FBI Director Comey Confirms Investigation Into Trump Campaign

FBI Director James Comey confirmed during testimony before Congress Monday that the FBI is investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with a covert Russian campaign to interfere with the election. From a report on Reuters: Comey told a congres.....»»

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Bitcoin Is Forking. Again.

Merely weeks after it was announced that Bitcoin was splitting into two separate entities, the initial version of bitcoin and it's new "bitcoin cash," the network is adding a third version, according to a report. From the article: On Wednesday, a gro.....»»

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Ford settles racial, sexual harassment probe for $10.1 million

Ford agreed to pay $10 million to settle sexual and racial harassment allegations by workers at two Chicago plants, resolving an investigation by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission......»»

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Injectable Tissue Patch to Fix Broken Hearts

Scientists at the University of Toronto have developed a bandage-like patch that can be delivered into the heart through a needle, in combination with stem cells allowing for minimally invasive cardiac tissue repair, currently an impossible task. Aft.....»»

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, a Descend into Insanity

It seems like the British studio called Ninja Theory continues to amaze players from all over the world with the games they are releasing. After creating gems like Enslaved or Heavenly Sword, their latest creation, Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, see.....»»

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Cisco taps into AI, collaboration with $125M MindMeld buy

Cisco said it would target collaboration applications first with artificial intelligence technology it will get from buying MindMeld for $125 million.The deal, announced today, is Cisco’s third in two weeks and nets the company MindMeld’s AI p.....»»

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Top 20 AI experts you should follow on Twitter

As artificial intelligence (AI) increases in importance in new technology and applications, several people have risen to the top of the field—achieving expert-level status and providing insight into breakthroughs, new applications and ideas abou.....»»

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Designers: Charlottesville Needs Your Help Making The City More Equal

The Virginia city is soliciting plans to redesign the downtown parks where white supremacists recently held violent rallies. Deep-rooted tensions surrounding race and American history erupted into deadly protests in Charlottesville, Virginia, over th.....»»

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A Glimpse Into The Visionary Brain Of Design Hero Ettore Sottsass

Ettore Sottsass, father of Memphis, drew his autobiography in a sketchbook–and it’s a trip. Italy has no shortage of design legends, but one in particular has been hogging the spotlight recently: Ettore Sottsass. The architect a.....»»

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Snapchat’s Latest Trick Edits Crowd Footage Into A Single, Seamless Broadcast

Live concerts and breaking news might never be the same. Snapchat Stories, which intercut the moments of many Snapchatters at events like football game or ceremonies, can be powerful portraits of a place and time. But they’re inherently disjoi.....»»

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This Surreal Installation Is Like Stepping Into A Capitalist Nightmare

Artist Alex Da Corte’s Slow Graffiti explores the pursuit of perfection through materialism. We usually remember a dream in bits and pieces: an image here, a feeling there, a sense of disorientation. There’s assured randomne.....»»

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What It’s Like To Have Your Anti-Trump Art Go Mega-Viral

“When something really pisses me off, I get a little extra inspired,” Austin-based artist Mike Mitchell says. In the wake of the Charlottesville demonstrations, many calls to impeach President Trump have been accompanied by a powerful i.....»»

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This Designer Built A Secret Studio That Hangs Beneath An Underpass

Fernando Abellanas transformed the underside of a concrete bridge in Valencia into a hidden workspace. Cities contain miles and miles of elevated infrastructure: bridges, elevated train tracks, swooping highway ramps. They support thousands o.....»»

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2017’s Most Powerful Protest Art Is Quickly Making Its Way Into Museums

Can you talk about art and design in 2017 without talking about politics? Not according to the Design Museum. “I felt like, if you’re making a show about the past year–whether it’s about design or anything else–i.....»»

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Oracle Transaction En-queue Waits and Locked Objects

Sometimes it's possible to track down an object causing an en-queue wait from an ASH report. Read on to see how such an investigation begins and what information may be available......»»

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Implementing SQL Server Failover Clustering in Azure

Deploying IaaS solutions in Microsoft Azure offers benefits that leverage agility, resiliency, and scalability built into the underlying platform. However, when dealing with business-critical workloads, customers typically want to also provide high-a.....»»

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Real-time MySQL Performance Monitoring

A key part of keeping your MySQL database running smoothly is the regular monitoring of performance metrics. There are literally hundreds of metrics that can be measured that can enable you to gain real-time insight into your database’s health.....»»

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NBA 2K18 Blog Talks About The Gameplay You Can Expect In The New Game

A new NBA 2K18 blog has been posted to Facebook by 2K Sports, talking about the various ways that the gameplay has changed for the latest entry in the NBA 2K series. 2K Sports goes into pretty great detail, talking about everything from your skills t.....»»

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Deck Nine Releases Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition Trailer, Includes Bonus Episodes

Deck Nine Games has released a trailer for the Life Is Strange Deluxe Edition, which includes both the Life Is Strange: Before The Storm miniseries and a bonus episode called “Farewell”, which takes you into the shoes of a younger Max Cau.....»»

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AMD Vega Chips Have Different Heights And Finish Quality, Could Impact Custom Variants

Some new information regarding the AMD Vega chips has come into the spotlight and it seems that there are two different kinds of chips and they differ in height of the die and quality of the finish. While this might not seem to be a huge concern it i.....»»

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Deep Silver Will Handle Publishing Duties for Shenmue III

Deep Silver has successfully signed up to act as the global publisher for the long-awaited Shenmue III installment. The official announcement confirms that the deal will cover both the physical and digital versions of the game on PlayStation 4 and PC.....»»

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