In 18 Years, A College Degree Could Cost About $500,000

An anonymous reader shares a report: People worried about college affordability today can at least take this to heart: it could get much, much worse. Tuition has been rising by about 6% annually, according to investment management company Vanguard. A.....»»

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New machine learning system can automatically identify shapes of red blood cells

Using a computational approach known as deep learning, scientists have developed a new system to classify the shapes of red blood cells in a patient's blood. The findings, published in PLOS Computational Biology, could potentially help doctors monito.....»»

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One to 10 mutations are needed to drive cancer, scientists find

For the first time, scientists have provided unbiased estimates of the number of mutations needed for cancers to develop, in a study of more than 7,500 tumors across 29 cancer types. Researchers have adapted a technique from the field of evolution to.....»»

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Renewable resource: To produce vital lipoic acid, sulfur is used, then replenished

New research shows how a protein is consumed, then reconstituted, during the production of a compound required for converting energy from food into a form that can be used by our cells. The results could help scientists to understand why humans with.....»»

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Google could update Chrome to address pesky in-browser cryptocurrency miners

In-browser cryptocurrency mining is becoming a serious issue. While some sites like The Pirate Bay are open about the behavior, others (knowingly or otherwise) attempt to use your CPU cycles without your permission......»»

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Scientists Detect Massive Caverns on Moon That Could House Colony

Scientists have long wondered if shadowy crevasses on the lunar surface could be entrances to caverns that could serve as a home for future colonists. New data from Japanese and US researchers indicates such caverns do exist. The post Scientists Dete.....»»

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The Honest Ads Act could hold online political ads to the same standards as TV

Online political ads aren't subject to the same guidelines as print and broadcast, but the Honest Ads Act could change that. The legislation would require online ads to show who paid for them. The post The Honest Ads Act could hold online political a.....»»

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The Mac mini isn’t dead yet, says Tim Cook

Cook responded to a customer e-mail to say that the Mac mini still has a future. The 2014 Mac Mini. (credit: Andrew Cunningham) More than 1,000 days have passed since Apple updated its Mac mini hardware. Since then, Apple has launched the Appl.....»»

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Amazon’s original Echo gets a much-needed upgrade

 It’s been nearly two full years since the first Echo was made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. In that time, the company added six new members to the Echo family (seven if you count the Tap, which Amazon kind of, sort of does) ̵.....»»

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Boeing pitches souped-up Super Hornets during upcoming life extension

For an additional cost, Boeing could upgrade Super Hornets to the more advanced Block III configuration — with a new cockpit, conformal fuel tanks and stealth coating — during the service........»»

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Verizon Drops Screen Replacement to $29 in Total Mobile Protection Plan

Verizon announced this week that its Total Mobile Protection plan now offers cracked screen repair for just $29. It used to cost $49, so yeah, a $20 discount on screen replacement is a solid change. Thanks, Verizon. Starting today, if you are interes.....»»

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BMW Says it Won’t Build a Front-Wheel-Drive M Car

Much like AMG lately, BMW has expanded the number of vehicles it sells with the M badge. Not only can you get full M versions of many more cars than you could in the past, there are also now M-tuned trim levels that don’t quite get the full.....»»

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Boeing pitches upgrading Super Hornets during upcoming life extension

For an additional cost, Boeing could upgrade Super Hornets to the more advanced Block III configuration — with a new cockpit, conformal fuel tanks and stealth coating — during the service........»»

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Google considers "fixing" the Pixel 2 XL"s display colors

While Google's Pixel 2 XL has generally been well-received, there have been some complaints about its LG-made P-OLED screen. It's supposed to reflect "natural" colors, but many see it as downright dull after years of seeing extra-.....»»

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Dog-loving UPS drivers created a wonderful Facebook page full of the pups they meet at work

Meet Sean McCarren: UPS driver, dog lover, and your average American hero.  Per Buzzfeed, he's spent the last 17 years working for UPS, bringing joy to not only humans, but their pets too. So to document his pup encounters, McCarren created a Fa.....»»

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French Researchers Bet On Boundary Layer Ingestion

Engineers at French aerospace research center Onera are designing a wind tunnel test model that could pave the way for greater airframe-engine integration in the future. read more.....»»

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"Supernatural" is about to introduce a "game-changer" that could reshape Season 13

Supernatural has already introduced the son of Satan in Season 13, but the twists don't stop there. According to Mark Pellegrino, who plays the devil himself, a new addition in episode 2 will dramatically alter the course of the show again — an.....»»

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Google Support Double Confirms Pixel 2’s 3 Years Worth of Android Version Updates

If the Google Store’s not-all-that-clear suggestion that the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were set to get 3 years worth of both Android version updates and security patches, we’ve got some clarity. The Google Support page that lists end-of-supp.....»»

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Tim Cook says Apple plans to keep Mac mini in the lineup, stops short of promising update

It’s been three years since the last Mac mini hardware refresh so there’s been growing concern from fans of the standalone computer over its fate in the lineup. A new email response apparently from Apple CEO Tim Cook to a customer asking.....»»

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Best iPhone X Screen Protectors

Best iPhone X Screen Protectors is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile. After you spend $1,000 on the iPhone X, you may want to protect that screen from scratches with a glass screen protector. This will keep the iPhone X screen safe from scrat.....»»

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Apple’s Self-Driving Car Caught on Video

Apple’s Project Titan may have hit a few rough patches over the years, but the tech giant isn’t giving up on automated transportation. In a video posted to Twitter this week, Apple was caught testing an autonomous car on public roads. Before you.....»»

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