Guess showcases upcoming Android Wear 2.0 smartwatch

Modern smartwatches hit the scene a few years back with a heavy emphasis on technology – both in terms of aesthetics and functionality......»»

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Intel-based Chromebooks fall behind when running Android apps

Many Chromebooks will eventually be able to run Android apps, but not all of them will provide the same experience. ARM-based Chromebooks might provide better Android app performance than Chromebooks based on Intel processors. The post Intel-based Ch.....»»

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The Lost Child Is Connected To El Shaddai But Also Gives Off Shin Megami Tensei Vibes

Kadokawa Games announced The Lost Child, an upcoming PS4 and PS Vita title that is based on creator Sawaki Takeyasu’s El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron mythos. Here are more details from this week’s Famitsu. Read The Lost Child Is Connected T.....»»

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Tio, Randolph, And Olivert Join The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III will feature the appearance of Tio Plato, Randolph Orlando, and Olivert Reise Arnor. Falcom also revealed the Japanese voice cast for the upcoming RPG. Read Tio, Randolph, And Olivert Join The Legend of.....»»

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Duolingo’s Japanese language course is now available on iOS

More than five years after its official launch, Duolingo has finally added a Japanese course to its online language learning service. The course is currently available through the platform’s iOS app, with an Android and web release scheduled.....»»

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How to install faster, lighter-weight versions of Facebook and Messenger on Android

As much as I’m hesitant to admit it, I do enjoy using Facebook. That being said, as an Android user — especially a person who doesn’t have a flagship phone or a phone with an exceptionally long-lasting battery — the Facebook and Messe.....»»

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OnePlus 5 to embrace its inner brony with new unicorn-themed colour option

The OnePlus 5 may not be official yet, but that hasn’t stopped OnePlus from teasing various aspects of its next smartphone. We already know that the upcoming smartphone will arrive this summer thanks to an image the company posted to its Weibo.....»»

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One of Android"s Easter Eggs is a Flappy Bird-style Game

Android Tech Tip Week Need to kill some time off? Google loves Easter eggs and in Android Lollipop it introduced a hidden game within the operating system's settings. The game was a nod to the once popular Flappy Bird that sparked countless clone.....»»

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Useful or Little Known Android Features

Android Tech Tip Week Android powers hundreds of millions of mobile devices worldwide. Its openness has made it a favorite for consumers and developers alike, while its ability to run on all kinds of hardware now makes up the largest installed base o.....»»

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Microsoft: developers decide if Scorpio games have frame rate parity with Xbox One titles

There’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the upcoming Project Scorpio, with recent hardware reveals leading to a rise in pre-orders for the “most powerful console ever made.” Now, Microsoft has explained a bit more about the machin.....»»

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"Far Cry 5" teaser trailer welcomes you to Hope County, Montana

Ubisoft last week revealed that Far Cry 5 was one of a handful of new titles it intended to release in the upcoming fiscal year. Aside from sharing a basic logo and opening a section about the game in its forums, Ubisoft kept tight-lipped about the g.....»»

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Nvidia"s latest graphics drivers are optimized for Tekken 7 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Nvidia earlier today published a new batch of Game Ready drivers optimized specifically for two upcoming games: Tekken 7 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew......»»

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Google’s huge 4K touchscreen whiteboard is now on sale for $5K

 Google’s Jamboard is not a kitchen app for curating PB&J recipes – it’s a 55-inch digital whiteboard, with pen and touch input, companion iOS and Android apps, an Nvidia Jetson TX1 processor on board and 4K resolution. The beh.....»»

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Hands on: Android O"s most useful features (so far)

With Google I/O officially behind us, it's time to start looking forward -- and that means time to start thinking in more detail about the next major version of Android and what it'll mean for us.Google Home and Photos may have stolen the show at.....»»

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Watch the ‘Call of Duty WWII’ live-stream Q&A here today

Sledgehammer Games is answering some of the most pressing questions about its upcoming taking on the second World War and you can watch the livestream of it later today, right here. The post Watch the ‘Call of Duty WWII’ live-stream Q&A h.....»»

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Apple"s updated Android "Switch" campaign explains why people move to iPhone

Apple and Android may forever be locked in a fight for mobile domination, but they take very different approaches to their quest for market share. On the one hand, there are more than 2 billion active Android devices in use around the world. On th.....»»

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Google I/O: What about Android on Chrome OS?

The hottest tech-show ticket these days is Google I/O. In the just-finished 2017 conference, Google announced lots of great stuff, including a lightweight version of Android, Android Go; a first look at the next version of Android, Android O; and.....»»

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Scare tactics: Apple must live in fear

If it’s not one thing it’s another.After hearing for months about the very popular and highly successful Android Echo—which people love and sells very well, certainly much better than the Apple Watch which is a failure—it turns out the rea.....»»

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Makaan Mobile App Allows You To Point Your Handset And Find Your New Home

Elara Technologies which now owns has today announced a new feature on its Android app, which is based on augmented reality, called as ‘Makaan View’. According to the company, this new feature on the Makaan app allows the user to sea.....»»

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Robocop the crime-busting android starts work in Dubai

Robocop has just started work in Dubai. The crime-busting robot rolls to incidents on wheels, speaks multiple languages, and can accept crime reports via its torso-based tablet. The post Robocop the crime-busting android starts work in Dubai appeared.....»»

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Nokia 3310 VS Its Cheap Lookalike

Witnessing cheap replicas of popular phones is definitely not a new thing anymore. In-fact, we have seen local technology companies replicating designs of smartphone such as iPhones as well — so accurately that they would even have Android launcher.....»»

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