Grand designs: saving Yangon’s crumbling colonial architecture

A new city council and a growing number of progressive architecture firms may signal fresh hope for the city’s decaying colonial buildings – and the residents who live inside them The post Grand designs: saving Yangon’s crumbling colonial archi.....»»

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Google announces Android Oreo: here’s what’s inside

Following Android Nougat, Google’s Android Oreo fights for good with battery-saving superpowers, picture-in-picture and more. Google has formally taken the wraps off of its latest operating system upgrade, Android Oreo.Following four develope.....»»

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SDN: Technology to cut costs, speed new services

Software defined networking is defined by a decoupling of the control and packet-forwarding planes in a network, an architecture that can slash operational costs and speed the time it takes to make changes or provision new services.Since all the i.....»»

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Intel promises a 40-percent speed boost with its 8th gen Core chips

 Intel might be sticking to the familiar Kaby Lake architecture for the eight generation of its Core chips, but the its internal testing looks pretty promising as far as performance goes. The company says the chips are capable of a 40-percent in.....»»

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How to create eye-catching designs in seconds with iStock Editor

This browser-based tool is so easy to use, and it’s free! You don’t need to be able to use Photoshop to combine words, text and logos in intricate designs. A new, free tool from popular stock image library iStock by Getty Images m.....»»

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Intel’s 8th-gen Core chips will turn svelte laptops into quad-core powerhouses

At its 8th-Gen Intel Core launch event, the company discussed its upcoming plans for power-efficient quad-core laptops. It also hinted at new desktop processors, and confirmed the 8th Gen won't launch with a new architecture. The post Intel’s 8th-g.....»»

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NASA"s Cassini Probe Begins Its "Grand Finale" Through Saturn"s Atmosphere

An anonymous reader quotes After orbiting Saturn for more than 13 years, NASA's Cassini spacecraft is getting ready to say goodbye. On Monday (August 14), Cassini made the first of five passes through Saturn's upper atmosphere, kicking off.....»»

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Y Combinator-backed VIDA turns artwork into fashion, accessories and more

 VIDA, an e-commerce startup that allows artists to upload their designs to be printed on real-world materials – like fabric, leather, metal and more – which are then sold as unique products, has grown its community of artists to ove.....»»

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Intel Launches Atom C3000 Servers With Up to 16 Cores, 256GB RAM

Intel has refreshed its dense server Atom hardware with new CPUs based on the Goldmont architecture, with 2-16 cores, low TDPs, and up to 4 10GbE ports. The post Intel Launches Atom C3000 Servers With Up to 16 Cores, 256GB RAM appeared first on Extr.....»»

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Uno Bolt is a fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force technology

As gyroscrope technology advences, developers are becoming more adventurous with their designs. One such example is the Uno Bolt, the world's first fat-wheeled electric unicycle with Gyro Force. The post Uno Bolt is a fat-wheeled electric unicycle wi.....»»

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Architecture Could Be The Best Weapon Against Extremism

Architecture Could Be The Best Weapon Against Extremism.....»»

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How One Designer Fights Racism With Architecture

Bryan C. Lee Jr. didn’t see a way for a young black man to be a part of the architectural profession. So he built his own path. Around the United States, cities are removing statues that symbolize the nation’s racist history. But once.....»»

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Top 9 Odd Tail Light Designs

Ever notice how some vehicles have such innovative, trendy tail lights while others have such clumsy, awkward ones? Here are the top nine tail light designs ranging from unusual to bizarre. Ready for Autumn? Prepare your car for colder weather wi.....»»

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2018 Hyundai Sonata Vs. 2018 Honda Accord: Epic Japanese And Korean Rivalry

The 2018 Hyundai Sonata and 2018 Honda Accord are two of the best sedans. Will the Korean sedan take home the grand prize? Or will the Japanese reign supreme?.....»»

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BMW X2 Leaked Patent Images Show Significant Design Revisions

The leaked patent images show the all-new BMW X2 has revised designs compared to the original concept......»»

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Best Laptop Deals of Today: Save on Tablets, 2-in-1s, More

Back-to-school season is in full swing and to help you weed out the good deals from the bad, we're rounding up the best money-saving deals we find online. From inexpensive laptops to discounts on acce........»»

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OnePlus teams up with DJI to offer discounted ‘back to school’ bundles

OnePlus is teaming up with DJI for a variety of back to school bundles at some nice discounts. Everything from the OnePlus 5, to the Osmo Mobile gimbal, to the DJI Spark and Mavic Pro are up for grabs. Take a look to see how much you could be saving......»»

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Health benefits of wind and solar offset all subsidies

Estimated economic benefits of renewables in the US is $87 billion. Enlarge Wind and solar energy are obviously essential in reducing carbon emissions, but they also have a remarkable side effect: saving lives. As they edge out fossil fuels,.....»»

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Motorola patent reveals designs for a phone screen that heals itself

Motorola wants to put an end to all those expensive smartphone screen repairs. The company recently applied for a patent on a phone screen that can heal its own cracks and damages.  SEE ALSO: Oh, how Motorola's once mighty Moto X has fallen The.....»»

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Google Lunar X-Prize Extends Deadline Through March 2018

schwit1 writes: The Google Lunar X-Prize has announced that it has extended its contest deadline from the end of 2017 to the end of March 2018 for the finalists to complete their lunar rover mission and win the grand prize of $30 million. They also a.....»»

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7 best burns from Martin Shkreli"s jury selection process

When you're as publicly reviled as Martin Shkreli is, finding a dozen of your peers who aren't predisposed to hate your guts can be a tall order. The "pharma bro," who first rose to infamy when he hiked the price of a life-saving AIDS drug by 5,000 p.....»»

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