Google Pixel camera trick comes to other phones through a mod

Much of the Google Pixel's photographic prowess comes from its software -- it's particularly good at high dynamic range photos thanks to its HDR+ mode, which fills in gobs of detail while reducing the blur you sometimes see in HDR.....»»

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Alphabet"s Sidewalk Labs will build a futuristic tech world in Toronto

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs will develop a futuristic, billion-dollar community along a sizable swathe of Toronto's waterfront. On Wednesday, the City of Toronto and Sidewalk Labs  — which is the urban innovation arm of Google's parent compan.....»»

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Bento Stack aims to make it easier to organize & travel w/ your Apple accessories

When it comes to Apple products, there are often quite a few accessories that you need to bring when you take your setup mobile. From chargers to headphones to dongles, the accessories can quickly turn an otherwise organized bag into a cluttered mess.....»»

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Google investigates the Oreo update that killed text messages on some Pixels

Google’s Pixel and Nexus phones are the only Android devices that currently run Android 8.0 Oreo. As exciting as that might be for Android users looking to use Google’s most recent Android release, some of them have been experiencing a strange te.....»»

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Amazon is offering $50 of Google Play credit for only $45 [DEAL]

You can grab a $50 Google Play Gift Card for only $45. Pretty good deal if you're looking to pick up some movies to take advantage of Movies Anywhere......»»

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Facebook’s response to Russian election interference: ‘Bad things happen’

 Facebook has come under fire for its role in influencing the U.S. presidential election, particularly when it comes to “fake news” and Russian-sponsored ads.  When asked about this at WSJ D.Live in Laguna Beach on Wednesday, Facebo.....»»

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Truffle now lets you share your food tips via iMessage

 While you’ve already got Yelp and other apps to help you figure out where to eat, Truffle is designed specifically for sharing recommendations with friends and other people you know. A new update should make that sharing even easier. The.....»»

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The Pixel 2 has a hidden dark mode Google isn’t telling anyone about

The Pixel 2 still hasn't been released, but reviewers are already uncovering the phone's, ahem, darkest secrets. Android Oreo has the ability to change the phone's theme to match your background image, so if you use a dark background on the Pixel 2.....»»

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Use Google Home to stream your favorite YouTube TV content and free Chromecast

Google has announced that users can now use their Google Home device to stream YouTube TV, provided that a Chromecast is connected to the TV......»»

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Miami Police Union President Javier Ortiz, who harassed woman on Facebook, promoted to Captain

Do a Google search on Javier Ortiz and Miami and you'll read about a cop who has gotten in trouble numerous times for things that would get most people fired or jailed. But Lt. Ortiz, president of the Miami Police Union, just got promoted to Captain......»»

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Death Comes for the Ten Realms in Thor #700

The Mighty Thor begins its new Marvel Legacy status quo with an issue full of epic plot twists and teases for the future. Spoilers ahead! The Mighty Thor #700 offers a taste of things to come for the series in Marvel Legacy, and it's not lookin.....»»

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Samsung is launching a 17-lens 360-camera for VR

Samsung may now have the VR camera to beat. The company just unveiled a new 17-lens 360-degree camera for VR that can live-stream in 4K. Called the 360 Round, it will be available in the U.S. later this month. SEE ALSO: 'Neko Atsume' for PlayStation.....»»

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Motorola adds Alexa integration with latest Moto Mod

Amazon's Alexa assistant has a variety of skills to show off at home but hasn't yet become widely used outside the house. It's a realization that Motorola is looking to address with its latest Moto Mod, the Moto Smart Speaker with Amazon.....»»

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Heart rate data app Cardiogram officially launches for Android Wear

Cardiogram announced it launched for Android Wear in the Google Play Store. The app can show you minute-to-minute heart rate, diet, exercise, workouts, track spikes related to stress, and more. The post Heart rate data app Cardiogram officially launc.....»»

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Beacon Helmet uses laser markings to light the way for cyclists at night

Thousands of cyclists are killed on the road each year. Beacon is a new cycling helmet that hopes to help -- and it’s turning to lasers and some other tech solutions to help do it. The post Beacon Helmet uses laser markings to light the way for cyc.....»»

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How to put posters on a wall without holes

I'm not sure why Google translate thinks a magnet (磁石) is a "masturbation stone" but this is a good tip, nevertheless. Simply tape paper clips to the wall and then secure your poster with small masturbation stones. [via Lifehacker]I'm not sure.....»»

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After Collisions, Navy Will Assess Sea-Readiness of All Surface Ships

The Navy is putting all ships in its surface fleet through a one-time readiness assessment to ensure they can safely operate......»»

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Bixby 2.0 makes Samsung’s AI omnipresent

Even though it got off to a fairly rocky start, Samsung’s implementation of its Bixby AI seems to have leveled out a bit. Now that Samsung has Bixby up and running on its flagship phones around the world, it’s looking to the future. The f.....»»

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YouTube TV voice control arrives via Google Home

YouTube TV subscribers now have the option of controlling the service using their voice via a Google Home device. The new support has arrived for the Google Home and Google Home mini; it’ll also be available on the Google Home Max once it is av.....»»

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Google’s AlphaGo AI is now teaching itself how to be smarter than humans

AlphaGo, the board-game-playing AI built by Google's DeepMind subsidiary, just got a huge update, making it smarter — and potentially creepier — than ever before. In a paper published in Nature, the company reveals that the newest version of the.....»»

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Samsung is racing ahead of Intel where it really matters

Samsung has completed the development of its 8-nanometer foundry process, and before you X out and go read more about the iPhone 8's camera, that's actually a big deal. Samsung has taken the new, smaller process to production three months ahead of sc.....»»

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