How Naked Mole Rats Can Survive Without Oxygen for 18 Minutes

Naked mole rats can survive 18 minutes with zero oxygen and suffer no ill effects thanks to a molecular trick that lets them metabolize fructose......»»

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This week in games: Homeworld"s lost expansion returns, 15 minutes of Beyond Good & Evil 2

E3 is over. Time to settle in for the slow summer months, crank the air conditioning, peruse the Steam Summer Sale, and dream of all the games we’ll be playing in a few months. Mostly Wolfenstein II, I think.And if you need proof the summer’s.....»»

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Evernote can help organize your life – here’s how to use it

Evernote may be one of the most capable note-taking software suits to ever hit the market, but it's also not the most user-friendly for beginners. Check our comprehensive guide on how to use Evernote so you can create, tag, organize and share notes w.....»»

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Gwyneth Paltrow"s Goop $120 "Bio-Frequency Healing" Sticker Packs Get Shot Down by NASA

From a report: Goop had claimed the costly "Body Vibes" stickers were "made with the same conductive carbon material NASA uses to line space suits so they can monitor an astronaut's vitals during wear" and because of that were able to "target imbalan.....»»

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‘Pokémon Go’ still engages fans more than most other Android games

Of all the hours spent playing the top five Android games in the U.S. during the first quarter of this year, one in every three minutes was spent playing Pokémon Go, suggesting the game is still exceedingly popular. The post ‘Pokémon Go’.....»»

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Soon, you will be able to split payments for your Airbnb vacation rental

Airbnb is hoping that it can help you avoid those awkward conversations, and save your friendships. It basically allows you to split payments, much like you would do with Uber or Lyft, and it has certainly been a long time coming. The post Soon, you.....»»

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Windows 10 quick tips: 6 ways to speed up your PC

Want Windows 10 to run faster? We've got help. Take a few minutes to try out these tips, and your machine will be zippier and less prone to performance and system issues.1. Change your power settings If you’re using Windows 10’s Power saver p.....»»

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Tech Tip: Rescuing Text From Mac WordPerfect Files

WordPerfect for the Mac never made it to the 21st century, but you can use modern software to get back into those ancient files......»»

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Google Will Now Hide Personal Medical Records From Search Results

Mark Wilson, writing for BetaNews: Google has updated its search policies without any sort of fanfare. The search engine now "may remove" -- in addition to existing categories of information -- "confidential, personal medical records of private peopl.....»»

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Bayview Boom Teaches Teens How to Build Their Own Boombox

Bayview BOOM teaches teens electronics assembly, woodworking, metalworking and product design so they can build their own boomboxes. Read more on MAKE The post Bayview Boom Teaches Teens How to Build Their Own Boombox appeared first on Make: DIY.....»»

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Supreme Court gives thumbs-up to privacy lawsuit against Facebook

Case that centres on how Canadians can protect their privacy rights on social media can be heard in British Columbia, court rules.....»»

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TYAN Shows Two Skylake-SP-Based HPC Servers with Up to 8 Xeon Phi/Tesla Modules

At ISC 17 this sweek, TYAN has demonstrated two new HPC servers based on the latest Intel Xeon processors for high-performance computing and deep learning workloads. The new HPC machines can integrate four or eight Intel Xeon Phi co-processors or th.....»»

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Can’t see the total solar eclipse this August? Volvo has you covered

Volvo will use a fleet of its XC60 SUVs to record and broadcast August's total solar eclipse to the world. The SUVs will be dispatched to different vantage points, and will be equipped to record 360-degree video and VR footage. The post Can’t s.....»»

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iPad Pro vs. iPad mini 4 vs. iPad: Which one should you buy?

So you’re in the market for a new iPad. Excellent choice—I couldn’t live without mine. It’s my companion when I’m catching up on news and email in the morning over tea, reading a comic book in the evening to unwind, or watching a movie w.....»»

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Find only the best speedruns to gawk at with Speedrun World Records

Speedrunning has long been a part of gaming culture, but getting into it can be intimidating. Even just watching can be difficult as videos make it hard to sift through. Speedrun World Records makes the process easier. The post Find only the best spe.....»»

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To my Canadian friends, you are cordially invited to participate in our LITEHAWK Canada sponsored contest, where you can win a (MSRP $79.99) LITEHAWK QUATTRO CLICK Camera Drone! Ends Wednesday, June 21, 2017. Good luck to all!”... [PCSTA.....»»

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Panasonic sees the future of solar on car rooftops.

Panasonic sees the future of solar on car rooftops. The Japanese electronics giant has started producing a 180-watt array of solar cells that can be fixed to the roof of an automobile......»»

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Netflix Launches New "Interactive Shows" That Let Viewers Dictate the Story

Netflix announced that it's launching an all-new interactive format that turns viewers in storytellers, letting them dictate each choice and direction the story takes. "In each interactive title, you can make choices for the characters, shaping the s.....»»

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You Can Now Buy Apple iPhone SE Assembled In India

Apple iPhones assembled in India are finally available in the country for purchase, with the text “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in India” inscribed on the retail box. Yes, the first iPhone to be assembled at the Bengaluru facility,.....»»

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Dreams Are Imaginary But Setting Your Goals In This Way Can Make Them Come True!

Dreams Are Imaginary But Setting Your Goals In This Way Can Make Them Come True!.....»»

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Robotic Process Automation: Software Transforming Business Operations Forever

This Market Presentation gives an overview of how robotic process automation (RPA) is transforming the way enterprises operate. Presented at the IDC CIO Hub Discussion in June 2017, it analyzes how RPA can profoundly change the way work is sourced in.....»»

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