Making Sense of Digital Customer Analytics

The major brands make it look easy to deliver amazing digital customer experiences. With big budgets, super agencies, massive marketing teams, technical expertise and complicated MarTech stacks, they’re perfectly poised to get the right message to .....»»

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10 Amazing Countries That Perfectly Fit Budget Travelers

You want to travel but you are hesitant because you don’t think you can do it on a budget. There... The post 10 Amazing Countries That Perfectly Fit Budget Travelers appeared first on Lifehack. You want to travel but you are hesitant because you.....»»

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This amazing woman shows you can be young, sexy and quadriplegic

Rachelle lays elegantly across a bed. Her hair is perfectly curled. Her lacy lingerie hugs her body. Her catheter, still source of insecurity for Rachelle, is bravely on display. She is undoubtedly sexy. People living with disabilities aren’t ofte.....»»

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Mlais M4 Note review – amazing value for $159

Chinese (handset makers) are coming and they seem ready to take on the Korean giants. Just last week, I got a chance to play with the Mlais M4 Note, a phablet-sized device that offers an amazing bang for the buck. That’s $159 for those who count. At.....»»

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The cosmic evolution of galaxies

Our knowledge of the big bang has increased dramatically in the past decade, as satellites and ground-based studies of the cosmic microwave background have refined parameters associated with the very early universe, achieving amazing precisions (though no.....»»

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This fish camouflage is so amazing that it"s pretty much invisibile

The camouflage on this fish is so impressive that you can barely see it, I mean, it’s essentially invisible. Anytime it stops, I lose track of it because it blends in so perfectly with the ground. Even when it’s moving, it looks more like a pile of di.....»»

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Slurpee Waves in Nantucket, photographed by Jonathan Nimerfroh

The photographer who describes himself as "obsessed" with the ocean shot these amazing images of slushy winter waves near his Nantucket home. Read the rest.....»»

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What"s the Worst Reason You"ve Heard for Switching to Apple or Android?

People are always howling about how you NEED to switch to Apple or Android devices. iOS is the best! Android is the ... whatever rhymes with Android and is awesome! Sometime they have perfectly good reasons for switching. Other times, not so much. What ar.....»»

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These Are Actually The Coolest Photos Of New York We"ve Ever Seen

"Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night... And seeing this." That's how Vincent Laforet describes what it was like taking these truly amazing aerial shots of New York City. Lafor.....»»

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Own A Copy Of Advanced Warfare On Xbox 360? Upgrade to Xbox One Version For Free

Microsoft has certainly learned from their mistakes and has been on a roll in 2014. With amazing exclusives and more consumer friendly policies, the company is back with a bang after being dominated by Sony for a year. Now, Microsoft has announced another.....»»

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Groomsmen"s amazing dance shows that "Love Never Felt So Good"

Love never looked so perfectly choreographed Teddy Forance enlisted the help of his groomsmen (and a few professional dancers) to stage a wedding reception gift for his new bride, Victoria. The men set their performance — complete with pyrotechnics .....»»

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Insane biker backflips over flying airplane in incredibly risky stunt

Airline and aerobatic pilot Glen Dell and FMX rider Nick de Wit needed two years of planning before attempting this amazing stunt: Nick backflipped his dirtbike over Glen's plane flying under it. Everything worked out perfectly and the resulting images ar.....»»

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NVIDIA GTX 970 SLI performance review.

NVIDIA's GTX 970 is arguably the best bang for buck graphics card currently available. That makes two of them in SLI an amazing performance value that will provide plenty of future proofing. ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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20 Weird GIFs That Belong in Another Dimension

The world is full of weirdos Consider that a good thing — a certain level of the weird, strange and bizarre things is good for the soul. Otherwise you may find yourself perfectly content drinking pumpkin spice lattes while watching The Big Bang Theo.....»»

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Tugs and pulls: How a molecular motor untangles protein

E. coli ClpB is a bacterial enzyme that untangles proteins. Such tangles are hallmarks of neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. A study now offers new insight on this amazing molecular machine, and could lead toward new treatmen.....»»

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Take Better Photos WIth The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course & Certification, Now 98% Off

Skip the technical jargon and get right to taking amazing, professional-quality photos with this complete training. The Hollywood Art Institute Photography Course includes 22 modules filled with tutorials on how to profit off of your photography, or simpl.....»»

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TechRadar Deals: Best Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deals in October 2015

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 dealsIt's hard not to love Samsung's amazing Note 4. This is, after all, a device that no-one thought would ever work but now four generations in the phone is selling brilliantly and it has invented a new category of mobile phones. P.....»»

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The Best Little Porno Movie on the Internet [Very NSFW]

The other night, my friend Fivestar said, “Hey, I’m going to be directing a Star Trek gang bang movie, you want to visit the set?” Just in case you are wondering, the answer to that question should always be yes.Read more........»»

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Amazing life-size Legend of Zelda cake looks too real to eat

An Australian cake artist whips up an incredible dessert that looks exactly like Princess Zelda from the Legend of Zelda video game series. And it only took 6.6 pounds of sugar......»»

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Democratic machine won"t let Larry Lessig into the debates; will Sanders stand up for him?

Lessig raised $1M for his amazing, unprecedented presidential bid, where he promises that, if he wins, he'll immediately pass campaign finance reform and then resign, handing over the presidency to his running-mate. (more…) Lessig raised $1M for h.....»»

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