If you like to linger where it’s shady the Populele wants to linger too

 If music be the food of love then get ready to hit the Old Country Buffet. A wild new startup is about to unleash Populele, an electric Ukulele that will teach you how to play old Uke standards like Ukulele Lady, D’yer Maker, and Tiptoe T.....»»

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Medical records join revenge porn, credit card numbers for Google removal

It’s an elective removal, though. Google will only do it if you ask. Enlarge (credit: Getty | Chris Ryan) Alphabet Inc.'s Google has now added personal medical records to the list of things it’s willing to remove from search results upon.....»»

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Intel Core i9 7900X processor review

Join us as we take the hottest processor of this moment for a test-spin. yes, the 10-core Core i9 7900X. Despite many announcements this is the most versitile (in cores) processor has got to offer for you starting today, the $999 Core i9 79.....»»

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This week in games: Homeworld"s lost expansion returns, 15 minutes of Beyond Good & Evil 2

E3 is over. Time to settle in for the slow summer months, crank the air conditioning, peruse the Steam Summer Sale, and dream of all the games we’ll be playing in a few months. Mostly Wolfenstein II, I think.And if you need proof the summer’s.....»»

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The underdogs of E3 2017: The 10 best indie games on display this year

Big names may get all the press, but there are plenty of intriguing indie titles at E3. Our 10 favorites include rock-and-roll platformers and 'Zelda'-like adventures and swampy hunts for demonic creatures The post The underdogs of E3 2017: The 10 be.....»»

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Airbnb is reportedly getting ready to launch a premium version of its service

Airbnb has always been known as the hotel alternative, but now, it seems as though the short-term rental service wants to get into direct competition with the giants of the hospitality industry. The post Airbnb is reportedly getting ready to launch a.....»»

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Evernote can help organize your life – here’s how to use it

Evernote may be one of the most capable note-taking software suits to ever hit the market, but it's also not the most user-friendly for beginners. Check our comprehensive guide on how to use Evernote so you can create, tag, organize and share notes w.....»»

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Crisp Clothing uses artificial intelligence to make a shirt that fits perfectly

Using only your height and weight, startup Crisp Clothing promises to make a shirt that perfectly fits you. The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign, with shirts expected to ship to early backers as soon as October. The post Crisp Clothin.....»»

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Got VR? No? Google’s new ‘VR180’ format likely to be smartphone photog friendly

Plus: A streaming music service just for owners of a select brand of car? And road rage leads to a video game-like freeway crash sequence. The post Got VR? No? Google’s new ‘VR180’ format likely to be smartphone photog friendly appe.....»»

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Weekly rewind: Graphene headphones, $1 cell service, baking bread like a pro

In the tech world, a lot happens in a week. So much news goes on that it's almost impossible for mere mortals with real lives to keep track of it. That’s why we’ve compiled a quick and dirty list of the top 10 tech stories from this week. The pos.....»»

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Amazon’s proposed ‘Drone Towers’ would look and sound like giant beehives

Amazon has an idea for a "drone tower" that could one day act as both a fulfillment center and a busy drone delivery base. The beehive-like building would be built in urban centers where most of its customers live. The post Amazon’s proposed &#.....»»

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Drop what you’re doing and go vote on emojis to represent Kayak destinations

Kayak is letting you search for your next vacation spot by emoji, and calling on the internet to decide on images to represent a variety of destinations around the globe. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. The post Drop what you’re.....»»

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Soon, you will be able to split payments for your Airbnb vacation rental

Airbnb is hoping that it can help you avoid those awkward conversations, and save your friendships. It basically allows you to split payments, much like you would do with Uber or Lyft, and it has certainly been a long time coming. The post Soon, you.....»»

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Q&A: How TiVo’s CIO manages disparate mobile platforms

Like many large companies, TiVo has grown in recent years through mergers and acquisitions, which means CIO Steve Palmucci now faces a disparate set of mobile platforms to secure and manage.While he's yet to see tools that allow him to bring all m.....»»

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Twitter app Fenix 2 wants to edit your bad tweets with ‘undo send’ feature

Fenix 2, an Android Twitter client still in development, is testing an editing feature similar to Gmail's "undo send" option. It would give users a short time after hitting send to amend or delete a post. The post Twitter app Fenix 2 wants to edit yo.....»»

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How to Downgrade macOS High Sierra Beta to macOS Sierra

How to Downgrade macOS High Sierra Beta to macOS Sierra is a post by Josh Smith from Gotta Be Mobile. It’s easy to go from the macOS High Sierra beta to a stable version using this macOS High Sierra downgrade to macOS Sierra tutorial. If you.....»»

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11 Tips for iOS 11 Beta Users

11 Tips for iOS 11 Beta Users is a post by Adam Mills from Gotta Be Mobile. There are some steps to take before installing the iOS 11 beta on your phone or tablet. There are also some steps you should take after you’ve successfully installed .....»»

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Destiny 2’s guns won’t recoil on PC as they do on consoles

Project lead says aiming drift "doesn't feel good" when using a mouse. Captured footage of the PC version of Destiny 2 shows what looks like extremely limited recoil on a number of powerful weapons. When Destiny 2 brings the first-pers.....»»

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Mitsubishi eyes Renault-Nissan resources to grow in U.S., China

Mitsubishi wants to tap the Renault-Nissan "toolbox" to unlock sales growth in the world's two biggest auto markets: the U.S. and China......»»

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Tech Tip: Rescuing Text From Mac WordPerfect Files

WordPerfect for the Mac never made it to the 21st century, but you can use modern software to get back into those ancient files......»»

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Steam Summer Sale hidden gems: 15 fantastic games under $10

Great games done cheapImage by IDGOne of the most thrilling parts of the Steam Summer Sale—aside from, you know, all the cheap games—is the opportunity to check out lesser-known gems you may have missed. There’s no better time to try something.....»»

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