Someone stuck a Chromecast inside an old 70s television for a perfectly retro viewing experience [VIDEO]

Feeling nostalgic for days past, a YouTuber outfitted an old 70s television he found laying around with a modern day Chromecast. Simply put -- the results are amazing......»»

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Mlais M4 Note review – amazing value for $159

Chinese (handset makers) are coming and they seem ready to take on the Korean giants. Just last week, I got a chance to play with the Mlais M4 Note, a phablet-sized device that offers an amazing bang for the buck. That’s $159 for those who count. At.....»»

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Amazing Apple patent describes future of iPhone speakers

Apple was recently awarded a patent for technology that describes a way whereby Apple may add speakers to a super-thin device. That might not sound very interesting, but it is. In fact, as Apple tries to make devices thinner and thinner,...See full galle.....»»

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Trump appears to think Paris is in Germany

It's the perfectly-optimized Trumpian Twittergaffe, lurking somewhere between a) bloviating ignorance and b) his inability to form coherent thoughts in 140 characters. None of his followers will care, every else will find it amazing. It's the perfectly-o.....»»

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This 71-Year-Old Librarian Perfectly Describes What’s Wrong With Mobile Payments Today

You're not the only one who freezes at the checkout counter over how to pay......»»

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The Caruso Molecular Steam Rollers makes perfect curls

If you look to magazines, models have perfectly coiffed hair, tailored outfits, amazing accessories, and flawless faces. No one looks like that every second of their lives, but there’s nothing wrong with wanting to spruce up here and there. Kudos to.....»»

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Into the Sun

This amazing shot may look like a perfectly-photographed and staged action movie–but it was actually taken this morning as pilots prepare for the largest NATO exercise in 13 years.Read more........»»

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Amazing Mars Photos by NASA"s Curiosity Rover (Latest Images)

NASA's Mars rover Curiosity is beaming home amazing photos of the Red Planet......»»

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Cash-strapped Sprint promises to pinch pennies on network upgrade - CNET

As the power of its aggressive promotions wanes, Sprint looks to tighten its belt further and get more bang for its buck on network upgrades......»»

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Watch: Clip from Prince Museum vault shows epic jam with Kendrick Lamar

The Prince Museum has posted an amazing live video of Prince and rapper Kendrick Lamar collaborating with a live band at Paisley Park on an epic five-minute jam complete with verses from both musicians. The post Watch: Clip from Prince Museum vault shows .....»»

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The Most Interesting Science News Articles of the Week

Here are the most interesting, amazing and unusual things that happened in the world of science this week. A recap of Live Science's best......»»

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Amazing Ocotillo: Photos of "Odd-Looking" Desert Shrubs

In the vast, warm desert regions of North America, a unique plant grows in the shallow soils among the rocky slopes, washes, grasslands and mesas of both the Chihuahuan and Sonoran deserts......»»

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Cash-strapped Sprint promises to pinch-pennies on network upgrade - CNET

As the effectiveness of Sprint's aggressive promotional offers wanes, the company looks to tighten its belt further and get more bang for its buck on network upgrades......»»

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Invisible, Inc. Console Edition Review

How amazing that a turn-based game can feel so urgent. In invisible, Inc., I have as much time as I need to position my agents just so, but I’m always paying attention to the security level at the top right of my screen. That meter tells you when securi.....»»

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Artists troll Thingiverse with 3D model mashup bot

Shiv Integer is a bot created by artists Matthew Plummer-Fernandez and Julien Deswaef; it downloads Creative Commons-licensed models from Thingiverse, mashes them up into weird and often amazing new shapes, adds machine-generated titles and descriptions t.....»»

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Astounding, visionary video about hypertext from 1976

Brett Bobley writes, "'Hypertext: an Educational Experiment in English and Computer Science at Brown University' is an amazing documentary film from 1976 made by Brown University computer scientist Andries 'Andy' van Dam." (more…) Brett Bobley w.....»»

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Join Puddles Pity Party at Beyond Brookledge, May 20-22

Puddles, the sad clown with the golden voice, will be one of the many, incredible performers making this year's Beyond Brookledge more fun than ever. Beyond Brookledge is an amazing collection of performances, in a spectacular place, put on by a communi.....»»

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Hefty Google Keyboard update brings one-handed mode, cursor control, other new tricks

Google Keyboard just rolled out of the factory with a major overhaul. Version 5.0 brings a lot of smart features and design enhancements that could make it quicker to bang out a text message or drop in some numbers to a spreadsheet.The impact on you: In o.....»»

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Rewritten Framework for Vue.js 2.0 Release

The team behind Vue.js has released v2.0, in what is described as a "full rewrite" of the framework. Vue creator Evan You describes Vue as the framework as consisting of "a core view layer and accompanying tools and supporting libraries," and says that.....»»

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Teenager assembles amazing Apple museum in family basement

Starting with an old iMac intended for homework, over the last five years Alex Jason has built an amazing collection of Apple hardware and memorabilia -- and now he wants to open a museum. The post Teenager assembles amazing Apple museum in family baseme.....»»

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