In 18 Years, A College Degree Could Cost About $500,000

An anonymous reader shares a report: People worried about college affordability today can at least take this to heart: it could get much, much worse. Tuition has been rising by about 6% annually, according to investment management company Vanguard. A.....»»

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Why Russia Gave up Alaska, America"s Gateway to the Arctic

The tale of how and why Russia ceded its control over Alaska to the U.S. 150 years ago is actually two tales and two intertwining histories......»»

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Fiat announces limited edition 500-60th to celebrate the iconic vehicle’s 60th anniversary

Fiat has announced a special limited edition of its compact car Fiat 500 called the 500-60th to mark and celebrate its 60th anniversary. The post Fiat announces limited edition 500-60th to celebrate the iconic vehicle’s 60th anniversary appeare.....»»

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SpaceX to reuse Falcon 9 rocket to deliver communications satellite

SpaceX is aiming for another space industry first on Thursday when it plans to launch a Falcon 9 rocket that has flown before, a key step in billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk's quest to cut the cost of space flight. The post SpaceX to reuse Falcon 9.....»»

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How only building half a house could help solve affordable housing

The Ontario federal government just earmarked $11.2B for affordable housing. Now's the time for bold ideas. Enter: the half house, an award-winning Chilean innovation. The post How only building half a house could help solve affordable housing appear.....»»

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1,000-Year-Old Toy Viking Boat Unearthed in Norway

Archaeologists recently found a 1,000-year-old toy Viking ship during an excavation of a site in central Norway......»»

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150 Years Ago Today, the US Bought Alaska

The U.S. bought Alaska for $7.2 million, though the region's worth wasn't realized until three decades later when Alaskans struck gold......»»

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Wind Tunnel for Birds Could Result in Agile Drones

A specially designed wind tunnel for birds could help scientists learn the secrets of avian aerial abilities and translate them into drones that are masters of flying through rough-and-tumble conditions......»»

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Spring Begins With Some Big Domain Sales: This Week"s Top 3 Total Nearly $750,000

Flowers weren't the only thing blossoming in the first week of spring - big domain sales were also in bloom......»»

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Facebook opens up 360-degree live streaming to all

 Facebook just made live streaming 360-degree video relatively easy, provided you have the equipment to capture the content. Users of devices like the new 2017 model Gear 360 just announced at the S8 smartphone launch, or the Insta360 Nano (for.....»»

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The tallest skyscraper could soon be dangling from an asteroid

Architecture firm Clouds Architecture Office has unveiled an (extremely) ambitious design for a building that would be suspended from an asteroid in space and would orbit across hemispheres.  Seems legit. Read more...More about Sci Fi, Sci Fi, D.....»»

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A Balloon Ride to Space: Float 100,000 feet above Earth into the stratosphere

The Possible: "A Balloon Ride to Space"“A Balloon Ride to Space,” episode 4 of THE POSSIBLE, takes you where few have gone before. You’ll witness the construction of a technologically advanced balloon that, when inflated, is as big.....»»

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You"ll travel to space in the near future - just for fun

Worldview wants to take tourists into space. Watch as we take the skies (and space) and learn what it means to be a space tourist. After digging into the video above, feel free to see what it's like to float up to 100,000 feet above the earth. Ta.....»»

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Samsung Announces New Gear 360, Offers 4K 360-Degree Capture and Live Broadcasting

Samsung not only announced the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ today, but also a new Gear 360. With it, Samsung is introducing 4K 360-degree video capture, plus the ability for users to live broadcast their videos straight to Facebook and YouTube.  Thanks.....»»

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Self-assembling chips could help us keep pace with Moore"s law

A technique that integrates three existing methods could be used to make ever-smaller patterns on silicon. Moore's Law, the observation that the number of transistors in a chip doubles every two years or so, has held for about half a decad.....»»

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Samsung Galaxy S8: release date and everything you need to know

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has launched, and we've got all the details you could need. Update: Read our hands on Samsung Galaxy S8 review, check our deals page for best S8 pre-order offers and watch our S8 vs S8 Plus video.The Samsung Galaxy S8 has.....»»

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This Backwards-Orbiting Asteroid Has Been Flirting With Death For a Million Years

Most asteroids orbit the Sun in a counterclockwise fashion, but a newly-discovered object nicknamed Bee-Zed goes against the grain, spinning around the Solar System the opposite way. Not only that, it frequently ventures within Jupiter’s orbital sp.....»»

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Blue Origin’s prototype space tourism capsule looks plush and roomy

Blue Origin boss Jeff Bezos has released photos of the capsule that will one day take space tourists on the ride of a lifetime. The first trip could take place as early as next year. The post Blue Origin’s prototype space tourism capsule looks.....»»

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MIT"s self-assembly chips could keep Moore"s law going

Breaking through the 10nm manufacturing barrier is something that a lot of companies are struggling with, but MIT has developed a new method which could fix that, without requiring extensive fabrication refits. The post MIT's self-assembly chips.....»»

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Audi buys Silvercar, showing it’s serious about sharing services

Audi will acquire Silvercar, the Texas-baded mobility company known for its airport car rentals. The move accelerates Audi's plans to get more involved in sharing services, something it's been eyeing for several years. The post Audi buys Silvercar, s.....»»

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Airline Fined For Sending 3.3 Million Unwanted Emails

The airline Flybe has been fined 70,000 pound ($87,000) for sending more than 3.3 million marketing emails to people who had opted out of receiving them. From a report on BBC: The emails, sent in August 2016, advised people to amend out-of-date perso.....»»

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