IDC Names Four DevOps Infrastructure Automation Vendors as IDC Innovators

IDC has just released an IDC Innovators report recognizing four innovative automation vendors with revenue under $100 million providing development operations infrastructure......»»

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iMac Kaby Lake (2017) review: The iMac’s excellence continues on

It’s been nearly two years since Apple updated the iMac, which may not seem like such a big deal, especially for a desktop computer. So, understandably, if you bought an iMac in the past three or four years, maybe you aren’t looking for a new.....»»

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AMD launches feature-packed EPYC to take on compete with Intel

The EPYC and news of 32 cores, comprising four octa –core chips together provides up to 2TB of memory per processing unit and 128 connect lines......»»

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Market Snapshot: Datacenter, 2Q17

This IDC Market Presentation defines the broad datacenter ecosystem and provides examples of representative suppliers in each portion of the market......»»

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Recapping the first TechCrunch China event in Shenzhen

 Last week we hosted our first TechCrunch China event in Shenzhen, the hardware capital of the world. We were delighted to welcome thousands of attendees to the event, which included a host of top tech industry names, exciting up-and-coming star.....»»

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Manheim chief economist Tom Webb reflects on a four-decade auto career

On the eve of his retirement, Tom Webb, Manheim's chief economist, reflects on a four-decade auto industry career......»»

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Indian Technology Workers Worry About a Job Threat: Technology

Artificial intelligence, automation and big data are raising fears of widespread layoffs in a $150 billion industry......»»

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Should Your Company Switch To Microservices?

Walmart Canada claims that it was microservices that allowed them to replace hardware with virtual servers, reducing costs by somewhere between 20 and 50 percent. Now Slashdot reader snydeq shares an article by a senior systems automation engineer ar.....»»

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Western Europe Consumer Internet Access Forecast, 2017–2021

This IDC Market Forecast provides an updated view of the consumer internet access market in Western Europe with an outlook until 2021. It provides connection and spending data by technology, user type, and country."The internet access market in Weste.....»»

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How Perceived Benefits of Cloud Marketplaces Vary from Realized Benefits

This IDC Survey Spotlight shows data from a small sample of IDC's CloudView Survey, IDC's premiere global benchmarking web survey fielded in March 2017. The survey reached more than 11,000 respondents from 31 countries and asked over 6,000 heavy clou.....»»

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Western Europe Top 10 IT Service Vendors 2016: Change Toward the Digital Economy Accelerates

This IDC study analyzes the 2016 revenues of the 10 largest IT services vendors and compares them with market trends. Furthermore, this study looks at the top 10 vendors' market shares in the total IT services market as well as in project-oriented se.....»»

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Sedo Names New Global Chief Sales Officer - Matthias Meyer-Schönherr Fills Spot Vacated by Dima Beitzke

Domain sales and monetization giant Sedo announced a key change in the company's management team today resulting in Matthias Meyer-Schönherr moving into the role of Chief Sales Officer (CSO) Global......»»

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Xchime goes beyond that of a smart doorbell

It looks like the world of home security and automation has become a wee bit smarter, never mind the fact that smart homes are all the rage these days. A fully funded Indiegogo campaign, the Xchime is more than just a video doorbell. It is going to b.....»»

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U.S. Consumer IoT Perspectives: Age Differences in Use of Voice-Activated Assistants

This IDC Survey Spotlight highlights key results from IDC's 2017 Consumer Internet of Things Survey with a focus on examining consumer usage patterns of voice-activated assistants. The survey includes 1,513 respondents across the United States and co.....»»

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Targeting the Holdouts: Understanding IoT Non-Adoption in Canada

This IDC Survey analyzes IDC's latest primary research on enterprise plans for the Internet of Things (IoT) in Canada. In June of 2017, IDC surveyed 312 respondents asking enterprise IT decision makers about their IoT deployment plans by industry-spe.....»»

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Internet of Things: Smart City Adoption and Market Trends

This IDC Market Perspective discusses the adoption of internet of things (IoT) within the Smart City. Figures and data within this perspective are based on IDC's research on the China Smart City market and IoT usage scenarios related to government, u.....»»

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Worldwide Software-Defined Compute Software Market Shares, 2016: A Market in Transition

This IDC study examines the market share of software-defined compute software (SDC) vendors in 2016 as well as the market forces that influenced their performances."The SDC market is seeing flat to declining revenue for virtualization as value is shi.....»»

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Up-Leveling Talent Acquisition: A Need for Deeper Integration within Human Resources and Beyond

This IDC Survey Spotlight features the latest findings from IDC's 2017 Talent Acquisition Survey. Talent acquisition is an increasingly complex element of human capital management — and an increasingly important component of modern business strateg.....»»

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Software for Robotics in Manufacturing

This IDC research report features the leading global providers of software solutions for robotics in manufacturing, highlighting the key features, advantages, and success stories of the solutions. All solution providers featured in this report provid.....»»

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Pivot Table: Worldwide Retail IT Spending Guide, Version 1, 2015–2020

This IDC Retail Insights Pivot Table presents our best estimates and forecasts for the worldwide retail IT opportunities. It provides IT spending forecasts for the following subindustries: apparel and accessory stores; automotive dealers and gasoline.....»»

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Market Analysis Perspective: Business Processing Market in Malaysia, 2017

This IDC Market Analysis Perspective (MAP) provides a perspective on the business process outsourcing (BPO) market and its significant constituents, namely, customer care, finance and accounting, procurement, and human resource BPO segments, in Malay.....»»

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