Glimpse into Amazon"s futuristic living spheres

Amazon is showing off its bizarre plant-filled balls on Instagram.  The company calls them "The Spheres" and they've been in construction around its Seattle headquarters for the past few years.  The Spheres, as seen from 7th Ave, are sit.....»»

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How to play a Hammond organ

I have a 1956 Hammond M3, youtube and this here book. Wish me luck! I bought Hammond Organ Complete because I literally had no clue how to even turn on the Hammond M3 I decided would complete my living room. Took me a while to figure out it wasn'.....»»

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Amazon Echo (2017) review: better-looking than the original and less expensive at $99, with comparable sound quality; addition of an aux output is handy (Ry Crist/CNET)

Ry Crist / CNET: Amazon Echo (2017) review: better-looking than the original and less expensive at $99, with comparable sound quality; addition of an aux output is handy  —  Review Sections  —  Review  — C.....»»

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St. Miquel 19 Refurbishment / Carles Oliver

Refurbishment project built with € 18,000 budget that aims to bring empty homes back into use for people in housing need, which is a huge problem right now at tourist areas like Mallorca island.  © Jos.....»»

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Parasite Can Pass Warnings between Co-Joined Hosts

The plant parasite dodder grafts itself to multiple hosts, fusing the plants into a superorganism that can produce surprising effects -- Read more on»»

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Experience The Walking Dead in VR with AMC’s new app

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for its eighth season this weekend, and to help celebrate the TV network has released a new VR app that will let viewers finally step into the role of the show’s titular zombies. Titled AMC VR, the app is av.....»»

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5 super spooky Halloween sex toys

What better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by getting freaky? There’s already a glut of sexy halloween costumes —  have you seen Sexy Jon Snow and Sexy Fake News? But if that's not kinky enough for you, here are a few seas.....»»

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Classic Arcade Game Heiankyo Alien Finds New Extraterrestrial-Burying Life On Steam

It's time for a good ol' fashioned hole-digging as players dig pits for aliens to fall into, then bury them in Heiankyo Alien. Read Classic Arcade Game Heiankyo Alien Finds New Extraterrestrial-Burying Life On Steam on Siliconera!.....»»

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New Sonos One smart speaker supports Alexa and Google Assistant

Sonos today announced the Sonos One smart speaker, a compact, high-performance speaker which will accept voice commands and execute them through Amazon's Alexa. Google Assistant compatibility is expected next year. The post New Sonos One smart speake.....»»

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YouTube Red’s next original series is a Tinder-based comedy called ‘Swipe Right’

YouTube Red‘s original programs have yet to catch up to those from Netflix and Amazon in terms of quality and viewership, but the premium service continues to expand its catalog of content. The company has now greenlit a scripted comedy series.....»»

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Now"s not the time to politicize the roving gangs of giant spiders slowly taking over America

First and foremost, let me say that what’s happening in this country right now is simply tragic. Families have lost loved ones, and this nation mourns with them.  But it is both premature and reprehensible to inject politics into this sudd.....»»

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Red Bull chops Travis Rice’s ‘The Fourth Phase’ into a thrilling 18-minute action cut

In time for winter, Red Bull released an action-packed cut of Travis Rice's globe-spanning snowboarding film. Dubbed The Fourth Phase Action Cut, the edit is 18 minutes of wire-to-wire snowboarding. The post Red Bull chops Travis Rice’s ‘.....»»

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Got a pile of dust on your floor? This garbage can will suck it up

You know that little line of dust that you inevitably leave as you sweep debris into a dustpan? The Bruno garbage can could eliminate that forever, with a built-in vacuum that lets you sweep dirt right into it. The post Got a pile of dust on your flo.....»»

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Amazon Echo reviews are in

Amazon Echo reviews are in.....»»

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Makers and Disaster Relief: Cistern Pump Solutions Needed

Contribute your ideas to help people get water into their homes Read more on MAKE The post Makers and Disaster Relief: Cistern Pump Solutions Needed appeared first on Make: DIY Projects and Ideas for Makers......»»

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Clean 1968 Ford Bronco Restomod Needs a New Home

Nowadays, restomoded Americana can be a bit prosaic. We’ve seen it all before, and unless it’s something revolutionary from Icon, you run the risk of blending into the cruising crowd. Still If you look hard enough, there are some exceptionally cl.....»»

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Full Metal Panic! Strategy RPG By Bandai Namco Revealed For PS4 In 2018, Here’s A Teaser Trailer

Bandai Namco launched a new PS4 strategy game for Full Metal Panic! called Full Metal Panic! Fight Who Dares Wins. Here’s a brief look with a teaser trailer showing a glimpse of gameplay. Read Full Metal Panic! Strategy RPG By Bandai Namco Revealed.....»»

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"Boyfriend Dungeon" is a game that let"s you date weapons, because love hurts

You know that feeling when you're in a particularly infuriating argument with your boyfriend or SO and just think to yourself, "Wow — wish I could turn you into a baseball bat and smack you with it." The newly announced Boyfriend Dungeon has yo.....»»

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The Apple Store doesn’t actually sell many iPhones

Much is made of Apple's retail arm. The company described it as its "biggest product" during the recent iPhone X launch, and it's initiated a revamp of its stores to turn them into cult-like "plazas" where fans gather to worship the latest technology.....»»

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Brighten your home in 64,000 shades of white through Wiz Connected Lights

You can change the lighting of your home with your voice from anywhere using dozens of preset "moods" using the Wiz Connected Lights system, available online at Amazon, Home Depot, and Costco. The post Brighten your home in 64,000 shades of white thr.....»»

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"The Snowman" movie poster is so bad, it became a meme

The Snowman has been getting some lackluster reviews. So it only makes sense that the movie would get turned into a meme.   SEE ALSO: Michael Fassbender and James Corden almost defeated by an inanimate door People have been poking fun at the fil.....»»

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