm Produces Healthy Mice, Researchers Say

Reproduction may be possible in space, Japanese researchers have said, after freeze-dried sperm stored on the International Space Station for nine months produced healthy offspring. The scientists said their findings could have significant ramificat.....»»

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Blockchain consortium R3 raises $107 million

 People may well remember 2017 as the year that blockchain broke. After years of development and flickering just outside of mainstream consciousness and acceptance, record high prices for the most popular blockchain-based cryptocurrencies Bitco.....»»

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Meet the 21st batch of 500 Startups companies

 500 Startups’ next batch of accelerator companies is launching now that its previous demo day has wrapped up, this time seemingly having a bit of a wider focus than we’re accustomed to seeing coming out of the firm. This batch, whic.....»»

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Chinese Giant Huawei Gets Serious About PC Business, Announces Plans For Global Expansion

Speaking of new laptops, Chinese conglomerate Huawei plans a global expansion into computers, it said on Tuesday, posing a fresh challenge to established PC players in a market that has suffered two years of falling sales volumes and pressure on marg.....»»

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Acer Predator Z35P Available for Order: Curved 35" with 3440×1440@120 Hz and G-Sync

Acer has quietly launched yet another curved ultra-wide Predator display for gamers seeking a large diagonal, a high resolution and an ultra-high refresh rate. The Predator Z35P resembles its predecessor launched a couple of years ago, but has a hig.....»»

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