The Amazing Contraption That Made This Impossible Burger Drop Shot Possible

The burger drop shot, where the ingredients of the world’s most perfect food appear to fall from the sky and perfectly stack themselves upon landing, pops up a lot in fast food commercials. But seeing what it takes to realize this footage without comput.....»»

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Malaysian webcomic describes the Pokémon-hunting zombie hordes perfectly

Look out your window at night, and you'll see a new crop of nocturnal loiterers at playgrounds and parks hunting Pokémon. The mobile game came to Southeast Asia over the weekend just in time for the Hungry Ghost Festival. The month-long period is obs.....»»

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Irish step dancer uses her fast feet to pay homage to "Hamilton"

The only thing faster than Daveed Diggs' rapping is this woman's feet. Irish step dancer, Hannah Redlich, taps through the song "Guns and Ships" from the hit Broadway musical, Hamilton. The mesmerizing beat goes perfectly with Lin-Manuel Miranda's rhymes......»»

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The Bluetooth Earbuds That Started It All Are Down to $16 Today

Mpow’s Swifts basically created the ultra-cheap Bluetooth earbud market, and you can grab a pair for just $16 today, in a variety of colors. Do they sound amazing? No, but they’re perfectly adequate for listening to music or podcasts while working i.....»»

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Video of dog trained to prevent knife attacks

This dog remains perfectly calm and alert until it sees a knife, then it instantly responds to disable the attacker. Amazing training. This dog remains perfectly calm and alert until it sees a knife, then it instantly responds to disable the attacker. A.....»»

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Someone stuck a Chromecast inside an old 70s television for a perfectly retro viewing experience [VIDEO]

Feeling nostalgic for days past, a YouTuber outfitted an old 70s television he found laying around with a modern day Chromecast. Simply put -- the results are amazing......»»

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Mlais M4 Note review – amazing value for $159

Chinese (handset makers) are coming and they seem ready to take on the Korean giants. Just last week, I got a chance to play with the Mlais M4 Note, a phablet-sized device that offers an amazing bang for the buck. That’s $159 for those who count. At.....»»

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Amazing Apple patent describes future of iPhone speakers

Apple was recently awarded a patent for technology that describes a way whereby Apple may add speakers to a super-thin device. That might not sound very interesting, but it is. In fact, as Apple tries to make devices thinner and thinner,...See full galle.....»»

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Trump appears to think Paris is in Germany

It's the perfectly-optimized Trumpian Twittergaffe, lurking somewhere between a) bloviating ignorance and b) his inability to form coherent thoughts in 140 characters. None of his followers will care, every else will find it amazing. It's the perfectly-o.....»»

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This 71-Year-Old Librarian Perfectly Describes What’s Wrong With Mobile Payments Today

You're not the only one who freezes at the checkout counter over how to pay......»»

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The Caruso Molecular Steam Rollers makes perfect curls

If you look to magazines, models have perfectly coiffed hair, tailored outfits, amazing accessories, and flawless faces. No one looks like that every second of their lives, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up here and there. Kudos to.....»»

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Into the Sun

This amazing shot may look like a perfectly-photographed and staged action movie–but it was actually taken this morning as pilots prepare for the largest NATO exercise in 13 years.Read more........»»

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Apple TV can now deliver Papa John"s pizza for your binge watching needs

Just days before Apple launches a wealth of new product goodness, U.S. food chain Papa John's has announced an amazing new feature designed for Apple consumers: pizza via your TV.  On Tuesday, Papa John's launched a new app that allows customers to o.....»»

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Edmunds Identifies Amazing Bargains on "Leftover" 2016 Vehicles

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. read more.....»»

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Gut biome of monkeys found to change when they are kept in captivity

(—An international team of researchers has found that when monkeys are kept in captivity, their gut biomes become less diverse. In a paper published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes how they collected fecal.....»»

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Cisco buys into containers with Container X acquisition

Cisco today turned its attention and checkbook onto another hot enterprise market by announcing it intends to buy Container X a nearly 2-year-old startup specializing in virtual container technology.ContainerX describes its technology as a turnkey contain.....»»

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View Amazing Images That Seem to Move

Art and neuroscience combine to create fascinating examples of illusory motion -- Read more on»»

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Photos: Amazing Microscopic Views of Italian Cocktails

Alcoholic beverages like you've never seen them before......»»

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LG offering up huge 21:9 curved gaming monitor

LG has announced two new 21:9 monitors, including a 34-inch curved 144 Hz gaming monitor and a 38-inch behemoth built for designers. On the gaming front, the LG 34UC79G has what LG describes as a 'blindingly fast' refresh rate alongside one millisecond mo.....»»

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Watch Dogs 2, The Improvements We Were Hoping For?

For gamers everywhere, Watch Dogs 2 looks to me a massive improvement on an already amazing game. From the hopeful driving fixes to the new open-world concepts, the sky is the limit for new gamers and veterans alike. As far as new developments go, the lis.....»»

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