Feel what it"s like to be a dirty plate in LG"s giant Quad Wash waterpark

Even if you abhor doing the dishes, you might be able to derive some pleasure from the newest waterpark to make its way to New York City. It comes from LG, and it’s a giant Quad Wash dishwasher. The post Feel what it's like to be a dirty plate.....»»

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This app scans your dick pics, but for, you know, good reasons

It's hard out there for a sexter. Living life fast, easy, and one poorly lit pic at a time sure sounds like fun, but what happens when the hackers come a' knocking? Your unmentionables end up on the deep web, that's what.  Unless, if headline-gr.....»»

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Oh Man, If This is the HTC U11 Plus, It’s Gonna be Good

It’s looking like HTC has something to announce on November 2 and rumors are starting to suggest that they will use the time to unveil the HTC U11 Plus. They could, of course, announce another phone or product, like the rumored HTC Android One.....»»

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Snap Inc"s Latest Product Appears To Be A Giant Dancing Hot Dog Costume

Venice-based Snap Inc.'s latest product--if you believe the company's third party, Amazon store--is a giant Dancing Hot Dog Costume, being sold alongside the company's Spectacles. Snap's listing for the costume says the costume fits "people below 6'4.....»»

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Our exclusive spy shots shed insight into the Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV

Rolls-Royce is putting the final touches on the Cullinan, its first-ever SUV. We won't see the Rolls-Royce Cullinan until next year at the earliest, but our exclusive spy shots shed insight into what the model will look like. The post Our exclusive s.....»»

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ET Deals: Save $400 on a Dell XPS 8910 Desktop PC

In search of an affordable desktop that has plenty of room for upgrades? Take a look at the XPS 8910 tower PC from Dell. With a sleek modern design, a quad-core CPU, space for three 3.5-inch drives, and support for up to 64GB of DDR4 memory, this PC.....»»

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Activision’s patented method to drive microtransactions with matchmaking

Unused system could push newbies to "emulate the marquee player" in pairings. Enlarge / Want to ave a cool sniper rifle like your Call of Duty partner? Authorize a charge of $4.99 RIGHT NOW! In a US patent filed in 2015 and approved yesterday.....»»

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Lego’s newest set celebrates the women of NASA

Most of Lego's most popular toy sets focus firmly on fantastical worlds that have nothing to do with reality — like Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Minecraft – but today the company announced the launch date for a much more real, but equally awesome.....»»

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Samsung says $499 Odyssey, the premier Windows Mixed Reality headset, won"t be sold in Europe (Tom Warren/The Verge)

Tom Warren / The Verge: Samsung says $499 Odyssey, the premier Windows Mixed Reality headset, won't be sold in Europe  —  Samsung unveiled what looks like the best Windows Mixed Reality headset earlier this month.  Samsung's Od.....»»

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Sony"s PS4 Mini Wired Gamepad looks to win with kids this Christmas season

Sony's new PS4 controller is 40% smaller than DualShock, but lacks key features, like touch and motion control. Mini gaming devices are becoming all the rage these days, thanks to the success of devices like the SNES Classic Mini. Not to be out.....»»

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Activision Patents Pay-To-Win Matchmaker

New submitter EndlessNameless writes: If you like fair play, you might not like future Activision games. They will cross the line to encourage microtransactions, specifically matching players to both encourage and reward purchase. Rewarding the purch.....»»

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Tech startup Wattpad raises $40-million from Chinese internet giant Tencent

Financing values company at $400-million.....»»

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Tt eSPORTS X-FIT (XF100) Gaming Chair Review

Gamers looking to get their hands on one of the best looking gaming chairs in the market that actually feels like a real racing car seat should look no further than the X-Fit (XF100) model by Tt eSPORTS.... [PCSTATS].....»»

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Samsung is launching a 17-lens 360 camera that looks like a UFO

Samsung may now have the VR camera to beat. The company just unveiled a new 17-lens 360-degree camera for VR that can live-stream in 4K. Called the 360 Round, it will be available in the U.S. later this month. SEE ALSO: 'Neko Atsume' for PlayStation.....»»

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Show and Tell at SAP Hybris Live

Conference keynotes usually open with familiar, high energy tunes to wake early morning audiences up and get them primed for the announcements to come. Think James Brown's "I Feel Good" or U2's "It's a Beautiful Day. Continue reading........»»

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Netflix Plans to Produce 30 New Anime Series for 2018

The streaming giant plans to spend $8 billion on original content for 2018, and a large portion will go to new anime. Netflix is planning on producing 30 new original anime series for release next year. The Verge reports the streaming giant pl.....»»

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Louis C.K."s "I Love You, Daddy" trailer could not come at a more awkward time

Ah, yes, nothing like a quaint dramedy about a fictional Hollywood sexual predator to get our minds off of all those real Hollywood sexual predators. Especially when it's made by someone who is, himself, an alleged Hollywood sexual predator. Inse.....»»

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Samsung"s version of Chromecast will make your dumb home smarter

Samsung wants Bixby to power your smart home, and it has a Chromecast-like dongle to make it happen. The company unveiled an experimental dongle prototype called Project Ambience that turns "dumb" appliances and gadgets into Bixby-enabled smart home.....»»

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Baidu wants to launch a self-driving bus in China next year

Baidu, China's search giant, is planning to release a fully self-driving bus in China next year, said CEO Robin Li in an interview at Wall Street Journal's D.Live conference. The bus will run on a designated route and Baidu is work.....»»

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How to edit 360 photos in Photoshop

Photoshop CC 2018 brings 360 compatibility -- but you can't just open the image like you normally would and maintain that 360-ness. Learn how to edit 360 photos in Photoshop with this simple guide. The post How to edit 360 photos in Photoshop appeare.....»»

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Nielsen is tracking streaming services like it does broadcast TV

To address the new normal of cord cutting, Nielsen is going to start tracking subscription-based streaming numbers in a big way. The idea is to measure streaming services in the same way that the outfit has tracked broadcast TV for decades:.....»»

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