GZA Perfectly Describes the Big Bang With Amazing Rhymes

GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan has lent his talents to the pursuit of science. Yes, science The rapper wrote some incredible verses about the beginning of the universe and performed them in front of a University of Toronto lecture hall with trademark Wu-Tang elo.....»»

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These Are Actually The Coolest Photos Of New York We"ve Ever Seen

"Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night... And seeing this." That's how Vincent Laforet describes what it was like taking these truly amazing aerial shots of New York City. Lafor.....»»

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Own A Copy Of Advanced Warfare On Xbox 360? Upgrade to Xbox One Version For Free

Microsoft has certainly learned from their mistakes and has been on a roll in 2014. With amazing exclusives and more consumer friendly policies, the company is back with a bang after being dominated by Sony for a year. Now, Microsoft has announced another.....»»

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Groomsmen"s amazing dance shows that "Love Never Felt So Good"

Love never looked so perfectly choreographed Teddy Forance enlisted the help of his groomsmen (and a few professional dancers) to stage a wedding reception gift for his new bride, Victoria. The men set their performance — complete with pyrotechnics .....»»

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Insane biker backflips over flying airplane in incredibly risky stunt

Airline and aerobatic pilot Glen Dell and FMX rider Nick de Wit needed two years of planning before attempting this amazing stunt: Nick backflipped his dirtbike over Glen's plane flying under it. Everything worked out perfectly and the resulting images ar.....»»

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NVIDIA GTX 970 SLI performance review.

NVIDIA's GTX 970 is arguably the best bang for buck graphics card currently available. That makes two of them in SLI an amazing performance value that will provide plenty of future proofing. ... [PCSTATS].....»»

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20 Weird GIFs That Belong in Another Dimension

The world is full of weirdos Consider that a good thing — a certain level of the weird, strange and bizarre things is good for the soul. Otherwise you may find yourself perfectly content drinking pumpkin spice lattes while watching The Big Bang Theo.....»»

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Forza Motorsport 5 Gets Meguiar’s Cars Pack Today

Forza Motorsport 5 gets a new Meguiar’s car pack from Turn 10 studios, and it is now available for download from the Xbox store. This pack includes ten amazing cars that are developed using some very rare concepts. Turn 10 and Meguiar’s describes thei.....»»

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These Musical Drones Are More Talented Than Justin Bieber

Even the most skilled guitar god has nothing on these drones KMel Robotics created a swarm of flying hexrotors to play some sweet music. The perfectly synchronized robots float through the air to bang on drums and pluck strings to create famous classical .....»»

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Private equity, an infection that is eating the world

In an amazing and terrifying essay called How to get beyond the parasite economy, Eric Garland describes how private equity infects industry after industry, sucking all productive capacity out of it through complex and fraudulent financial engineering, an.....»»

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BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2 Review

Rapture and Columbia go out with a stealthy, quiet bang. What began as a disappointing follow-up to an amazing adventure has redeemed itself with BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea Episode 2. This second and final chapter atones for all of its predec.....»»

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How Astronomers Saw Gravitational Waves from the Big Bang

Lead discoverer John Kovac describes his work at the BICEP2 radio telescope and how his career took him there -- Read more on»»

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Why the Big Bang Discovery Is Even More Important Than You Think

As you've probably heard, yesterday a team of scientists identified evidence of cosmic inflation right after the Big Bang , a finding which helps explain how the entire Universe originated. Amazing as that sounds, it's way more important than you even ima.....»»

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Amazing parents perfectly lip-sync to Frozen song

This has to be the most perfect lip-sync job I've ever seen. Heck, if somebody told me these two were actually singing Frozen's Love Is an Open Door I would totally buy it. I'm flabbergasted by how well they do it. And the daughter not giving a damn is th.....»»

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Bionic Hand Restores Amputee"s Sense Of Touch

A man who lost a hand in a fireworks accident describes the amazing results of an artificial limb that gives him a sense of touch......»»

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In Depth: Life companions: amazing bits of kit that have been built to last

Keeping up with tech can be an expensive business, and it isn't always possible: just ask anyone with an HTC One X or HTC One X+ who thought they were going to get the Android KitKat upgrade.Relatively minor OS updates can easily render perfectly good dev.....»»

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15 Amazing Gift Ideas Perfectly For Your Book-Loving Friends

A comprehensive list of the perfect gifts for your book-loving friends.The post 15 Amazing Gift Ideas Perfectly For Your Book-Loving Friends appeared first on Lifehack. As we all know, books come in a variety shapes, sizes and genres. It’s there.....»»

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You Won"t Believe These Perfectly Synced Drones Aren"t CGI

Autonomous quadcopter drones aren't all about flying into dangerous areas where humans fear to tread. Besides being disposable, they also make for perfectly precise pint-sized pilots, as this Lexus ad entitled Amazing In Motion demonstrates. When you watc.....»»

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10 Amazing Jack-O-Lanterns, Carved By You

We're just a few days away from Halloween, which means many of you spent the weekend Dexter-ing a perfectly innocent pumpkin in the name of tradition. Read more...    .....»»

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5 Creative Projects From Maker Faire Rome

Maker Faire Rome started with a bang this morning, and alongside the technology announcements, we started to see some of the amazing projects makers – especially students – are bringing to the show.Read more on MAKE.....»»

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It"s Amazing These Perfectly Synced Gears Don"t Shred Each Other

If you've ever shuddered at the sound of the gears grinding on your car's manual transmission, you might have a hard time watching this video. But don't dismay, as these three gears spinning at 4,500 RPM come in and out of sync with each other, at no poin.....»»

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