IDG Contributor Network: Apple vs. Microsoft 3.0: The quest for electronic medical record supremacy?

The current state of healthcare delivery, and specifically electronic medical records (EMR), is reminiscent of the state of office productivity software in the business world during the '90s. During the late '80s and into the '90s, WordPerfect,.....»»

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15% off Dragon Quest Heroes II for PC, $15 off Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn

It's a weekend of discounts including a price break on the PC port of Dragon Quest Heroes II plus coupons for Nioh & Horizon Zero Dawn. Read 15% off Dragon Quest Heroes II for PC, $15 off Nioh and Horizon Zero Dawn on Siliconera!.....»»

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AMC"s streaming service would still need a cable subscription

Just because a TV channel wants to offer an online video service doesn't mean it's forward thinking. Case in point: AMC. Reuters sources claim that the network is prepping a paid streaming option (tentatively $5-7 per month) that.....»»

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The Week in Apple News and Rumors: New iPad, Red iPhone 7, new Apple Watch bands, and more

Apple headlines for the week ending Mar. 24, 2017Image by AppleApple released a new iPad, a new red iPhone and new Apple Watch bands. But there’s plenty more news about the Cupertino-based company. Check out the Apple-related headlines in this week.....»»

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March 25 in LEM history

99: The wow factor - 01: Firmware update disables RAM - 02: OS X on a beige G3 - Great Industrial-Design Shift - 03: 5 things Apple is doing right - Wireless for older 'Books - 08: Rise of the Microsoft monopoly.....»»

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New "Star Wars Battlefront," "Need for Speed" games to be unveiled at EA Play 2017

Electronic Arts announced its featured lineup for the upcoming EA Play 2017 gaming event in Hollywood, revealing that attendees will get a first look at "the next Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed experiences." The post New 'Star Wars Bat.....»»

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Apple refutes the security vulnerabilities disclosed as part of WikiLeaks Vault 7 ‘Dark Matter’

A day after WikiLeaks published its second archive of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) files claiming the agency developed hacking devices for Apple products, the Cupertino-based tech company has refuted security vulnerabilities in its products......»»

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WorldCast Offers Broadcast Network Manager

Operate the network from a single location.....»»

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Windows 10 Creators Update will see a far more secure Edge browser

Following Pwn2Own failure, Microsoft wants to turn Edge around with bolstered sandbox security. Following a rather high-profile failure for Windows 10’s Edge browser at Pwn2Own which we reported on earlier this week, Microsoft has come b.....»»

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Erato’s Muse 5 wireless in-ear headphones give AirPods a run for their money

 Apple’s AirPods are probably the first really mainstream completely wireless headphones, but Erato has been making these for a while now. The company’s latest is the Muse 5, a set of in-ear buds that are cheaper than their debut Apo.....»»

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Google is working on a new social app for editing photos

Google is working on a new social app that lets users edit photos in small groups, says TechCrunch.  SEE ALSO: Google pledges $11.5 million to racial justice innovators across the U.S. Apple announced a similar app earlier this week called Clips.....»»

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Don"t fall for this Siri "challenge" from your terrible Twitter friends

Please, everyone: don't ever, EVER just blindly follow directions from randos you follow on Twitter. Certain groups on the social network (read: teens) have tweeted this month to encourage followers with iPhones to give Siri a simple numerical comman.....»»

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You can buy the red iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus right now

Apple is now selling the red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, but here's where you can get it right now. Today you can buy the red iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus around the world.You can now buy it directly from the Apple Store or a selection of retaile.....»»

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New iPad 9.7 deals: where to pre-order Apple"s new tablet

Finding you the best prices for Apple's new iPad 9.7-inch model We've been waiting for some time for a new iPad, and Apple surprised us all a few days ago by announcing just that. So, if you're looking for somewhere to pre-order your.....»»

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The best free alternative to Windows Movie Maker

Microsoft has pulled the plug on its video editor, but don't panic – there are lots of other options for amateur filmographers. After a long reign as one of the best free video editors around, Windows Movie Maker has been discontinued. Micros.....»»

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Microsoft Delivers Secure China-Only Cut of Windows 10

Earlier this week, CEO of Microsoft Greater China, Alain Crozier, told China Daily that the company is ready to roll out a version of Windows 10 with extra security features demanded by China's government. "We have already developed the first version.....»»

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"Moore"s Law" For Carbon Would Defeat Global Warming

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: A streamlined set of goals for reducing carbon emissions could simplify the way nations approach the quest to reduce human impact on the planet. A group of European researchers have a re.....»»

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Microsoft to Aid MSPs and Cloud Providers to Gain in New Era of Digital Transformation

The 2017 Microsoft Cloud and Hosting Summit that is being... Read more ».....»»

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Blockchain can help secure medical devices, improve patient privacy

BOSTON -- Blockchain can help secure medical devices and improve patient privacy, but the key is proper implementation, according to a top security pro at Partners Healthcare.The downsides would include mistrust of the technology because of blockc.....»»

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IDG Contributor Network: 7 best practices for securing your cloud service

As enterprises move their applications and data to the cloud, executives increasingly face the task of balancing the benefits of productivity gains against significant concerns about compliance and security.Security in the cloud is not the same as.....»»

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CIA, WikiLeaks and Doctor Who?

CSO Online's Steve Ragan and Joan Goodchild chat about the hot security news of the week, including their take on the recent WikiLeaks revelations around the CIA, and how Cisco, Samsung and Apple have responded to the information......»»

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