Hackers use dangerous Petya ransomware in targeted attacks

In a case of no honor among thieves, a group of attackers has found a way to hijack the Petya ransomware and use it in targeted attacks against companies without the program creators' knowledge.A computer Trojan dubbed PetrWrap, being used in atta.....»»

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Google launches “strongest security” opt-in program for high risk users

 Google has today launched a free, opt-in program aimed at users who believe their Google accounts — such as Gmail, Drive, YouTube etc — to be at particularly high risk of targeted online attacks. Read More.....»»

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Researchers use AI to banish choppy streaming videos

Nobody likes it when their binge watching is disrupted by a buffering video. While streaming sites like Netflix have offered workarounds for connectivity problems (including offline viewing and quality controls), researchers are tackling the.....»»

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Classic Hanna-Barbera sound effects In this video [via], Hanna-Barbera sound editor Paul Douglas's 10 favorite sound effects are presented for your amusement and transformative use. It's sadly missing the "running" sound, thoug.....»»

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This powerful quote about sexual violence will change the way you talk about it

Two words: #MeToo. That's what it took to turn the world's attention to the magnitude of sexual harassment and assault. Now that we're finally talking about it, it's high time we thought about the language we use to talk about sexual assault. A quote.....»»

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New AT&T Service Lets Cell and Desk Phones Act as One

The new AT&T Collaborate "Enhanced Mobile" service gives business users the ability to make calls and answer calls the same way, whether they are in the office or not. The service lets employees use their cell phones just like their office phones, wi.....»»

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The Populele makes it fun/easy to learn the “devil’s guitar”

 As a staunch believer in non-existent superstitions I feel that the ukulele is a very dangerous, sensual instrument that could lead to the ruination of our young people and rend the very fabric of society. That said, I can now play Stand By Me.....»»

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ZTE Axon M hands-on review

ZTE has a new smartphone and its most unique trait is that it’s foldable. The ZTE Axon M has two screens, but unfold it and you can use any app on the giant screen. We check it out in our hands-on review. The post ZTE Axon M hands-on review appeare.....»»

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Novel mechanism of resistance to anti-cancer drugs

Investigators have discovered a novel non-genetic cause of resistance to the targeted anti-cancer therapy cetuximab. Their findings suggest a strategy for overcoming this resistance......»»

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Saving hearts after heart attacks: Overexpression of a gene enhances repair of dead muscle

Biomedical engineers report a significant advance in efforts to repair a damaged heart after a heart attack, using grafted heart-muscle cells to create a repair patch. The key was overexpressing a gene that activates the cell-cycle of the grafted mus.....»»

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Microsoft’s internal bug database was hacked in 2013

Over four years ago, Microsoft's internal database for bug tracking was apparently breached by hackers. It was discovered in 2013 but never disclosed to the public, according to five former employees of the company who spoke with Reuter.....»»

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Bake: fizzing Alien facehugger pudding-cups

Hellen Die admits that her recipe for Alien facehugger pudding-cups "isn't easy": you have to make egg-molds that you cover with pastry and decorate to resemble HR Giger-esque Alien eggs, then use more pastry to sculpt the facehuggers, make a custom.....»»

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Apple’s universal Search feature now works with BBC America, CBC, and more

Apple has gained several new partners around the world for its universal Search feature on Apple TV. In the United States, Apple TV users can now use the Search app or Siri to find content in BBC America, Classix, and Oxygen. Search on Apple TV lets.....»»

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Google Advanced Protection is for high-profile hacking targets

Many internet giants offer security measures like two-factor authentication (which you should really use) to keep your account safe from hackers. But there are a handful of people who are so valuable as targets that hackers will go after th.....»»

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Kuwait and Saudi Arabia are top targets for DDoS attacks in Middle East

Security firm Arbor Networks reveals alarming statistics on the growing number of DDoS attacks happening in the region. For network security experts, DDoS attacks are nothing new. The sudden surge of network data can slow down or cripple an ent.....»»

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From Building Trust to Building Use

The world is facing a crisis in traditional trust. And that’s a good thing. Traditional trust has facilitated a type of god-like leadership and management model based on hierarchy and ego. A survey of 28,600 young people in 30 countries, pub.....»»

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BBC iPlayer Radio app gains Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support

In an effort to get people to leave their smartphones alone while driving and reduce distractions, many car infotainment systems now support Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. Those two infotainment systems allow drivers to use some apps like music and.....»»

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Cruise’s self-driving Chevrolet Bolts are coming to New York next year

 GM’s Cruise Automation will expand its test pool, while keeping a focus on city driving, something it has said gives it an edge in the autonomous driving space. What better city to use for testing, then, than New York, one of the densest.....»»

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Can the Polestar 1 use its 600 hp hybrid powertrain to bait Mercedes-AMG buyers?

Volvo's return to the coupe segment just took an interesting turn: the model will join the Polestar lineup, and it will get a 600-hp plug-in hybrid powertrain. The Polestar 1 will be built in China starting in 2019. The post Can the Polestar 1 use it.....»»

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How to reset your Apple ID password and gain control of your account

To use any of Apple's services, you need to have an Apple ID and know your password. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the situation and regain access to your account. Here's how to reset your Apple ID password. The post How to reset your Apple.....»»

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How to Measure the Performance of a Script in JavaScript

Language: Web, Expertise: Intermediate - How to use the Performance API to compute the execution time for a piece of code in JavaScript......»»

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