Google inks deal with Cuba"s state-run telecom provider

The deal won't expand internet access in the communist country, but it will give Cubans who already have internet access faster connections to Google-branded content......»»

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Why You Should Cope With Your Stress Now And How To Deal With It

Why You Should Cope With Your Stress Now And How To Deal With It.....»»

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Amazon will collect state sales taxes nationwide April 1st

While Amazon has resisted collecting state sales taxes, over the last few years it has bent, state by state. Now CNBC reports that as of April 1st, it will collect sales taxes in every state that imposes one, as Hawaii, Idaho, Maine and New.....»»

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Nintendo: Super Mario Run Sales Didn"t Meet Expectations

While Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo's big money maker on mobile, the company prefers Super Mario Run's pricing model. The sales of Nintendo's mobile game Super Mario Run failed to live up to the company's expectations. According to Nikkei, Nin.....»»

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Adam Sandler, Netflix Extend Their Deal to Make 4 More Movies Together

Adam Sandler will make five more movies in total for Netflix following the release of Sandy Wexler. Adam Sandler will continue making original movies for Netflix. Netflix has announced an extension of its deal with Sandler to include an additio.....»»

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The State Dept. Rewrote Its Climate Change Page

New website language provides clues for how the State Department will address climate change......»»

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Erato’s Muse 5 wireless in-ear headphones give AirPods a run for their money

 Apple’s AirPods are probably the first really mainstream completely wireless headphones, but Erato has been making these for a while now. The company’s latest is the Muse 5, a set of in-ear buds that are cheaper than their debut Apo.....»»

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Google is working on a new social app for editing photos

Google is working on a new social app that lets users edit photos in small groups, says TechCrunch.  SEE ALSO: Google pledges $11.5 million to racial justice innovators across the U.S. Apple announced a similar app earlier this week called Clips.....»»

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Soon you"ll have more Adam Sandler movies to avoid on Netflix

Netflix is staying in the Adam Sandler business. The company has just struck a deal for four more Adam Sandler movies, on top of the four-film contract they already have with him. In other words, we can look forward to avoiding Adam Sander on our Net.....»»

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"The Art of the Deal" gets a new chapter on Twitter after TrumpCare collapses

Welpity welp welp welpington.  If you care to venture onto the Twittersphere over the next few hours, you're likely to be bowled over with tweets about the flaming pile of sewage that was once the healthcare bill championed by President Donald T.....»»

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Google is killing SMS support for Hangouts

Google is streamlining its messaging apps - or so they say. Hangouts will no longer support SMS texting, the company announced along with several other updates in a blog post on Friday. As previously reported, hangouts will be split into Meet and Cha.....»»

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Pete Souza joins chorus gloating over Trumpcare failure with epic Instagram

The schadenfreude online when Trumpcare collapsed for a second time was deafening. However, amid all the resurfaced Trump tweets and Art of the Deal jokes one troll stood out once again. Pete Souza, Obama's official White House photographer, added an.....»»

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This app is absolutely exploding right now and it"s all because of Snapchat

Quick: if you had to pick one app that had the-best-year-ever in 2016 what would you pick? Pokémon Go? Super Mario Run? Instagram?  How about Bitmoji? That's right, the Snapchat-owned app for making customizable emoji is, by at least one me.....»»

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Hangouts is Losing SMS Integration on May 22

With Google Voice back in action, Android Messages getting a major push as the RCS client of the future, Allo out here doing nothing but acting as a punchline, and Hangouts transforming into a 2-piece enterprise solution going forward, we have some.....»»

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Rogue One is Now Available on Google Play!

March 24 was supposed to be the day and all parties delivered the goods – Rogue One: A Star Wars Story is now available on Google Play. It’s currently priced in HD at $19.99 and no rentals or 4K are there from what I can tell. Go get it!.....»»

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Google Releases More Details on the Death of SMS in Hangouts

After a surprise announcement made its way onto reddit last night, Google has spent a good chunk of the morning doing plenty of clarifying over what’s actually happening with Hangouts and SMS integration. To be clear, though, last night’.....»»

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Google Activates Server-Side Change to Somehow Address Pixel’s Bluetooth Issues

According to a post on the Google Product Forums, a fix on Google’s servers has been issued, one that will hopefully address the variety of Bluetooth-related issues reported by many, many Pixel device owners.  If you haven’t heard of th.....»»

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Nintendo Switch is back in stock at Amazon right now [Updated]

Looking to buy the Nintendo Switch but can't find one in stock? Amazon has the answer for you, if you're a Prime member. Update: The Nintendo Switch on Amazon sold out in about 49 minutes. The fact that this was a Prime-exclusive deal for the c.....»»

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This half-price, 23-inch Dell monitor is the deal of the day

A 23-inch screen with wireless device charging for this much is a major monitor deal. Over the past few years, monitors have grown to become practically luxury computing items. Well, for those who have been holding out for a high-tech scre.....»»

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Android O: Is this the Oreo feature list we"ll see at Google I/O 2017?

From picture-in-picture modes to power saving options. With Android Nougat comfortably settled into a bunch of different smartphones, and the Google IO 2017 developer conference just two months away, all eyes in the mobile world now turn to wha.....»»

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Worldwide Fixed Telecom Spending Forecast (March 24, 2017)

The Worldwide Black Book (IDC #US42185216) is IDC's quarterly analysis of the status and projected growth of the worldwide ITC industry in 54 countries. The Worldwide Black Book is the backbone of all IDC research. The information contained in this r.....»»

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